Role of Garden in Vaastu

Role of Garden in Vaastu  

Manoj Kumar
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Garden A Vaastu directed garden can bring better results if every thing is set & placed accordingly with Vaastu norms including plants, trees and water fountain. Vaastu can be followed to energize the surrounding with immensely healthy plants for the betterment of occupants and peace. Tips for garden : Garden should be made in East or North portion of mansion while South-east and South-west should be neglected for any kind of plantation.

  • A water fountain can be constructed in the East or North siding the exact Northeast and North-west.
  • Do not keep plants taller than three feet in home garden area.
  • Do not plant huge trees or plants in the middle of the garden.
  • Entertaining section for children should be located in North-west.
  • Avoid thorny bushes in the garden arena and keep the garden free from dry creepers, leaves etc. to make it a comforting & relaxing place.

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Always add some centre of attraction in garden such as any idol, artistic creation with stone like rock landscaping etc. in order to make the environment peaceful and pleasant. Fruitful trees should be planted in East direction and if there is swimming pool it must face North or North-east. Placement of swimming pool or any other water resource in Centre, South, South-east, Southwest and North-west should be avoided because water resource in these directions lead to mental instability, causes health problems and also have other adverse effects.

The planning and design of your garden can have a significant effect on your mood, health and prosperity. Gardens are built in the house, so as to enable a person to feel close to nature and enjoy the serenity and calmness affected by the presence of plants and fountains. People make gardens for their refreshing character. Lush green surroundings help in relaxing and restoring inner peace. Vaastu can be of immense help in tapping such natural beauty and its energizing qualities. Garden, lawns or decorative plants should always be in the East or the North direction. A water fall of three to four feet can be constructed in the East or North direction, leaving the North-east or North-west corner. You can keep decorative plants in a garden, but they should not be more than three feet tall. If you want to keep swings in your garden, they should be placed in the East or the North. The house of your pet or a bird’s nest can be located in the North-west corner of the garden.

Sitting areas are best planned in the South & West direction and should be facing North & East. A garden needs to have a focal point that is visually comforting and inspiring. It can be a fountain, fish aquarium, rocky landscaping, statue (not depicting any form of violence), small idol of your deity, Swastika, Om or anything that has a pleasant look to it. As a rule, the garden has to be kept clean and free of litter. Make it a point to remove dry creepers, leaves, flowers and overgrown shrubs on a regular basis. The lawns should be mowed regularly, as they create an environment for the normal flow of energies. A pathway from the front gate of the building to the main entrance will prove to be quite beneficial.

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On each side of the pathway, grow herbal plants, like basil and flower plants like jasmine. A tree or plant in the middle of the path needs to be avoided. Fruit-bearing trees should be planted in the East direction. A rock garden can be made in the South-west corner of the garden. If there is a swimming pool in the garden, it should face the North or North-east direction. A swimming pool in the Centre, towards the South, Southeast or Southwest and even the Northwest needs to be avoided. It can result in unwanted events, brings negativity in the mind of the residents and adversely affects their health. Sign Tree Aries Khadir Taurus Gular Gemini Apa-marg Cancer Palash Leo Aak Virgo Durba Libra Gular Scorpio Khadir Sagittarius Peepal Capricorn Shami Aquarius Shami Pisces Kush The fountains or water ponds should not be built in the centre of a garden. Rather, they need to follow the same principles as the placement of swimming pools.

If their placement is wrong, they cause problems with respect to mental peace and health. Fountains, ponds or artificial springs are very favourable when located in the Northeast. Plants : Plants and trees too play a pivotal role in making our surroundings apt and energized. But some plants and trees are prohibited in living place due to their interrelation with science and mythology. Plants have direct relation with human life because whatever the plants emit in the form of gas is inhaled by humans. Some plants and trees emit negative vibes and harmful gases which pollutes our environment, thus making it unsafe. Plants and trees must be chosen with care and planted in proper direction in order to draw good results.

According to Vaastu there are some specific plants which are considered auspicious for homes must be only planted with Vaastu compliant direction to get the maximum benefit. Nature does affect us in every way, so to draw good benefits we must plant specific trees in home. According to Vaastu Shastra plants and trees considered auspicious for every home are: Tulsi (Basil) is a sacred plant and it should be planted at every living place must plant as it is not only auspicious but potent plant as well. Make sure you plant tulsi in North, North-east or East direction. Banyan and peepul trees are sacred in Hinduism and must be planted in temple instead of home. Avoid planting trees in extreme front & centre of your house, as they should not obstruct the entrance. Huge trees must be planted in South or West portion of house.

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They must be grown somewhere in the house so that they get enough sunlight without blocking it for inmates. Small trees are better to be grown in East or North but avoid North-east direction for planting any kind of tree. Thorny plants including cactus are prohibited in house exception of Rose plant. Creepers are good to be installed at entrance of house or exteriors. But ensure that they are not raised above compound wall. Milk giving plants should be avoided in living place as they are inauspicious for homes and effect health of occupants. Fruit bearing Trees like Aam, Jamun, Kela; milk bearing trees like Mahua, Peepul, Vata; and thorn plants like babool, ber, katari etc. are prohibited to plant in house. Some auspicious trees & plants to be planted in house are: Anaar (Pomegranate), Dal chini (cinnamon), Nariyal (coconut), Ashoka, Arishta, Rose, Punnag, Bakul, Chameli, Kesar and Champa.

Tips for Planting Trees: Trees are nothing but heavenly Elements. Don’t cut trees in the name of Vaastu Shastra. Trees bless us with all power related to our peaceful living. Who plant the trees are nothing but assistants to God. God Love Trees. Trees are very important for living creatures (including Human Beings).

If ones house is having plenty of trees he will have peace of mind. The land will become cool. If the climate is cool, the negative power decreases. If the atmosphere (land, area, place) is hot the bad power (inconvenience) increases its power. Now a days Vaastu is a cold poison that spreads all over the country. In the name of Vaastu the trees are going to be vanished. We have to take care of this unlawful mad nature of some bad humans decision. The Vaastu consultants who don’t have much knowledge on Vaastu shastra says that “trees shadow should not fall on house”. Trees blesses us with more colour to the property, eyes cooling, look, smart, cool, royal touch, peace, cool shadows, particularly security feeling, education, good relations, satisfaction in life, money, good name with smart fame, leadership or leadership qualities. To be frank if there is no trees, house loses its fancy.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

What is the reason behind that the trees’ shadows should not fall on houses :

In olden days the houses were too big and they have proper space for planting trees. In those days our elders were planting trees at available space in their compound.

Those houses were constructed with mud and related materials, they didn’t have knowledge on Cement, (Cement is invented only in the year 1824), if we construct the house with mud, then structure may not have more strength. If we plant trees near the houses, then the roots may damage the house structure. If the house structure is disturbed then life become miserable.

Construction disturbance means the entire property is in a way to fail. So our elders felt that if the trees were near the properties, they will damage the houses’ construction, that is why they created one rule that “Trees shadow should not fall on house”. Now cement is used for our constructions, due to this our constructions have more strength, and there is no need to worry about the structures. Anyway we must maintain some distance in between trees are hosue consturction. There are many trees which spreads its roots to more distance and less distance, ask with your forest department people which tree is good in the house and not disturbing the foundations or not spreading more area. Trees are heavy weight, so many Vaastu consultants may inform you that Trees should be planted only towards West, South, Southwest parts of the property.

The Five Elements Associated Area Effect Earth Southwest Creates a force that grounds and sustains Water Northeast Helps the flora to flourish Fire Southeast Keeps the plants free of diseases Air Northwest Promotes cross-pollination Space Central area Increases the flow of positive influences which nourish other elements. Positive energies which generate from the Northern direction and the Solar energies from the East encourage harmony and stability. Planting Trees and Foliage According To Vaastu For Garden Type Best Direction Advice Smaller shrubs East or North Avoid North-East Tall trees (e.g. Coconut tree) South-West Avoid planting such trees too close to the building Large trees (e.g. mango) South or West portion of a house Avoid planting such trees too close to the building. Also, sow them at a place which gets enough sunlight without blocking it for the residents. Tulsi or Basil North, North-east or East direction It’s advisable to grow Basil on each side of a pathway stretching from the main gate to the entrance of a house.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Creepers The exteriors of a building Avoid using the compound wall or the building for support. Creepers should only be grown in the garden and must have their own support. Fruit Bearing trees East - Flower bearing plants such as Jasmine, Rose and Marigold South-West Avoid using thorny plants with the exception of Rose. Also, it’s auspicious to grow Jasmine on each side of a pathway that stretches from the main gate to the entrance of a house.

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