Alternative Dasha System Shasthi Hayani Dasha

Alternative Dasha System Shasthi Hayani Dasha  

Manoj Kumar
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Shashthi Hayani Dasha is a conditional Dahsa and is applicable to the horoscopes of those natives whose Sun is in Lagna. Generally Sun remains in Lagna for a period of two hours daily after the Sunrise. It means that this Dasha applies to the natives who are born in morning. Hence, this Dasha is applicable only to 8% horoscopes approximately. It is a Nakshatra based Dasha. You have to calculate the balance of dasha as per the general method of the longitude of Moon at the time of birth. For example, the horoscope of late Prime Minister of India Chowdhary Charan Singh is being discussed here. Chowdhary Charan Singh 23.12.1902, 07.23, 77E13, 28N57 Moon is placed in Virgo and is at 22°37'. 

The Nakshatra occupied by Moon is Hasta. Hasta Nakshatra ends at 23°20' in Virgo. In the scheme of Shashthi Hayani Dasha hasta Nakshatra belongs to the group ruled by Moon as Dasha lord. There are four Nakshatras in this group comprising of 1. P.Phalguni 2. U.Phalguni 3. Hasta & 4. Chitra. Moon is in hasta Nakshatra. P. Phalguni and U. Phalguni have been traversed by Moon. So, the dasha period of P. Phalguni and U. Phalguni are over. The balance of dasha at birth will be the proportional part of Hasta Nakshatra balance and full period of Chitra. We therefore calculate the balance of dasha of Hasta Nakshatra. The balance of Hasta Nakshatra = 23°20'- 22°37' = 0°43' The full dasha period of Hasta Nakshatra= 1 Year 6 Months Therefore, balance of Moon dasha in Hasta Nakshatra = 43' x 1Y6M ____________ 800' =0Y 0M 29D Add the period of Chitra = 1Y 6M Hence, balance of Moon Dasha at birth = 1Y 6M 29D Date of Birth = 23-12-1902 So, ending time of Moon's Dasha = 22-7- 1904 Let's now verify some of the important events which took place during the life of Late Prime Minister Chowdhary Charan Singh. 

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1. Marriage : 26.6.1925 Shasthi Hayani Dasha – Rahu/Mars/ Mercury Vimshottari Dasha – Rahu/Sun/Jupiter We know that Rahu is natural signifi cator of marriage and it gives the native marital bliss. In lagna chart Rahu is posited in 11th house in Venusian sign and its dispositor Venus is conjoined in Lagna with 7th lord Mercury. Mars is 5th & 12th lord placed in Mercurian sign in 10th house and aspected by lagna lord Jupiter. Mercury itself is the 7th lord placed in lagna and aspecting the 7th house. So, from every perspective the time was quite favourable for marriage. If we crosscheck it with Vimshottari Dasha, Rahu is again Mahadasha lord. Antardasha lord Sun is 9th lord posited in Lagna with 7th lord Mercury while Pratyantar Dasha lord Jupiter is in 2nd house with 2nd lord Saturn. We know that the Dashas of 2nd, 7th & 12th houses or connection with the lords of these houses give marriage. Navamsha is also seen for marriage. If we verify the Navamsha the same promise is present. 

2. Birth of Son – 21.5.1936 Shashthi Hayani Dasha – Jup/Ven/Moon Vimshottari Dasha – Jup/Ven/Ven Jupiter is the lagna lord placed in 2nd house with 2nd lord Saturn. Though Jupiter is debilitated but debilitation is cancelled due to the conjunction of Saturn. Antardasha lord Venus is placed in lagna and is aspected by 5th lord Mars. Pratyantardasha lord Moon is conjoined with 5th lord Mars. Vimshottari Dasha Jup/Ven/Ven is similar to that of SHD. 

3. Election to Assembly – 13.5.1937 Chowdhary Charan Singh was elected to state Assembly on 13.5.1937 in preindependence era. At that time running Shashthi Hayani Dasha was Jup/Sat/ Mer. Jupiter is the lagna lord of birth chart as well as Dashamsha chart placed in 2nd house and aspecting the tenth house. Saturn is placed in 2nd house with Jupiter which is lagna lord and 4th lord. The Vimshottari Dasha at this time was Jup/Ven/Rahu. Role of Jupiter has already been discussed. Venus is 6th & 11th lord placed in lagna with 9th & 10th lord Sun & Mercury. Rahu is placed in 11th house which is said to be the house of fulfi lment of desire. Thus, both SHD as well as Vimshottari Dasha promise the same event. 

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4. Mother's Death – 13.5.1957 His mother expired on 13.5.1957 in the Shashthi Hayani Dasha of Mars/Sun/ Mars. In birth chart Mars is maraka for mother being lord of 5th and placed in 10th house aspecting 4th house. In dwadashamsha chart Mars is 8th lord and aspects karaka Moon that is 4th lord also. Sun is Maraka for mother and is placed in 12th house aspected by Mars. In Vimshottari Dasha, it was the period of Saturn /Mars/Jupiter. In birth chart Saturn is with 4th lord and aspects 4th house. Hence, both Shashthi Hayani Dasha & the Vimshotttari Dasha convey the same message. Now, some of the events are being given here for the students of Astrology to verify and check the applicability of this Dasha. Became Prime Minister – July, 1979 Death – May, 1987 Calculation Shashthi Hayani Dasha is a Nakshatra based Dasha and is calculated starting from Ashwini Nakshatra. Starting from Ashwini, make group of three and four Nakshatras taken alternately. 

Abhijit Nakshatra is also included in this Dasha scheme. It means that there will be total 28 Nakshatras in this scheme and Abhijit Nakshatra will fi nd place between Uttarashadha and Shravan. As such there will be eight groups of nakshatras each representing a Dasha and is assigned to a lord of Dasha. Order of Dasha The order and the lords of Dasha are Jupiter, Sun, Mars, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Ketu does not fi nd place in this Dasha scheme but is considered co-lord with Rahu. Dasha Periods The fi rst three groups of Nakshatras have been allotted 19 years of Dasha for each group. The last fi ve groups have been given 6 years of Dasha for each group of Nakshatra. Thus, total period of one cycle of Shashthi Hayani Dasha is 60 years and it repeats again after the completion of one cycle. For the convenience of students and lovers of Astrology, this Dasha scheme has been presented in the tabular form below:

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