Education of Biotechnology: An Astrological Introspection

Education of Biotechnology: An Astrological Introspection  

Manoj Kumar
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In the present atmosphere numerous macro and micro branches and faculties of education have emerged. Several minute branches have come out of a particular subject. So it has become difficult for the astrologers to find out astrologically the subject, a native will choose. Biotechnology is one such subject which has become popular in recent times. Let us try to find out the planetary significations and combinations for the study of Biotechnology in the present research article. Biotechnology consists of two terms Biology and technology. It is the use of living systems and organisms to develop or manufacture useful products. 

Biotechnology encompasses a wide range of procedures for modifying living organisms according to human purposes. Biotechnology has applications in four major varied industrial areas including healthcare, agriculture, industries and foodstuffs. Thus Biotechnology is the application of science and technology to living organisms. Therefore, the role of many important planets signifying the particular area come into play. Jupiter is the planet of living organisms (the Jeeva). Saturn and Mars are considered to be the technical planets, so their role is also prominent. In Biotechnology chemical processing also takes place, so the Rashis and the Planets representing water element also come to the forefront.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Moon is considered to be the planet representing water elements. So, it is essential to take into accounts the combination of all above mentioned factors while deciding the study of Biotechnology by a particular native. For the knowledge and convenience of the readers, it has been illustrated by the following two examples where the natives got the education of Biotechnology due to the combined effects of various astrological factors viz. the concerned planets, rashis and the favourable dashas for the study of Biotechnology. Example 1 : DOB : Oct. 25, 1984, TOB : 7.00 hrs, POB : Secunderabad – B.Sc. (Biotechnology) in 2002 and M.Sc. (Biotechnology) in 2005. In Birth Chart, fifth house from Lagna and Mercury is Aquarius. Fifth lord, Saturn is exalted in Lagna and is in nakshatra of Jupiter, the planet of living organisms (the Jeeva). Saturn is conjoined with Moon, Mercury and debilitated Sun making neech bhanga Raja yoga in lagna and exalted Saturn is also aspecting Jupiter and Mars. Thus there is combined influence of all the planets required for the study of Biotechnology i.e. 

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Moon. In Navamsha chart, 5th house is Cancer, a watery sign owned by the Moon and aspected by Saturn. Fifth lord Moon is placed in Aquarius with Rahu and aspected by Saturn and Jupiter. So, all the parameters and conditions are fulfilled which clearly confirm the study of Biotechnology. The native got admitted in B.Sc. (Biotechnology) in 2002 in the dasha of Jupiter/Moon/Ketu. Maha Dasha Lord, Jupiter is placed in its moolatrikona sign, in association with Mars and is aspected by the fifth lord, Saturn. Antar Dasha lord, the Moon is 10th lord and is associated with exalted fifth lord, Saturn. Maha Dasha and Antar Dasha lords are in 3-11 axis, an excellent position for giving favourable results. P.D. lord Ketu is conjoined with lagna lord Venus in second house in Scorpio sign, a sign of Mars who is associated with Jupiter and is aspected by 5th lord Saturn. 

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In Navamsha chart, M.D. lord Jupiter is 10th lord associated with Ketu and is aspected by the fifth lord, the Moon. A.D. lord, the Moon is the 5th lord and is placed in Aquarius, the sign of Saturn with Rahu. Moon is also aspected by Jupiter and Saturn. P.D. lord, Ketu is associated with 10th lord, Jupiter and is aspected by Moon, the fifth lord. The native joined M.Sc. (Biotechnology) in 2005 in the dasha of Jupiter /Rahu/Venus. The role of jupiter is already discussed. In lagna chart, A.D. lord Rahu is aspected by the lagna lord, Venus. The dispositor of Rahu is placed in the sign of Mars. In Navamsha chart, Rahu is associated with 5th lord Moon and is aspected by the 10th lord Jupiter and Saturn. P.D. lord, Venus is placed in own sign and conjoined with the ninth lord Mars. Example 2 : DOB - Oct. 23, 1971, TOB - 00.45hrs, POB- Meerut In Lagna chart, 5th house is Scorpio, a watery sign of Mars. 5th house is occupied by Jupiter and Moon and is aspected by Saturn. 

The Moon and Jupiter both are vargottama. 5th lord, Mars is exalted and is in own nakshatra. 5th house from Mercury is aspected by its own lord, Saturn. 5th lord, Saturn is in the nakshatra of Moon and is aspected by powerful Jupiter and Moon. So the combination clearly indicates the study of Biotechnology. In Navamsha chart, 5th house is aspected by Jupiter, Moon and Sun 5th lord, Venus is conjoined with Saturn in the sign of Mars and is aspected by Mars. So, Navamsha chart also confirms the study of Biotechnology. The native joined (Biotechnology) at IIT, Delhi in 1989 in the dasha of Mercury/Jupiter/Venus. 

In lagna chart M.D. and P.D. lords, Mercury and Venus are placed in 4th house and are aspecting the 10th house of high honour and distinction. A.D. lord Jupiter is conjoined with Moon in 5th house, forming an excellent Rajayoga in the house of education. In Navamsha chart, M.D. lord Mercury is 9th lord. A.D. lord Jupiter is conjoined with the Sun and the Moon and is aspecting the 5th house. P.D. lord, Venus is 5th and 10th lord placed in 4th house with Saturn and is aspected by Mars. Hence all the parameters of the study of Biotechnology is fulfilled.

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