The Valadity of Astrology

The Valadity of Astrology  

CSVLN Sharma
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A vedic scripture The Taitreya Samhita explain the Raie, the Sun is considered as the Jeevakaraka and is the reason and causative for the evolutionof variation and mutation. They considered the cosmic energy emitted by Sun directly or indirectly is the call for speciation and evolution. The whole evolutionary change of the plants and finally the advanced plants and animals is effected by absorption of cosmic energy. The absorbed Cosmic energy manifests itself into the vital energy in the body of the living beings. The vital energy known as Tejas. When retained in the body if is known as Ojas. They are known as AURA and HORA. In the Vedic literature they are known as Pranamayakosha and manomayakosha. The physical body is known as Annamayakosha. They are further developed as energies known as Vijnanamayakosha, and Anandamayakosha. These are perceived when animals developed the nerves system and brain. It means round the body with the help of kerlin photography we can see Pranamayakosa, Manomayakosa, Vijnanamayakosa, and Anandamayakosa as emissions of light of enslavement over annadamayakosa physical body. The five enelements known as Panchabhutas is course of time they become panchakosas. They have own centers in the body as pancha charkas and developed two more charkas they namely Muladhara, Sadhistana, Manipoorvaka, Anahata, Visudda, Ajn and Sahastrara. Sun is the jeevakraka like promoter in the sun light there are seven lights the seven charkas represent the seven wavelengths. The charkas are energy centers. Astrology in Vadas is known as Jyothisha. Jyothi means light and Isha means effect. The exponent or expert is known as Divajan. Deva means beam of light, Jna means knowledgeable. It means a man has the knowledge of light. Basing on the origin and evolution of matter cosmic energy vital energy and universal energy the Rushis (sages) developed the science as Jyothisha. When delivery is conducted in a dark rook (refer Douglas Deen Work) a beam of light is emitted in the labor room without conduction, without convection and radiation and enters into Sahastrara of the body in a fraction of a second. That is considered soul entering into the body. This is called as Seershodaya in jyothisha, time of birth. From the time of birth the mother and baby declare their independent existence and their interaction with the outer environment. The outer environment will have its own specific percentages of intensities of light. The outer environment will have its own specific percentages of intensities of light. So from that time of birth itself the Annamakosa, the pranamayakosa influenced by that intensity. the zodiac condition of the planets definitely affect on the environment as you perceive in the climatic condition. So the time of birth indicates the basic proportion of absorption of wavelengths. Then the casting of horoscope in dicates the location of planets as that time of birth. During the life span planets transit and they change composition of the environment that will affect the human being of earth. It may create congestion or depletion of energy of a chakra and create problem in the new born in the respective organs. The statistical study of the Rushis have been codified as karikas in astrology i.e., principals of astrology. Until and unless an astrologer calculates absolute planetary condition at the time of birth the deduction will be erroneous. The kndali i., chart is calculated from the rise of the Sun. It is variable from place to place basing on the latitude and longitude of the place. Therefore in casting of kundali however knowledgeable is astrologer, there is a fraction of error in confirming the result. So the presumptions and assumption of the events of the native can be predicted or prophesy nearer to the time with the defined span of life. Astrology is developed as a natural science through observations and results are assumed by statistical science. Knowing the fact they developed that natural science as astrology to prognosticate the future. As Medical Practitioners and Scientists can be graded, even astrologers can also be graded. Please reorient it with the findings of our Vedic Literature then only condemn our rich literature as non authentic. Astrological Organizations should work on it. In this way the validity of astrology is more scientific not as a dogma. Ignorance of Sanskrit literature makes us comment in any way on the ancient literature. With our parameters we can not condemn ancient literature. q
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