Health, Children and Education Issue

Health, Children and Education Issue  April 2006

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In this Health, Children and Education Issue of research journal of Astrology there are various informative articles like- Calendars of India, Notes on Jaimini Astrology, Mundane Astrology, Enigmatic and Mysterious 11th House, An Introduction to Ramal Shastra, Relationship between Astrology and Diseasese, Pars Fortuna or the Points of fortune, The Mounts of Planets in Hand, Marriage Compatibility through Palmistry, Progress in Life Due to Panchmahapurusha Yogas, The diseases of Kidney:n An Astrological View, Health and Numerology, Higher Education: Gift of th House, Sex of Child Through Ruling Planets, Knowledge, Education and Jyotisham, Planets Can Reveal the Intelligence of People, Is your life partner predestined? Bhadhak Yogas in Santaan Sukh, 8th house saturn and profession, Mars is the Chief Significator of Job in Police, Neptune: An Auspicious Planet for Destiny.
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