The Diseases of Kidney An Astrological View

The Diseases of Kidney An Astrological View  

Madan T. Kaushik
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The Ayurveda (i.e the ancient indian medical science) and the Astrology always had an integral relationship since its origin. Both of the divine wisdoms have come from the Vedas. The Ayurveda i.e. the ancient medical wisdom is supposed to have come from the Atharva- Veda and the Astrology is considered the 6th organ (‘Shastam Anga’) of the Veda and is supposed to have originated from the ‘Rig-Veda’. It was compulsory to study Astrology or its branch Chikitsa Jyotish for the medical practitioners of the ancient times who were known as the ‘Vaidhyas’ or ‘Baidyas’.

The kidney problems are very common now a days. The %age of the people having kidney problems is also very high after the cardiac patients. The common kidney disease is ‘Kidney -Stone’. So many other kidney problems are also there which are painful like kidney stone. Have a look on the tables given below : The significations and rulerships etc. of the houses and the planets which are given in the above tables are of the ‘Kaal-Purusha’s’ (The Supreme God) horoscope. The significations of the bhavas (houses) will be fixed or same as the Kaal-Purusha’s horoscope. For example the 1st house will always indicate the native’s head, brain, scull etc. and the brain disorders, hysteria and the blood diseases (etc.) in all horoscopes. In the same way the 12th house will signify (represent) the left eye, sole (of the foot) and the problems of left eye and sole (of the foot). In the same way we have to keep in the mind the rulerships of the planets while forecasting the diseases of a native which are given in the table below :

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After knowing the significance and the rulerships of the planets, now let us see those Yogas, which are responsible for the various kidney problems. These are given below :

1. Mars, Saturn or Rahu in the birth ascendant Or Moon ascendant, causes the disorders of the urine bladder. This particular planetary situation in the horoscope causes the sexual disorders also along with the urinary problems.

2. If Sun, Mars, Venus & the 7th house are afflicted, this situation gives the kidney problem in the form of the ‘Kidney Stones’. In this yoga the basic condition is that the 7th house and Venus both should be in the afflicted situation and Sun and Mars should also be in the affliction.

3. When Mars, Saturn or Rahu are in the birth Ascendant or in the Moon Ascendant, the problems like bed wetting and frequent urine passage (Bahumutra) arise with native in the early age(i.e. in childhood). This situation can further lead to so many other kidney (Urinary System) related problems. If these three (or even two) malefics get placed in the 7th house, this situation also gives the same problems. The urinary bladder (Mutrashaya) is regarded as situated between the 7th to 8th house.

4. If the 5th, 6th or the 7th house has Sun or Mars, it can be easily predicted that the native will undergo kidney-related problems. If the 8th house is also occupied with the malefics, then also there are chances of kidney problems.

5. If Mercury is posited in Sagittarius or Pisces in conjunction with Sun, chances of the kidney problems are very high. Some astrologers say this condition is not enough because it is very common (as it is easily possible in a number of horoscopes). They say that the malefic aspect of the Rahu should also be there.

6. The Sun, Mars, Saturn or Rahu placed in 7th house in a watery sign definitely give kidney problems.

7. If lords of the 6th, 7th and 12th house are in conjunction & have full aspect of the Saturn, the native will definitely suffer from kidney diseases.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

8. If the birth Ascendant and the 7th house both have watery signs and the Ascendant has full aspect of any of the Watery planet, there will be kidney problem definitely.

9. If the 7th house has Mars with malefic influence on it, the native has kidney problems.

10. If 7th house has a watery sign and a watery planet the native will definitely have kidney problems. When the native will suffer from these (kidney/urinary) problems?

The chances of suffering from any disease are maximum when the period (Maha-Dasha) or the sub period (Antardasha) of the concerned planets or the houses starts in horoscope. The effects of transit of concerned planets or the disease significator planets(Rog karaka) should also be considered

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