Sichuan Earthquake

Sichuan Earthquake  

Pushaplata Sharma
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On May 12, 2008, at 06:28:00 UTC (2:28 PM local time in China), an earthquake occurred 90 km WNW of Chengdu, Sichuan, China and 1545 km SW of Beijing, China. Epicenter was located in South-Western China near Sichuan at latitude 30.986, longitude 103.364. It was measured 7.9 on the Richter scale. Several aftershocks followed the same day up to 5 pm. A strong aftershock measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale rocked Chengdu, capital of South-West China’s Sichuan Province, around 3:10 pm on 13th May, 2008; epicenter remaining the same. A strong aftershock sparked landslides on Friday, 16th May, 2008; near the epicenter of major earthquake. It measured 5.9 and occurred at 1:25 pm. On 25th May, 2008, another aftershock measuring 6.1 occurred. Olympics venue remained undamaged. Felt Report At least 40,000 people killed and severe damage in the Dujiangyan-Mianzhu-Mianyang area. Landslides blocked roads and buried buildings in the Beichuan-Wenchuan area. Felt (VII) at Chengdu, (VI) at Xi’an and (V) at Chongqing and Lanzhou. Felt in much of central, eastern and southern China, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Wuhan and in Hong Kong. Also felt in parts of Bangladesh, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Power stations were knocked off the grid, disrupting power and water supply. Telephone and communication lines were also disrupted. Mobile communication converters experienced jams and thousands of servers were out-of-service. Sports venues built for the Beijing Olympics were not damaged by the earthquake as they are earthquake proof and no damage was done. There were no visible signs of damage to the massive Three Gorges Dam. Chengdu airport and railway station were closed. School buildings crached down on children and teachers.   Tectonic Summary The Sichuan earthquake of May 12, 2008, occurred as the result of motion on a northeast striking reverse fault or thrust fault on the northwestern margin of the Sichuan Basin. The earthquake’s epicenter and focal-mechanism are consistent with it having occurred as the result of movement on the Longmenshan fault or a tectonically related fault. The earthquake reflects tectonic stresses resulting from the convergence of crustal material slowly moving from the high Tibetan Plateau, to the west, against strong crust underlying the Sichuan Basin and southeastern China. On a continental scale, the seismicity of central and eastern Asia is a result of northward convergence of the India plate against the Eurasia plate with a velocity of about 50 mm/y. The convergence of the two plates is broadly accommodated by the uplift of the Asian highlands and by the motion of crustal material to the east away from the uplifted Tibetan Plateau. No Precursors of Quake No significant precursory seismic activity was detected that could have allowed the Chinese government to issue a clear warning before the devastating earthquake in the south-western province of Sichuan. That is why, the damages and losses were more. More than 60,000 lives were lost in the quake and its aftershocks. The epicenter was in Wenchuan County, along a well monitored fault in Longman Mountains. We cannot rely with certainty on cloud formations and disturbed animal behaviors to warn people. Pandas Sensed China Quake In the minutes before this massive earthquake shook central China on Monday 12 May, 2008; captive pandas near the epicenter began acting strangely. Pandas which had been Really lazy and just eaten little bit of bamboo and all of a sudden they were parading around their pen. It was not an uncommon phenomenon as animals get nervous when big storms or tsunamis come. Animals such as pandas are “ more in tune with their 6th sense.” Wild pandas sensed it and moved to higher terrain to be safe. Toads were an omen A street in Mianyang was covered by countless number of small brown Amphibians (toads). Why they behaved abnormally? Animals forewarn like this a climate change or weather change. Mass migrations of toads near the epicenter were an omen of a natural disaster like earthquake. But “Earthquake forecasting remains a puzzle for the world”.  Astrological discussion It is a well known fact that there must have taken place a Solar or Lunar eclipse within 3 months before or after the earthquake. Solar eclipse occurred on 7th February, 2008 and total Lunar eclipse occurred on 21st February, 2008. Duration of Solar eclipse was 4 hours 33 minutes and Lunar eclipse 3hours 26 minutes. One Solar and one Lunar eclipse are going to occur within coming 3 months of this major earthquake in the month of August. If the duration of the earthquake is long, its effects also come after long duration of its occurrence. Solar eclipse of 7th February was of 4 hours 33 minutes, so this earthquake took place quite a long period after it. Coming solar eclipse is quite away and its duration is also more than 4 hours. Another big earthquake is expected in and around the month of August in and around the countries where this eclipse is visible. Eclipse of 21st February fell in Leo a fixed sign, so it caused its effects after a long time and its effects will be for long periods. Most of the major earthquakes occur within 5 days of full moon or new moon. But this rule is not applicable here. This once occurred on 8th tithi of the Shukla Paksh. The day of aftershocks of the 16th May, does fall within 5 days before full moon. 16th August, 2008 eclipse is also falling in Aquarius, a fixed sign, so it can give rise to long lasting effects. Rahu-Ketu axis fell along cardinal sign Cancer and Moon was at the same degrees conjunct with Ketu. Mars was also conjunct with Ketu and Moon. Mars aspects Libra, a sign depicting China. First house depicts life of people of a country. Leo is the first house in the transit chart in which Saturn, a most malefic planet is located and it is a barren and separating planet. Lagna lord Sun is also malefic. There was great loss to lives of people. More than 60,000 people lost their lives. 12th house depicts deaths. More conjunction along 6-12 axis caused so many deaths. Ketu stands for China; it is in 12th house along Rahu-Ketu axis. Earthquake took place in south-west China, this direction is governed by Rahu, which fell along the cardinal sign where conjunction of planets is there. China and Tibet are ruled by Revati, Ashwini and Bharani constellations. Venus, lord of Libra (China) fell in Bharani Nakshatra whose lord is also Venus, which is placed in 9th house in a fiery sign with a fiery planet. 9th house stands for long distance cables. 3rd house is Libra (China) its lord is also venus in 9th house.3rd house stands for telephones, railway stations, airports and other communications, which were cut due to earthquake. Mars stands for electricity. It was conjunct with Ketu, so there were electric grid failures. Fourth house stands for public buildings, weather conditions like earthquakes, school, colleges and educational institutes. Its lord is placed in 12th house,so there were losses to such places due to earthquake. Sixth house is public health. Rahu in 6th house caused ill health to general public. Eighth house depicts natural calamities like earthquake. Its lord Jupiter was retrograde and placed in a good house causing maleficence to it. Jupiter a benefic planet which is a big natural saver was retrograde, so it could not save lives of people and could not lessen the damages caused due to this disaster. At the time of aftershocks of 13th May and 16th May the ascendant remained the same as on 12th May and it is Leo. Saturn a barren,separating planet remained in lagna.Leo is a fiery,imperfect,barren sign. Due to Saturn Leo’s effects were doubled. First house is population. There was loss of so many lives. Leo is such a strong sign that its effects were strong, intensity of the earthquake was so high 7.9 on the Ritcher scale. On 12th May Moon was in Aslesa constellation ruled by Mercury 2nd house lord(a mark house) lord.It was going to be retrograde on 24th May.So doubly malefic placed in 10th house., the work/ outcome of the disaster which was so bad. At the time of aftershocks of 13th May Moon became conjunct with Saturn in 1st house. Moon has changed its constellation. Magha ruled by Ketu a malefic. Magha constellation depicts medical departments. At the time of this aftershock people affected by 12th May quake were being removed to hospitals.On Friday Moon has moved to Virgo sign and to Hasta Nakshatra Which depicts hospitals.Sun changed sign and moved to Krttika Constallation. Which is ruled by Sun,so becoming most malefic. It slowed down the movement of relief materials and workers. There were landslides and more destruction. Intensity was lesser. As Moon has moved away from Rahu-Ketu axis,conjunct with Mars along cardinal sign. There were some other changes taking place in the sky which could have. Affected inside of earth to cause such a disaster. Such as Mercury became retrograde on 26th May. Jupiter became retrograde on 9th May.Sun entered Taurus on 14th May. Sun entered Krittika on 10th May. Venus entered Taurus on 20th May. Rahu entered Capricorn on %th May and Ketu entered Cancer on 5th May. Bibliography : Research Journal of Astrology Vol:5 No:1 Research Journal of Astrology  Vol : 5 No : 2
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