Transit of Saturn

Transit of Saturn  

Dr. Arun Bansal
Views : 2831 | January 2007
Saturn plays an important role is Astrology. Now that it has moved from Cancer to Leo, is an important event for the astrologers. This time its motion is quite erratic. It moved to Leo on 1st November 2006 but it is getting retrograde on 6th December 2006 and coming back to Cancer on 10th January 2007. It will become direct on 20 April 2007 and will reenter Leo after six months on 16 July 2007. On the retrogression of a planet we get a question in our mind. When all the planets are revolving straight around the Sun then how the planet gets retrograde? What is the effect of retrogression of a planet? Secondly when Saturn moves out of Leo sign and comes back to Cancer again, what is the effect of sade-sati. Will the effect of sade-sati for Virgo rasi subside or will it continue? Will the sade-sati for Gemini rasi restart? How the Saturn affects the married or sex life? Why it is always Saturn who is prayed? Let us answer the above common queries in the proceeding paragraphs. Saturn takes 30 years to take a circle around Sun and earth takes only 1 year. Therefore, the speed of Saturn is very small compared to that of earth and if we consider Saturn to be stationary, then as earth moves from point 1 to point 2, Saturn’s angle seems to be reducing or to say it seems to be retrograde. At point 2, it becomes stationary for a short while and as earth moves from point 2 to point 8 it gains angle and thus moves forward. At point 8 it becomes stationary and with earth moving from point 8 to 1, it again seem to be moving in retrograde direction. Saturn becomes retrograde once every 1 year 12 days and stays retrograde for about 134 days, whereas it moves in direct motion for 243 days. Once it becomes retrograde it goes back up to 7o. Saturn’s average forward motion is only 2' per day, but since it remains retrograde for about 134 days, therefore to cover the distance it moves fast with a speed of 4' to 8' per day when it becomes direct. Sade-sati starts when Saturn moves into 12th house with respect to natal moon and it endsafter Saturn crosses the 2nd house from moon. But Moon can be at any angle between 0 o and 30 o in the sign, and it take 2½ years for Saturn to cross over the sign. Therefore to be more precise in computations of sade-sati we count 45o on either side of the moon as the orb of sade-sati. As and when Saturn enters into this orb sade-sati starts. Native with moon in the initial degrees of Gemini find effect of sade-sati ending even before Saturn moving to Leo sign. For natives having moon in Gemini at high degrees, Saturn, even after moving to Leo sign, is still within the orb of 45o and thus the sade-sati continues till Saturn returns to Leo sign after retrogression and attains some degrees. Similarly for natives with Virgo sign, sade-sati has started only for those whose moon is at low degrees. For those who have Moon at high degrees in Virgo sade-sati is yet to start. It will start only after July 2007. To understand the effect of retrograde planet, consider a moving tanker full of water with an open tap. The quantity of water flowing may be considered as a measure of effect of the planet because planets are nothing but heavenly bodies spilling their radiance on earth. Hence as the tanker moves in forward direction there in some quantity of water on the road. But when it stops to move backward, there spills a large quantity of water. As it moves backwards slowly the water spillage is more than when it was moving forward. Similarly the planets have their enhanced effect when they move in the retrograde direction. The effect is maximum when they are stationery or to say when they change their direction and become stationary for a little while. The quality of effect remains the same, whether good or bad. It depends on the sign in which it is located and the houses it owns in a native’s horoscope. The planets close to it or aspecting it also make a change in the results of the planet. Now that Saturn is moving from Cancer - the sign of moon to Leo - the sign of Sun, the results are going to be quite different. In cancer it gives mental agonies or worries to the native and makes the native sentimental. In Leo, it is in the house of his father because Sun is father of Saturn. It enjoys all the liberties, though it does not carry good relations with Sun. So even in confusions, things move to a positive side giving relief from time to time. Saturn is a major planet to hit anybody’s married life. First of all, if placed in 7th house, delays marriage. It also causes break in marriage. If it aspects 7th house from 5th house, and if 7th and 5th houses are its inimical houses, it even kills the spouse at an early age, as and when it is activated by transit or Dasa. Saturn is the planet, which acts openly. If it has influence on Venus it makes the person open in his sex life. He does not mind telling all about his private life to others. It is unlike Rahu whose influence on Venus makes person conservative in private matters. Saturn-Venus close conjunction or exchange is famous to make the native extra sexy. Saturn is the planet which people talk about and pray most. This is only because the evil effects on Saturn get neutralised easily by propitiation. It does not happen so with other evil planets. So pray for Saturn and be happy !
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