Medical Astrology, Mundane and Vastu Issue

Medical Astrology, Mundane and Vastu Issue  January 2006

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In this Medical Astrology, Mundane and Vastu Issue of Research Journal of Astrology there are various informative astrological articles like - A Fortnight of Thirteen Days: When, How and Why?, Mundane astrology, Pada or Arudha Lagna, Sarvashtak Varga and marital life, Paralysis: An Astrological Analysis, The Importance of Saturn in Prediction, Philosophy: An Astrological Approach, Knowledge, Education and Astrology, Aaya Prakarana, Salient Features of vastu Shastra, Astrological Products, 8th House saturn and education, Would your stars Help in Getting Production Unit, Astrological basis of earthqukes, Astrology and Ayurveda, Planets and Diseases, Sun Protctes from Diseases
research journal is mainly astrological magazine in which you shall find research oriented articles on astrology.

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