Multiple Relationships

Multiple Relationships  

S.K. Jhingan
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This is the horoscope of a decent, emotionally balanced lady who is well versed in traditional Hindu ethos. She is kind hearted, well educated, has refined tastes and pleasing personality. The native lost her father in the childhood and her childhood was wrapped in poverty. She was married during Sun-Ketu period. She had a miserable married life and became widow after 18 years of marriage. Her married life was full of miseries as her husband remained under depression and ultimately died during Mars-Moon period. She had to look after her children alone.

Soon after she lost her job too and she had to confront dire financial crises. None of her relative ever came forward for any sort of support and help. In the meanwhile she happened to be acquaint with an equally decent married man. As love recognizes no social norms, both fell in love and shared together their moments of glory, ecstasies, and, intacies.

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This is a peculiar case of love affair where none of them had any guilt consciousness, and both consider their affair pure and pious and sublime. To give moral strength to their extramarital relationship they entered into a secret Gandharva Vivah by garlanding each other in a temple. Let us look into the astrological combinations responsible for love, extramarital relation and secret Gandharva Vivah.

• Eighth house signifies sex life of a native. Ketu in conjunction with Venus in eighth house and aspected by Saturn is the sure indication of secret carnal episodes, Ketu providing the secret angle. Conjunction of Venus-Mars-Ketu in the Bhava Kundali again reinforces the carnality of the native.

• In Navamsa Kundali too, Mercury, Venus and Rahu are situated together in Pisces in 6th house. Venus is exalted in Navamsa whereas lord of 7th , Mercury, is debilitated. Conjunction of Mercury and Venus in 6th house in Navamsa chart leads to adultery and extramarital relations whereas association of Rahu signify unconventional angle; now treating such relationship as pious and sublime requires unconventional attitude and ethos. Gandharva Vivah is also unconventional in present soqiety.It would not be out of place to opine here that presence of Jupiter- the planet of conventional morality in 7th house might have contributed to her sense of purity and sublimity of the relationship.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

• As per Sarvarth Chintamani occupation of 10th house by either of the lords of 2nd, 7th and 10th house leads to extra marital relationship. Here Mercury as lord of 7th and 10th is in 10th house.

• Rahu in the 2nd too indicates adultery. It was during Rahu-Rahu dasha that her relationship began and they resorted to Gandharva Vivah. Second house also signify marriage whereas Rahu signify unconventional acts.

• Lord of 7th in 10th shows extra marital relations with a man who treats and cares for her as his wife. Here 7th lord Mercury is in 10th house.

• Mercury, lord of 7th; though exalted is further afflicted due to strong Papakartari Yoga. Also, Mercury is debilitated in Navamsa chart. These factors, along with Ketu-Venus in 8th and Jupiter as ascendant lord in 7th are responsible for her widowhood.

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