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Conch serves its worshipper for rising financially. Lord Krishna reverberated the whole world by blowing a conch (shankh) during Mahabharata. It is believed that blowing the conch daily saves a man from heart diseases. Influence of conch never lessens. It makes no difference if a man blows either big or a small conch. From Fengshui view point the conch, (shell) attracts business and benefits from overseas connections. The conch is one of the eight auspicious symbols found on the foot of Lord Buddha. Conch is considered very auspicious for export business. For getting name and fame it should be kept in Southern direction of your living room.

In North-East direction it is auspicious for good results in education and in South West direction it energies your good luck for relationship. In ancient India every man used to keep a conch with him, which he used during different times to declare his presence and power. In Mahabharata there is a detailed description of all the conch that the different warriors blew before the starting of the great war. Blowing the conch is a part of daily rituals for performing the worshipping ceremonies in temples and in houses. The process of blowing a conch gives one a better health and specially improves the respiratory system.

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Conch is blown to purify the environment specially while performing worshipping ceremonies. Even the scientists have agreed the fact that the blowing of a conch increases the positive qualities in the atmosphere such as courage, hope, determination, will power, optimism etc. It is stated everywhere in Hindu mythology that conch brings money and fame. The ancient text Bramhavevart Purana contains deep knowledge related to the different forms of Goddess Laxmi. In this Purana it is described that Saubhagya Laxmi who brings good luck is present in Moti Shankh.

In other words if you have ‘Moti Conch’ at home the Goddess Saubhagya Laxmi shall ever bless you with forture. It is believed that 'Moti Shankh’ is more important and miraculous than 'Dakshinavarti shanks' because it is rare and difficult to find. With the worship of Moti Shankh success comes rapidly. Early Hinduism classified the conch into male and female varieties with the thicker shelled bulbous conch occurring as the male or purusha and the thin shelled slender conch as the famele or shankhini. The fourfold caste division was also applied, with the smooth white conch representing the brahmin caste, the red conch the kshatriya of warrior caste, the yellow conch the vaishya or merchant caste, and the dull grey conch the shudra or labourer caste.

DAKSHINAVARTI CONCH : This conch comes from deep seas. It is indeed a form of Narayana because Laxmi and Vishnu both love it. Both of them keep this in their hands. Goddess Durga too holds it in her hand. Wherever there is a Dakshinavarti Conch Goddess Durga, Laxmi and Vishnu dwell at that place. It saves a house from incubuses if it is kept there. Water and leaves of Basil kept for 24 hrs in this conch turn to be as holy as Ganga Jal. A man may have blessings of Lord Vishnu if he takes daily the water kept in it.

The conch showers its auspicious effect on a business person if he worships it by keeping it on the place of worship, shop, godown etc. Dakshinavarti conch is the symbol of Goddess Laxmi. This conch is used to bring good luck and prosperity to the family. This is a sea shell which opens towards right hand and is very rare with lot of spiritual significance, it is used to purify the environment from evil effects. Dakshinavarti conch is used to get immense luck, windfall gains, acquisition of wealth and unforeseen gains. Generally conches are easily available but Dakshinavarti conch is different and it is a rare conch.

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PEARL CONCH : Pearl conch known as Moti conch is very rare spiritual item. Conch serves its worshipper for progressing financially. This conch enhances your destiny and shall help you to attract business and benefits from overseas connections. This conch shall bringg name and fame to you. The ancient text Bramhavevart Puran contains deep knowledge related to the different forms of Goddess Laxmi. In it, it is described that Saubhagya Laxmi who brings good luck is present in Pearl Conch (Moti Shankh).

In other words if have 'Pearl Conch' at home the Goddess Saubhagya Laxmi shall ever bless you with fortune. It is believed that 'Pearl conch' is more important and miraculous than ' Dakshinavarti Shankh' because it is rare and difficult to find. With the worship of this conch success comes faster. It shall also give mental peace, power of intuition and blessings of Goddess to its worshipper.

TURTLE CONCH : This conch is naturally shaped like a tortoise. Keeping this conch at place of worship and paying respect to it removes hurdles coming in the path of family progress. Wealth and prestige are obtained. Conch symbolizes money, fame and benefits from overseas connections and turtle (Tortoise) symbolises long life. Therefore turtle conch is a powerful symbol for attracting wealth, glory and gains from foreign land. It is also believed that tortoise lifted the weight of the earth over its back. In relation to lord Kachhap avtar (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) it is also believed that the whole energy and substance of this living world or earth is created around Meru Prishth (back of tortoise) which has the elements like water, earth along with mountains.

So from this we come to know that what is the importance, significance and the reason of miraculous impact of symbol of tortoise. Tortoise alone in itself is considered to be an auspicious symbol of good luck in Hindu mythology. Chinese astrology, science of Vastu and Fengshui has also accepted its importance. This turtle conch shall also work as a Vastu correction tool also. This should be established on Monday or Friday in the morning after clearing it with the holy water of Ganges and raw milk.

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