Yantras and Gems are Useful for a Happy Life

Yantras and Gems are Useful for a Happy Life  

Jayant Pandey
Views : 2555 | April 2004
The yantras and gems duly worshipped in auspicious muhurtas are very lucky. However which yantra or gem is useful, it should be decided only by consulting a learned person. Rules of use and advantages are as below: Shree Yantra: When a person reaches before this yantra, wrong ideas present in his mind are pacified. A house where this yantra is established after proper worship and regular worship is continued after installation, that house is never without wealth. This yantra is equivalent to Goddess Laxmi. If there are losses in business, this yantra should be used. By establishment of this yantra, the unity in the house is strengthened. The conflicts of married couples are pacified. The life becomes prosperous. Saraswati Yantra: Saraswati is Goddess of knowledge. If a student is not able to concentrate in studies, the marks obtained even after hard work are less, such persons should establish Saraswati Yantra after due worship. Good results will follow. Bagulamukhi Yantra: This yantra eliminates enemies. If some one is causing trouble without any reason then Bagulamukhi Yantra should be established and worshipped. The enemies will vanish. Topaz: Topaz pacifies family feuds. If the house wife wears yellow sapphire, she takes keen interest in family. If there is some dispute in the married life, wife should wear topaz. It also gives wealth. If the husband takes less interest in home, he should wear white topaz. By this stone harmony is established in home. Topaz should be worn after due worship in auspicious hours. Ruby: Ruby is good for progress and cures headache. Emerald: This stone enhances intelligence and removes wrong ideas from the mind. Moonstone: Represses anger. In a house where there is too much friction, the housewife should wear moonstone for peace and harmony. Sapphire: Sapphire gives progress quickly. If it favors, the person marches forward rapidly. There is one sapphire that has some properties of topaz. This is very good for trade. The stones should be worn only after study of horoscope.
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