Saturn- The Potential Force

Saturn- The Potential Force  

K. Santhanam
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The Sun Lord was married to Swarchala, daughter of Dwashta and they had three children, namely: -(i)Yaman (ii) Vaiwastha Manu and (iii) Yamuna. The Sun Lord bestowed great love and affection on his wife, but the inherent heat of her husband was unbearable for her. She therefore produced a woman out of her own shadow and directed her to fulfil all the wishes of her husband till her return from her Thapas. This woman was known as Chayadevi, alias Vindai. The Sun Lord had three Children through Chayadevi, namely- (i)Tapti alias Pathirai (ii) Sawarnika Manu and (iii) Shiruthakarma. On knowing the history of Chayadevi , the Sun Lord forgave her and went in quest of Swarchala.

The children of Swarchala were known as Aswini Devas. All the children of Sun Lord became famous in their own way, except the youngest child of Chayadevi i.e.Shiruthakarma, otherwise known as Sanieashwar .He was strong, but wherever his vision fell certain stress was felt. One day the whole world went to celebrate the birthday of Lord Ganesha in Kailash. Sanieashwara expressed his desire to attend the celebration. Chayadevi knowing the characteristics of her youngest son kept him in the house, but at his strong persistence allowed him to go, advising him to stay aloof and watch the festival from a distance. As Lord Sani entered, the whole Kailash shook. Lord Shiva, visualizing what had happened, warned Shakthi to keep her child away from the sight of Sanieashwara. 

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However, Sanieashwara’s sight fell on Lord Ganesha and the latter’s head rolled down. Lord Shiva soothed Shakthi Devi saying how could her son have an ordinary human form? He called for Bhairavan and asked him to bring the head of an elephant lying with its head facing the North, which he then placed on Lord Vinayaka and thus He obtained the name Ganesha— the one to demolish Gajamukha Asuran. Parvathi Devi’s anger however did not subside and she cursed Sani Bhaghwan, and disabled those legs that brought him to Kailash. Seeing the fate of her son, Chayadevi in return cursed Lord Ganesha, that a crocodile should enter his stomach and He thereby attained the name Lambhodharan. Saturn is known for desertion of his father the Sun Lord, in view of his utter dislike of outward show, without internal strength. Saturn is therefore characteristically renowned for his humbleness. 

Saturn is the farthest planet among the Navagrahas, whose radiations affect the day-to-day operative functions of plants and living creatures on this earth. It is about 886,000,000 miles from the Sun and its diameter is around 74.100 miles. It is hallowed by a number of rings and has ten satellites. Saturn has been defined as Vayu Karaka. Of the three pulses indicating ‘Kaf, ‘Pitham’and ‘Vayu’, which are used by intelligent doctors to determine the working efficiency of the constitution of a human being, malfunctioning of Vayu is the predominant cause for majority of the diseases in the system. It is therefore, the main function for optimizing and strengthening of the human system. Any stress on the dynamic system reflects on the breathing of a living being and the breathing process is immediately appreciated, the highly important role of Saturn, as Vayu Karaka, in the life of a living being. Saturn is indeed the potential force of all living creatures. 

The mode of its profitable utilisation could be ascertained by an intricate study of ones horoscope. It is embedded with both the Jupitorian and Maritian effects. It therefore becomes the potential resource for Gyanam and Karma. Saturnical radiations help to stabilize the human system by overcoming turbulence. The presiding deity is Lord Hanuman. Puranas define a close relationship between Saturn and Lord Hanuman. When the Navagrahas were tied up by Ravana, Lord Indra pleaded with Lord Vishnu to relieve them, as the world would become numb and void without the Navagrahas. Lord Vishnu sent Hanumanji to liberate them from the clutches of Ravana, as none other could do it. Lord Hanuman freed the Navagrahas. 

However, it was only Saturn who returned the gratitude for freedom by bestowing on Hanumanji a boon, which stated that if one were to worship Lord Hanuman , he would automatically receive the blessings of Sanieashwara. In the objective scenario, it would mean that while Sanieashwara being Vayu Karaka i.e. the generator of unpolluted air, Hanumanji is Vayu Putra, which means breathing, or the proper utilisation of this air. These two therefore form the primary ingredients to optimize the living force. The Saptha Swaras i.e. Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha and Ni, the basic absorbers and transmitters of health giving ingredients to the human being, are enveloped within the word Sa-Ni. 

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The Saturn governs the Swadhishta Sthana of the human system. The rigidity of this Sthana would signify the sustenance ability of internal stress of the body. This Sthana also defines the working of the pancreas, gonads, kidneys and the digestive portion directly and indirectly upon the genetic organs of the living creatures. Saturn influences the growth of the hair and the cells beneath it during the sixth month of pregnancy. Hair is the ideal tool for sensitive functions of the human body, as also everybody is aware of the immense strength of matted hair of erstwhile Rishis. For improving the sensitivity of the would-be child, mothers are advised to do at least eleven Pradhakshinas a week of Lord Sanieashwara during the sixth month of pregnancy. 

It must be mentioned that those who light lamps for Sani Bhaghwan on Saturdays should sit for at least five minutes in front of the lamp and the Vigraha, so as to reap the full benefits, thereby accrued. This icon faces West, which is air element and its Lord is Varuna. It absorbs and transmits the high wave radiations of the setting Sun in totality, giving thereby vitality to both the mental and the physical faculties of all the living beings an important ingredient indeed to enable recompense energy, which we are losing daily. The inert meaning of the following Sloka to attain the benediction of Lord Saturn aptly supports the above conclusions:- Neelanjanasamabasam, Suryaputhram,Yamagrajam / Chayamarthandasambhutham, Tham Namami Shaneswaram [Bow to Lord Sanieaswara, cleanser of the living system, giver of potential power both, during the day and as well as during the night. 

With the above background let us analyse the effects of a few combinations of other planets with the above planet, that cause great concern to the general public. /(i) The advent of the Gochara Saturn on the earlier Rasi from the position where the natal Moon is situated in ones horoscope and its transit to the next two Rasis thereafter, commonly known as Sade Sathi. The importance given to the Saturn -Moon combination in Astrology is immediately evident. While the former i.e. Saturn, is the potential force for the operating functions of the human system, the latter i.e. the Moon is the integrated force for propulsion of the operating system i.e. the mind. Normally, the human being sees a transit of three Sade Sathis, during its life journey. 

They are respectively known as ‘Mangu Sani’-realisation of ones own true strength, ‘Pongu Sani ‘-boosts ones inert abilities to attain higher achievements, Thangu Sani -the one to carry over the developed Punyas to the next birth. The fruits of the movement of Saturn in ones own Rasi and the two adjoining Rasis, varies vastly and is to be observed generally as given below: RASI(Moon’s position) 1st 2½ 2nd 2½ 3rd 2½ Mesha moderate stressful gainful Rishabha stressful gainful moderate Mithuna moderate gainful gainful Kataka gainful moderate moderate Simha stressful stressful gainful Kanya stressful moderate gainful Thula moderate gainful moderate Vrishchika gainful stressful moderate Dhanus moderate moderate gainful Makara stressful gainful gainful Kumbha moderate gainful gainful Meena gainful moderate stressful The above effects are also subject to whether Jupiter, or Mars, or both of them are conjoined with the transiting Saturn. 

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While the former subdues the malefic effects the latter tends to aggravate it. The line of direction of action, on which it is stressful/moderate/gainful mentioned above would be defined by the individual horoscope. (ii) Ashtami Saturn - The position of Saturn in the eighth (Ashtama) Sthana from the natal Lagna does invariably create a weakness in the operating system. When positioned in a Chara Rasi in the eighth house the person has weak pancreas, leading to susceptibility to diabetes. If placed in the eighth house in an earthly sign, it leads to weak pigments feeding blood to the muscular system and thereby fragile human body. Saturn in the eighth position in airy Rasis leads to high constipation and frequent joint pains. 

Saturn in the eighth house in a watery sign has a tendency to create migrane problems. Though all such weaknesses tend to project themselves at the middle, or latter part of life, they can be effectively removed, if diagnosed at an early age of below seven years, by astute astrologers. It must be kept in view that Saturn in the sixth house also aspects the eighth house and plays an important role in defining the physical fitness of individuals. (iii) Saturn/Mars in a Kendra Sthana from each other does create a cause of acute concern in one field or the other, depending upon the placement and strength of either of the planets and the operating Lagna. 

Saturn’s aspect on Mars, or visa versa, other than the above, may be providential and would elevate one to high levels of achievement. The timing would again be governed by the Vimshotri Dasa Bhukthi and the Gochara transits with respect to the natal positioning of these planets. Thus though the line of discussion is endless, it could be seen that Saturn gives monumentous gains, but calls for hard toil which indirectly leads to sustenance of high physical and mental abilities. It is here that the Kali Yuga human beings, who expect extraordinary profits without putting the required efforts, feel the strains of the watchful Saturn.

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