Effects & Utilisation of Saturn

Effects & Utilisation of Saturn's Movement in Scorpio  

K. Santhanam
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As Saturn enters the fourth pada of Vishakha, in the navamsha of Karaka, it leads into reunion or joining of forces. This period is excellent for separated couples to get together, for parents to reunite with their children, to strengthen one’s own will power etc. With Saturn transitting in the constellation of Jupiter, which in every Manmadha year (tamil year) will transit its uchaha sthana and aspect Saturn, the stage is set for utility of high spiritual resources and paving the way to higher achievements through one’s own efforts. Manmadha year means “the God of Love” that occurs once in 60 years. Saturn In its entrance in Scorpio, whose Lord is Mars which propagates dynamism, the field is set for developing higher knowledge and mutual transfer thereof. The mutual aspect of Guru and Saturn indicates the utility of inbuilt spiritual resources within oneself to fulfil larger endeavours during this period. As Saturn enters into Anuradha Nakshatra, it creates immense urge to develop Will power for attaining enlightenment while at the same time being at peace within oneself. As it crosses each pada of this nakshatra, only the mode changes while the target remains the same. As it enters the Jyestha nakshatra it generates exclusiveness and individual speciality in different modes depending on the padas it transits, which brings one to limelight. This preview indicates the valuable forces that would be available to humankind at large, to project himself/herself in this journey of life while Saturn transits Scorpio. It will be seen that Saturn would be aspecting Guru in Cancer till July 2015. This aspect poses a large danger to persons who are on the path of illegality/immorality. Therefore, beware treading such activities during this period, as it will cause excessive damage to the individual’s reputation and direction in life. A short time relief may be visible at the end of 2015, when Jupiter moves into Virgo and returns back in retrograde motion to Leo. The Movement of Rahu/Ketu into Aquarius axis in early 2016 will definitely affect the foundations during this year that need to be considered. Though Rahu/Ketu are not planets, they contribute to a large extent on the direction of thought and subsequent implementation process of each individual. These two accordingly complement each other. Keeping the above in mind, we shall see how this Gochara movement of planets, could be fruitfully utilized by individuals. This analysis Nakshatra wise is given below and should be used alongwith the Lagnas and their Lords, of the individuals: Icons in Temples are an ideal source of creative energy for a perturbed mind and unstable body and is therefore recommended wherever required. Aries Ashwini : The lord of this Nakshatra i.e. Ketu is transitting in Pisces throughout this year and is aspected by Jupiter, its Lord upto June 2015. The Nakshatra itself is aspected thereafter till the end of the year. The above combination lead to the following conclusions : Young children say upto 16 years: Sudden urge for better studies and consequent high mental development. Urge for creative outdoor games /exercise leading to an aptitude for hard creative efforts. Use of uncooked food during daytime on Thursdays and praying to Lord Ganesha, can substantially improve these positive aspirations. Adolescent/Middle aged children : The above combination of planets tend to give a dual mental framework for these children, to either pursue higher studies or to adopt a matrimonial life. In majority of cases the latter will prevail, though the urge continues in others too. Progression in career is bound to give fruits through hard work. Pradosha Kala puja to Lord Shiva on trayodashi tithi—either Shukla or Krishna paksha, can enable stimulation of proper decisions leading to enjoyable and fruitful journey during this period. Trayodashi puja to Lord Shiva is mainly propelled by the setting Sun radiations on Shiva vigraha and then on to Nandi which distributes it to the Sapta chakras within the individuals and thereby acts as a cleanser and catalyst of the operative system of the human body . Aged persons : These people need to have a continuous physical check up of their body especially the digestive portion .Regular visit to Lord Hanuman could strengthen their breathing system thereby ensuring peaceful end. If other factors in ones horoscope give room to longer life, the above procedures would enable a more proficient travel during this period. Bharani : This nakshatra, the Lord of which is Venus, is renowned for its urge for immediate upliftment. This causes undue stress within themselves. With the benign Jupiter casting its blessings on this Nakshatra for almost the complete half of 2015, these persons should take the advantage and ensure creative prosperity. Young Children say below 16 years : The parents of these children born under this star, should ensure that the genetic system – be it male or female, are in order. This could affect the menses of especially young female kids thereby leading to generation of higher cough (cold) within the working system. It would always be advisable to go in for herbal/ ayurvedic treatment rather than allopathic as the latter is more pittic in character and therefore not suitable for these children, during this period if needed. Having brought this under control this period can generate art, music and artistic tendencies within the child which is longstanding and also propagates the intention for prosperity in others. Goddess Kanakadhara Laxmi and lord Murugan / Kartik can be resorted to for fulfilment of their desires. Adolescent/middle aged children : The marriage of these children is in the offing and with it, an unwanted troubled mind as career prosperity grows too. Saturn will bless you with adequate Will power to fulfil both. Lord Shiva will shower His blessings on you. Grasp it with ease and enjoy this period fully. Young children bearing this star and who are pregnant, and are due for delivery should resort to the navagrha parikrama, in the order given below starting from 1st month of pregnancy :- Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Sun, Moon, Saturn , Mercury , Moon, and Sun, to avoid caesarean deliveries and beget proper children. Aged Persons : Aged persons under this Star are subject to vigorous physical strain especially when Mars aspects their Rashi or the 6th and 8th therein. Lord Murugan / Kartik puja on Shashthi (either shukla or Krishna paksham) will give instant relief. A little effort will create the necessary Will power generated by the Shani-Guru-Bharani mutual aspect combination and the task will be fulfilled. Kritika : The lord of this Nakshatra is Sun. This nakshatra disposes dynamism on the earth, the cause of which is of course the Sun. Let us take the 1st pada of this nakshatra which falls in the Aries Rashi of Mars. Arrogance is a part and parcel of the guna of this nakshatra and should be got rid off at the earliest. Young children below say 16 years: Children born in this pada of this Nakshatra will have the opportunity to shine both in their studies as well as physical activities. Only they should be humble. Daily obtaining the blessings of their parents, through prostrating at their feet and prostrating to the early morning Sun, will largely assist in the fruitful fulfilment of the intended achievements. Adolescent / Middle aged children : These children have an excellent opportunity to revitalize their lost energy through hard work or yoga. Engagement /Marriage is in the offing. Career progression is excellent. Prayer to Lord Murugan, especially on Shashthi (6th Tithi after Full Moon or New Moon) , during Saturdays or Tuesdays will help to rejuvenate their internal energy and stimulate their mental agility Aged persons:-These persons will suddenly feel revival of lost energy. Diversity from routine work and dwelling in mass functions will help them to enjoy this period. Fasting only one time, on Saturdays and Thursdays will give higher stimulation. Utility of this transit, especially of Saturn and Jupiter during the year, for other nakshatras, Rashi wise would be taken up in the oncoming editions.
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