Moon Plays Pivotal Role in Deciding Destiny

Moon Plays Pivotal Role in Deciding Destiny  

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Though, Hindu Astrology emphasizes over subtle and micro-level analysis to pinpoint an event, but at macro-level the transit of Moon over various zodiac signs vis-à-vis its interactions with other planets are used to forecast how a week or a month would pan out for a particular Rashi for an individual, popularly known as Rashiphal or for a country in mundane astrology. When an important event takes place in the life of a person, the Moon in transit has been normally found to be influencing the house concerned representing the event of a horoscope in case of a correctly cast horoscope. Thus, the transit Moon decides the day of an event. For example, in case of a sacramental marriage, the transit Moon has been found to be influencing the 7th house or 7th lord of a horoscope on the day of marriage. Similarly, in case of getting an employment or professional upliftment, the transit Moon has been found to be influencing either the 10th house or 10th lord or the 7th house or the 7th lord of a horoscope. Most importantly, Moon is considered as planetary significator of mother who gives us birth, feed us and takes care of us when we need it most for our upbringing. Parents are invaluable assets in the life of everybody, who bring us on this Earth, give us selfless care with fullest devotion, even by sacrificing their own interests and give necessary guidance at our formative ages as well as throughout our life, too. Sun is the astrological planetary significator of father and Moon is for mother. So, the importance of Moon is unparalleled. In the Horoscope of Late Mrs. Indira Gandhi with Cancer Lagna, Moon was afflicted by Saturn. In Navamsha also, her Moon was badly placed and afflicted. She had an ailing mother all along. Moon is also the significator of our mind, peace, tranquility and happiness. A person is known through his deeds and the way he thinks. It is the mind which translates and transforms our thinking into actions and activities on the ground, irrespective of good or bad. As such, Moon being the significator of mind, is the ultimate controller of all our actions and activities on this earth. A criminal/gangster/ fraudster/ or a mean-minded/ conspirator can born if a weak Moon along with 5th house and 5th lord is heavily afflicted in a horoscope of an individual without any benefic counteracting intervention. On the other hand, if a person is born with a well-placed strong Moon with benefics on either sides without any malefic aspect or association, such an individual is endowed with a healthy mother, long life, peace of mind and a successful life without much mental strain. The strength of Moon is directly proportionate as far as it is from the Sun. This is the reason why Moon is strongest and beautiful during Full Moon Night when it is 180° apart from the Sun. Moon takes a decisive call in shaping our fortune, luck and ultimate destiny pattern. The most important Vimshottari Dasha system in Hindu Astrology, which is reliable and popular among the astrologers to predict events and general life pattern is based on the degrees of Moon at birth. Persons born with ordinary horoscopes are even turned out to be lucky and fortunate, if they have got the Vimshottari Dasha sequences of favourable planets at their appropriate ages. On the other hand, persons born with strong horoscopes with unfavourable Dasha sequences are destined to live an ordinary life. Hindu astrology believes in “Karma and Rebirth”. Birth horoscope is a store-house of our past “Karmas” and the result of which unfolds in our present life in the form of events and general life pattern, irrespective of the fact that whether we relish it or not. Perhaps, a person is destined to get favourable planetary phases (technically known as Dasha in astrology) in Vimshottari Dasha scheme, provided the native have had rendered extremely good services towards his/ her mother in the past births. The result of our deeds in the past births surfaces in the present birth, which cannot be undo but, can perhaps be neutralized to some extent only by rendering selfless and dedicated services to the living beings who are all creatures of Almighty God. For example, let’s take the horoscope of Mr. Mukesh Ambani, the richest industrialist of India, with Tula Lagna, who got Vimshottari Dashas of planets involved in planetary combinations for wealth. He was born with Ketu Dasha for one-andhalf year followed by Venus Dasha for 20 years, Sun Dasha for 6 years, Moon Dasha for 10 years, Mars Dasha for 7 years and currently the Rahu Dasha for 18 years. All those favourable planetary Dashas from financial angle, came in his life one after another in sequences, which took him to the dizzy heights in building his financial empire and providing employment to many. Venus Dasha was to be favourable for him as it was the Dasha of Lagna Lord, though deeply combust, but participating in Dhan Yogas (planetary combinations for wealth). Sun Dasha was the Dasha of 11th lord exalted in 7th house and more importantly participating in Dhan Yogas, was also favourable for him. Similarly, Dashas of Moon, the 10th lord for 10 years followed by that of Mars, the 7th & 2nd lord, though normally a Maraka (killer) for Tula Lagna, were favourable for him from financial and professional angles. Mother Moon would gift you with favourable planetary Dashas if you have rendered unblemished services to your mother and similarly placed ladies during your past births. Favourable planetary positions in a horoscope remain dormant or at the best protective in nature, until and unless, a favourable Dasha becomes operational. Moon is easily influenced by the association and aspect of other planets, by its constellation lord and also by the nature of sign it occupies. For example, association of Moon with Rahu in movable signs like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn may result in mood swings. Similarly, Moon under association or aspect of Mars in fiery fixed sign like Leo may tend to make a native aggressive and arrogant in nature. Moon under the aspect or conjunction of Saturn or Ketu may lead to mental depression or towards spirituality or occultism. On the other hand, Moon under association of benefic planets like Jupiter, Mercury or Venus in an Airy sign, especially in Gemini, may promote sharp innovativeness in a nativity. Moon is also known for its wobbly promises if it is weak in strength. Moon in mutual Kendra (quadrant) with Jupiter give rise to commonly known Gajakesari Yoga, which confers name, fame and status depending on the lordship of both the planets in a horoscope. Moon is also one of the important significators of wealth. If Moon has no planet on either side of it or not associated with any planet leads to Dur yoga (an evil condition), which is bound to bring setback at least once in life time and penury, too. The bad position of Moon in a horoscope without any counteracting factor may lead to short life span. Such is the great important position of Moon in a horoscope.
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