Rudraksha Planets Colours Plexus

Rudraksha Planets Colours Plexus  

Surendra kumar mohanti
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Rudraksha is used to control negative radiations of Planets, which creates diseases and other havocs to the human beings. There are various types of Rudrakshas as follows: One faced Rudraksha The one faced Rudraksha is called the radiation of Sun (red) and signifies root plexus. It signifies Shiva himself. It indicates wealth, fame, name and ability to fulfil the aim and pacifies Government impediments, brings social establishments and gives leadership qualities to the people. It has quality to cure the following diseases:- Constipation, dysentery, night blindness, eye troubles, piles, heart problems, bone problems, brain affection and deficiency of vitamin A & D. Two faced Rudraksha Two faced Rudraksha signifies the radiation of Moon (orange) and Spleen Plexus. In puran, it represents Shiva and Parvati, the super powers. Orange is the mixture of two colours. Red and Yellow(Sun+Mars). Sun excites body arterial blood senses and nervous systems. It increases power of all living body and activates sensory nerves, keeps the blood corpuscles in normal and heat. Mars (Yellow) activates Kidney, Liver and stimulates better circulation, digestion and cures constipation. It gives muscular power to vitalise muscles and dynamic power. It is related to Orange radiation (Moon) and creates diseases given by the Moon. Two faced Rudraksha is helpful to cure the following diseases : Mental trouble, cold, cough, water borne diseases, breast, intestine, lymph, eyesight, throat, nervous debility, chest, mind, kidney, alimentary canal and water in the body. Three faced Rudraksha Three faced Rudraksha signifies planet Mars (Yellow) and solar plexus. The three faced Rudraksha signifies happiness, vitality and purity. It also indicates yellow radiation which signifies ability to form creativity in human life. It normalizes the destructive tendency of commander Mars (yellow radiation). It also neutralizes the diseases, menstruation problems, marrow, ear, nose, eye, tongue, skin, Red blood tissue, liver, female diseases, fever, burns, mental aberration, epilepsy, tumor, cut and wounds, blood pressure, loss of energy, fracture of bones, urinal diseases, septic, poisoning and abortion. Four faced Rudraksha Radiation- green planet- mercury Plexus- heart The green wave is divided in two directions as per colour formation Blue + Yellow = Green Jupiter + Mars = Mercury So it fulfills the three types of important needs: • Green: Intellectual power, spiritual, emotional power, adaptability • Blue: life saver, vitality, truth, creativity, peace, force free ability • Yellow: determination, strength and commanding vibration and to control all the revolutionary actions and reactions. Diseases caused by Mercury (Green) are chest, nerves, nose, gall bladder, paralysis, bits, ulcer, indigestion, skin diseases, mental diseases, mouth disease, heart trouble etc. Diseases cured by Mercury are Blood Pressure, heart trouble, ulcer, helpful to cancer, headache, neuralgia, influenza and syphilis. Five faced Rudraksha Five faced Rudraksha signifies Jupiter (Blue) and Throat plexus. The forms of Rudraksha named Kalagni have five forms. Those forms are Rudyojat, Ishan, Tatpurus, Aghor and Kamdev. Diseases caused by blue are problems of lungs, liver and kidney, diabetes, lack of memory, jaundice, morbid growth, tumor, albumin in the urine, blood poisoning, apoplexy etc. Diseases cured by five faced Rudraksha are throat trouble, cholera, small pox, apoplexy, epilepsy, liver trouble, nervous disorder, painful menstruation, insomnia, whooping cough, tumor, etc. Six faced Rudraksha Six faced Rudraksha signifies planet Venus (Indigo) and third eye plexus. As per puran it is called kartikeya. It helps the warrior to be Marshal Mind and determined Soul which adapts Wisdom and knowledge. Indigo = Red + Blue Red- Vitality, Stimulation, forcefull mental power and physical activities develop blood corpuscles. Blue – Emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, knowledge in every direction, self expression and principles. The Six faced Rudraksha is more powerful to fight the obstacles and diseases. It is beneficial to all secret diseases as under :- Women, secret organ, semen, sex, love, sex ailments, urinal diseases, venerable diseases, throat trouble, diabetes, carbuncles, tonsillitis,Gonorrhea etc. Seven faced Rudraksha Seven faced Rudraksha Planet – Saturn, Radiation – Violet, plexus- crown charka. Violet is formed by two colours :– a) Blue (Jupiter) b) Red (sun) Both planets indicate the results of Saturn (violet). The seven faced Rudraksha is beneficial to diseases as follows:-Kidney, bladder weakness , cerebro-spinal meningitis, rheumatism, sciatica, cramps, tumor, scalp and epilepsy, paralysis, pain in stomach, diseases of teeth, deafness, pain in muscle, gall bladder and bones and also baldness etc. As per old thesis seven faced Rudraksha is symbolized as seven Vaishnavi, Varahi, Indrani and Chamunda. Eight Faced Rudraksha Eight Faced Rudraksha : Planet – Rahu, Radiation- Ultra-violet (Electro magnetic radiation having a wave length just shorter than that of violet light but longer than that of X-rays). Eight faced Rudraksha is beneficial to the following diseases:-Lung trouble, diseases of fits, pain while walking, breathing difficulty, cataract, hydrocele, slowness of intestinal diseases. But the diseases are predicted as per the placement of the sign indicated by the owner of the sign, conjoined planets and the owner of the stars represented by Rahu. Nine faced Rudraksha Nine faced Rudraksha signifies planet Ketu (Infrared). It is the Rudraksha of power and shower and it has ability to provide luxury, happiness and at the end of life gives salvation (to climb up to the heaven) eradicating the obstructions of the nine radiations (nine planets). It is beneficial to diseases as follows:-Low blood pressure, deafness, eye pain, Mars diseases related to brain and fever. Ten faced Rudraksha Ten faced Rudraksha signifies ten abtaras which satisfies all the problems of the nine planets (radiation). Eleven faced Rudraksha Eleven faced Rudraksha symbolizes the quality of Mars as Indra Deva, Martian power, fighter, fearless power and vitality. Twelve faced Rudraksha Twelve faced Rudraksha indicates twelfth yogic power of our physical body which is called twelfth powerful doors of the physical powers and showers; it is related to seventh chakras of our body. Thirteen faced Rudraksha Thirteen faced Rudraksha develops spiritual contact through claims of the power of clairvoyance, that means the ability to see events in the future and beyond contact. So thirteen faced Rudraksha has miracle powers to eradicate the problems and diseases of the human body. Fourteen faced Rudraksha Fourteen faced Rudraksha signifies all types of radiation to increase spiritual power, Martian power, the thought of philosophy, knowledge of Vedanta and internal and eternal power inside the brain. It is worshipped by the mantra of Maha Mrityunjay, then put on the neck. It helps you in all directions of the life. According to Shiva Purana One-faced The Sun (Red)-Om Hrim namah Two - faced Moon (Orange)-Om namah Three - faced Mars (Yellow)-Om Klim namah Four -faced Mer. (Green)- Om Hrim namah Five - faced Jup. (blue) -Om Hrim namah Six- faced Ven. (Indigo) -Om Hrim hum namah Seven-faced Sat. (Violet) -Om Hum namah Eight-faced Rahu (UV) -Om Hum namah Nine-faced Ketu (Infra-red)- Om Hrim hum namah Ten - faced (all colours)-Om Hrim namo namah Eleven - faced Mars (yellow)- Om Hrim Hum namah Twelve-faced Sat (Violet)-Om Krom kshom ro namah Thirteen-faced Mer (Green) - Om Hrim namah Fourteen-facedSun+Jup(purple)-Om namah According to Padma Puran One-faced Sun(Red)-Om Om drisham namah Two-faced Moon (Orange)-Om Om namah Three - faced Mars(Yellow)-Om Om namah Four -faced Mer(Green)-Om Hrim namah Five - faced Jup(Blue)-Om Hum namah Six - faced Ven(Indigo) - Om hum namah Seven-faced Sat(Violet)-Om Hum namah Eight-faced Rahu(UV)-Om Sah Hum namah Nine-faced Ketu(Infra red)-Om Hum namah Ten - faced (All colours)-Om Hrim namah Eleven - faced Mars(Yellow)-Om Shrim namah Twelve-faced Sat(Violet)-Om Hum Hrim namah Thirteen-faced Mer(green)-Om Ksham chaum namah F o u r t e e n - faced Sun + Jup(Purple)-Om namo namah Whatever may be, Rudraksha has the miraclulous power to relieve from the problems, obstacles, diseases as blood pressure, heart problems, liver and other danger diseases. There are several types of procedures to utilize the Rudraksha. It cures liver troubles, ulcers, if apply in paste made after rubbing hard.
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