Spermal Defi ciencies (Azoospermia)

Spermal Defi ciencies (Azoospermia)  

Surendra kumar mohanti
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AT THE TIME OF BIRTH: Venus Dasa Balance; 10YRS; 06MONTHS; 21DAYS DATED FROM:; Saturn sub DASA BALANCE; 00YRS; 06MONTHS; 03DAYS SUBPERIOD; YRS; MONTHS; DAYS ANALYSIS OF THE HOROSCOPE The 5th house sub lord Venus ( the radiation fl ows indigo) is placed in the barren sign Gemini, 8th house and conjoined with the lord of 2nd & 5th aspected by Rahu (Ultraviolet Radiation) to make poison to obstruct the birth. Again, Saturn (Violet Radiation) by 10th aspects the house of 2nd and 5th. According to radiation theory, if the refl ection of Violet & Ultraviolet radiation focus in negative direction on the positive radiation blue then everything will be negative and create uncertainty about birth. The sublord of 2nd cusp, Mercury (Green radiation), the planet of the barren sign Gemini & Virgo, owner of 8th & 11th and placed also in 8th and posited in the star of Jupiter and sub of Saturn, which are refl ected in opposite direction due to Jupiter, the owner of 2 & 5, is aspected by Saturn (Violet Radiation) by fi fth aspects and also aspects Sagittarius, the house of Jupiter by 10th aspect, it creates obstacles and obstructions for the formation of the birth. In other words, the angles of the radiation Violet & Ultraviolet create obstacles through their radiation on the House of progeny. So, it is needed for judgement how it will be positive or not, it is a question mark to the wise astrologers. Astrologer must try to create remedial measure to get rid of the problems people are facing. It is needed to continue research how it will be possible through Astrological remedial Measure to satisfy the dissatisfi ed people. Again, we have to study the sublord of 11th cusp which provides success in every work. Without it, it is not possible to predict the successful results. The sublord of 11th cusp again venus, the sign falls again barren, how can we be able to get positive results? Therefore again the radiation theory of planetary radiation is described. The 11th house creates indigo radiation as a sublord but the Violet radiation refl ects over the indigo radiation and ultraviolet radiation refl ects on Libra directly according to the 180 degree angles, so it is not possible to get positive results or overcome this type of situation easily. You all astrologers are requested to make research how the human problems will be eradicated astrologically (through medical astrology), the great associated formula is needed to combine our knowledge to introduce all the astrological sources to highlight the knowledge of astrology in all directions.
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