Astrological Combinations Issue

Astrological Combinations Issue  January 2008

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In this Astrological Combinations Issue of Research Journal of astrology there are various informative and research oriented articles related to prediction technique like - Astronomical analysis of kalsarp yoga, Vedic astrology and Education, Marvels of Vedic astrology, Earthquake in Tangshan, Conept of Vargottama, Financial apple cart, Rudraksha, reiki, Rajbhang Yoga, Truth of Bhrigu sanhita, Mahamrityunjay mantra, the karmic numbers, Valmiki Ramayana : an astrological reference, Knowledge of Personalities, Nakshataras and Gunas, Sensitive Year in Various Types of Arishtas of Longevity, Introduction to Dowsing and Makar sankranti etc.