Salman khan

Salman khan  

O.D. Mande
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Salman Khan was born on 27 December 1965 at 9.07 AM near Mumbai. His birth chart is shown below : The lagna is occupied by exalted Mars conjunct with Venus & Moon. The conjunction of powerful Mars with Venus explains his sculpted muscular physique. The atmakaarak Moon is well placed in lagna promising fame and prosperity. Jupiter is placed in 6th from lagna and Moon forming Adhi yoga promising fame, wealth and luxurious life. But this combination also forms Sakata yoga (Moon in 6th/8th/12th from Jupiter) indicative of serious troubles and problems. The dugdha rashis for this chart are Taurus and Aquarius, both occupied by malefics. Jupiter is darakaarak placed in shadashtak position with Moon. The Sanghatik nakshatra from Moon is Purvaphalguni occupied by Uranus. 

The SAV score in 7H is 24. These features are very unfavourable for marriage. He had his first crush on Somy Ali (a Pakistani actress) but she decided to wait for better days, which only led to the end of that affair. His second crush was on Sangeeta Bijlani but she found a better match in cricketer Azharuddin. He had third crush on Aishwarya Rai, who backed out complaining of physical abuse. Subsequently he had a brief friendship with Aishwarya’s look-alike. Sneha Ullal, with whom he acted in the movie “Lucky—No Time For Love.“ Perhaps he would have had yet another crush on a Bollywood beauty but that was impossible; she was engaged to another actor. He was only a Bodyguard in that case. 

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The placement of darakaarak in shadashtak position with atmakaarak has prevented the native from having a spouse or even a lasting relationship. The lagna is hemmed between two malefics (Saturn and Sun) forming Bandhan Yoga. Incidently, Saturn owns Bandhan saham ( 18Aq9) whereas Kali saham ( 1Ge52) is owned by 6L Mercury. Vimsottari dasa on the date of Session Court’s verdict (May 6, 2015 ) was Saturn –Moon—Rahu—Mercury. Dwisaptati Sama dasa was Mo—Sun—Mo--Sat. The sentence pronounced by the Sessions Court was like a Kick, Dabangg never Wanted ! However, he was granted interim bail by the High Court on the same day, which has been extended further by the Court on May 8. 

Salman must have heaved a sigh of relief and perhaps thought “God Tussi Great Ho “! However, the film producers must have heaved a sigh of relief more than Salman himself ! He has appealed against Session Court’s verdict which is to be heard by the High Court. This may take some months, a year or even longer. The High Court may perhaps reduce the quantum of his sentence but not acquit him completely. Secondly, the case of blackbuck hunting pending in the Jodhpur court is also hanging over his head like Democle’s sword. Now producers may avoid signing him for new movies. In the coming months producers’ interest would be to complete the shooting of movies already signed by him. 

It had happened in the case of Sanjay Dutt. In fact, Sanjay Dutt went to jail a few weeks before his last movie “ Policegiri” was to be released. ( Incidently, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan were co-stars in “Saajan). Salman’s turn may come some day for which he should be ready. If he is given imprisonment for a long period it may bring down curtain on his career -Ek Tha Tiger! Utility of short duration Tajik chart Tajik chart is generally cast for one year. But it can be cast for shorter durations viz 2.5 days, 5 hours and even 25 minutes. Tajik chart for 2.5 days can be used to see short term changes in one’s fortune /mood. It can be used to predict the outcome of event whose date is known in advance viz. examination result, acceptance of tender etc. Let us see how it works using this example itself. 

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In the 2.5 day Tajik chart covering the period 4—6 May 2015 lagnesh Mercury is placed in 12H conjunct with 6L Mars, having the aspect of Saturn– the planet of justice, punishment and misery. This must have been native’s state of mind when the Sessions Court pronounced its verdict on May 6. The other 2.5 day Tajik chart (covering 2.5 days after May 8) shows lagnesh Sun exalted in a trinal house. It shows native’s great sense of relief after he managed to get bail on May 8. In India some movie stars become so popular/ respectable that their fans almost worship them like gods. This craze is extremely strong in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. 

When actress Khushboo was at the top of her career, her fans had built a “Khushboo—temple “, but when her career graph went down, that very temple was demolished by them. Poor/illiterate people keep on dreaming that some day they would get fair treatment from Govt. machinery and justice would be done promptly. Unfortunately, in real life this happens very rarely. However, in reel-life (movies) they experience (illusionary) realization of their dreams when they see their favourite actor fighting the corrupt system successfully, going to the rescue of poor people in need and damsel in distress. Their hero fights with many goons simultaneously and pulverizes them all -- be it Wanted, Dabangg, Bodyguard, Kick or Ek Tha Tiger. 

However, their hero is only a dream merchant - Sapno ka Saudagar. But in real life Sapno ka Saudagar is unable to face Insaf ka Taraazu. Salman had many crushes but just escaped being crushed by the blindfolded, taraazu wielding Lady of Justice. When Salman was convicted, many prominent Bollywood personalities had called on him to express their solidarity. They included even Aamir Khan, the self- styled moralist, who has acquired the halo of nation’s conscience keeper through his TV show “ Satyamev Jayate “. But he has sided with Asatya in real life ! In USA if a film star gets involved in crime his career is almost finished—people boycott his movies. No producer likes to take the risk of signing such a star for new movies. We Indians, by and large, are lacking in this.

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