The Role of Chaturthamsa in Timing of Marriage

The Role of Chaturthamsa in Timing of Marriage  

O.D. Mande
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marriage is believed to support the four main pursuits in life viz. Dharma (right conduct) , Artha (finance) , Kama (sex & other desires) and Moksha (emancipation). For this reason prospective brides and grooms or their parents are anxious to know when the marriage would take place and with which type of spouse ? So they pose this question to their astrologer. Predicting marriage (or any major event) is not an easy task. Good books on astrology viz How to Judge a Horoscope by B V Raman and Crux of Vedic Astrology by Pt Sanjay Rath , have given valuable guidelines for selecting mahadasa/ antardasa / pratyantardasa during which marriage may take place. These guidelines are based on the analysis of Birth and Navamsa charts.

After marriage a girl goes to husband’s house. This obviously implies a change of residence which comes under the domain of Chaturthamsa (D-4) chart . In case of males it may indicate entry of wife in his life. Chaturthamsa indicates not only the house made of bricks and mortar but also the homely comfort and happiness associated with it. For this the presence of a housewife in a house is essential, after all ,“ Men make houses but women make homes” ‘Therefore the author is of the view that for timing of marriage , Charturthamsa should also be examined .

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This examination helps in shortlisting the antardasa and pratyatardasa. A few illustrative examples are given below:— Example 1: Female (14 April 1975. 1250 Hrs. Delhi). This girl was married on 28 December 2000. Her Birth and Chaturthamsa charts are shown below. The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Jupiter—Sun–Moon. Rahu is separative by nature and occupies 5th house in D-4 chart . Fourth house in D-4 chart shows one’s residence before the event of marriage i.e parental house (Maayka) while 5th house is maarak for it. Sun occupies 7th house of spouse , whereas Moon ( as 10th lord) , represents husband’s house or Sasural. Lagna , third house of transfer , and Rahu have the aspect of, whereas 8th house (native’s family) has the argala of Jupiter .

These features clearly indicate native’s departure from parental house and entry into husband’s house/life. Example 2: Female ( 15 February 1981, 1727 Hrs . 82E13 , 22N05. India) The girl got married on 12th December 2009. The dasa at that time was Saturn—Rahu– Jupiter—Moon. Saturn ,as lord of 10th house (husband’s house) occupies 12th house (conjuinct Jupiter) and aspects lagnesh Mars representing the native. Rahu occupies 10th house, aspects 4th house (native’s parental house) as well as 4th lord Moon. Example 3: Female (13.10.1985, 14.38 Delhi). Got married on 15.8.2012. The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu –Venus—Saturn—Mercury.

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Rahu (separative) occupies 4th house and aspects 10th house , lagnesh Venus ( i.e native ) occupies 3rd house of transfer ( change of residence) , 7th lord Saturn ( husband) aspects 7th house , which is occupied by Mercury. Ex. 4 : Female (5.10.1970. 01.00Hrs. Delhi) Got remarried on 13th May 2010. The dasa at the time of marriage was Venus –Venus—Venus—Saturn. Venus, as lagnesh (native), occupies 10th house (Sasural) whereas Saturn shows separation from Maayka . Example 5 : Male (9th September 1972. 12.17 Hrs. Vadodara). Got married on 28th December 2000. The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu—Venus—Moon—Jupiter.

Since this chart belongs to a male, the 10th house would show his Sasural which is same as wife’s Maayka. Venus ( significator of wife ) occupies 9th house ,and being 12th from 10th , indicates her departure from her Maayka. Sun, as 7th lord ( wife), is aspected by Rahu and occupies native’s 4th house , which is occupied by 10th lord Mars too. Jupiter ,the planet of expansion, occupies 11th house of gains alongwith Moon . These features indicate the entry of wife in his life. Example 6 : Male ( 10th July 1977. 1015 Hrs. Bhopal ). He is scheduled to get marrieed on 11th May 2013 The dasa at the time of marrige will be Mars—Ketu—Moon—Jupiter .

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Mars , as 7th lord (wife), occupies lagna, Ketu aspects 2nd house (native’s family) whereas Moon occupies the sign owned by lagnesh Venus. Jupiter (planet of expansion) aspects 2nd house (native’s family) and 4th house –native’s house as well as sukhsthan . These features indicate the entry of wife in native’s house/life. Example 7 : Male (31 Dec. 1979. 11.15 Hrs. Bhopal ). He got married on 20 Dec. 2008. The dasa at the time of marriage was Jupiter-Venus-Venus. In Chaturthamsa Jupiter as 2nd lord (family) occupies fourth house (sukhsthan) and augments native's happiness, Venus (7th lord and significator of wife) occupies 9th house and is posited to leave her parental house (maayka) after marriage. Example 8 : Male (6 April 1982. 05.50 Hrs. Yeotmal ).

He was married on 15 May 2011 The dasa at the time of marriage was Rahu-Rahu-Saturn-Mercury. In Chaturthamsa, Rahu occupies 7th house (wife), Saturn occupies 10th house (wife's parental house), whereas 10th lord Mercury occupies lagna. Saturn and Rahu both are dispositors of Venus - significator of wife. These features clearly indicate the entry of wife in native's house/life. Conclusion The examples discussed in this paper highlight the importance of Chaturthamsa examination in the context of timing of marriage . In addition to the examination of natal Chaturthamsa, Tajik Chaturthamsa of the relevant Varshaphal may also be examined for confirmation. The author has been following this approach with satisfaction.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

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