A Novel Transit Principle

A Novel Transit Principle  

O.D. Mande
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A systematic approach to make a prediction would involve four stages viz. examination of horoscope( Birth chart, Navamsa chart, relevant divisional charts, assessment of planetary strengths, ashtakavarga, yogas etc) and use of appropriate dasas for broad timing of event, resort to varshaphal technique (Tajik/Tithi Pravesh) for closer timing and application of planetary transit dicta. This is a time consuming procedure which may take up to two hours even for experienced astrologers. Therefore, busy astrologers generally have to restrict the astrological examination to Birth chart, Moon chart, Vimsottari dasa and application of their favourite thumb rules of planetary transit. For planetary transits alone there are different options viz.

Single planet transit, double transit, triple transit etc. In this context the author would like to mention that Sh. P.V.R. Narasimha Rao, an eminent astrologer, has evolved five principles relating to the effects of transit planets, One of them is “ Padamsas and Transits” which means activation of longitude based padas (arudhas) of relevant houses by transiting planets, resulting in the fructification of a predicted event. This is somewhat similar to Latta of transit planets on janma nakshtra but far more versatile and precise. The principle is under – “ At the time of a major event in life, an important planet has a close conjuction with, or close aspect on the natal divisional longitude of the arudha pada of a relevant house, in a relevant divisional chart. Nakshatra Mahadasa lord or Antardasa lord or a planet related to that house in the natal rasi (birth) or divisional chart may be considered for transits.

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Sh. Narasimha Rao suggests that not only full but 3/4th aspect may also be considered. Calculation of Pada. Before going through examples illustrating the efficacy of this principle it is essential to understand the meaning of longitude based pada (arudh) in birth chart and divisional charts. Normally pada is sign based and has no longitude. But pada can have exact longitude like planets. To calculate longitude based pada one has to proceed as follows: Take the longitude of the cusp of a house. Take the distance from it to the planet owning the sign where the cusp is placed. Take the same distance from the planet. The point thus arrived at is the pada of the house. If the pada is between 0°– 30° or between 180º – 210° range from the cusp of the house, subtract three signs (90°) from it.

Alternatively, add 9 Signs to it. This is analogous to shifting the sign based pada forward by 9 houses. If it falls in the same house or in the 7th from it. In this horoscope the Lagna and Rashi are Libra and Gemini respectively. Mahadasha lord Saturn is 4th and 5th house lord and placed in Lagna in its exaltation sign. As per above mentioned astrological Yoga if 5th lord is in 5th or Lagna then the native begets child immediately after marriage. This Yoga worked for this horoscope and within one and half year of marriage she got her first baby girl. Navamsa 5th lord of birth chart is in a friendly sign in Navamsa and the significator Jupiter is exalted and that became the reason of quick child birth after marriage. Dasha At the time of birth of child Saturn/Rahu Dasha was in operation. (Dasha of 5th house lord and Antardasha lord is aspected by 5th lord). As per astrological Yogas the timing of birth of child is dependant on the 5th house, 5th lord and the Dasha of planets aspecting or owning 5th house. In this horoscope the Dasha/Antardasha are conducive for child birth as per this rule.

Transit At the time of birth of child the 5th lord Saturn was transiting on Lagna in retrograde motion on natal Saturn and the significator Jupiter was also aspecting 5th lord Saturn. The double transit impact on 5th lord, Dasha lord and Antardasha lord is also active. So, the favourable transit resulted into child birth. In this horoscope the signs of ascendant and Rashi are Leo & Pisces respectively. After 4 years of marriage on 19th January 2016 she gave birth to a healthy son. In her horoscope Venus is placed in 5th house and 5th lord and the significator of 5th Jupiter is conjunct with 2nd & 11th lord Mercury in 7th house. She conceived in Ketu/Saturn Dasha and gave birth to her son in Ketu/Mercury Dasha. Ketu and Mercury Dasha proved conducive because the Antardasha lord and the dispositor of Ketu conjunct with 5th lord is also the significator of 5th house. लग्नेशे पुत्रभावस्थे पुत्रेशे बलसंयुते परिपूर्णबले जीवे पुत्रप्राप्तिर्न संशयः - (भारतीय कुंडली विज्ञान / पंचमभाव विचार- 423) One in whose horoscope the 5th lord Jupiter is very strong and aspected by the Lagna lord then she would certainly give birth to children.

The above mentioned Yoga is also available in this horoscope. 5th house is occupied by benefic Venus whereas 5th lord Jupiter is conjunct with benefic Mercury and both are not afflicted with the aspect of malefic planet. Therefore, she is enjoying motherhood by giving birth to a son. 5th house is hemmed between malefic planets and that is why some delay in child birth caused some tensions. Navamsa 5th lord, the significator of 5th house and the dispositor of 5th lord i.e Saturn of birth chart all are attaining strength in Navamsa and similarly the planet occupying 5th house of birth chart is also strong in Navamsa. Saptamsa The planet occupying 5th house in birth chart is Vargottami in Saptamsa.

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5th lord of birth chart is in a friendly sign in Saptamsa. The dispositor of 5th lord of birth chart is exalted in Saptamsa. Transit • At the time of birth of child Jupiter is transiting in friendly sign Leo and enhancing auspiciousness of house of children by giving aspect to it from lagna. In addition to it this Jupiter is also giving aspect to 5th lord and the significator of 5th. The auspicious aspect of Jupiter of transit on related Bhava, Bhavesh and Karaka resulted into child birth. Lagna and Rashi are Pisces and Aquarius respectively. 5th lord Moon is placed in 12th house in conjunction with Jupiter. This planetary position of both is causing delay in begetting children.

In addition to that the 5th house is occupied by 6th lord & 7th lord. Mercury is 5th lord from Moon so it is giving slightly better position. They got married in November 2010. After 4 years of marriage she got a male issue. At the time of birth of child Dasha in operation were that of Jupiter/Moon. So, she got child during conducive Dasha of significator and Antardasha of 5th lord. Navamsa Significator of children, the dispositor of 5th lord of birth chart and the dispositor of significator of children are Uchhabhilashi in Navamsa chart so inspite of weak position of 5th lord and significator in birth chart they got blessed with a son. The weak position of these in birth chart and the affliction of 5th house in birth chart caused delay. Saptamsa The significator of 5th house is in friendly sign in Saptamsa and the 5th lord of birth chart is also occupying the Rashi of significator of children.

Transit On the day of birth of child exalted Jupiter was transiting into 5th house and the 5th to 5th house was under the double transit impact of Saturn and Jupiter. This is the horoscope of a female whose Lagna and Rashi are Pisces and cancer respectively. She got married in August 1999 and gave birth to twins after a long wait of 11 years. तनयगतस्तनयपतिर्मतिन्यं मानितं जनं कुरुते सुतकलितं प्रकटजनविख्यातं मानवं कुरुते -(मानसागरी / अध्याय -5) If the 5th lord is placed in the 5th house in a horoscope the native is wise, respectable among people, has several sons and very popular among famous people. सुतेशे पंचमे यश्य तस्य पुत्रा भवन्ति हि क्षणिकः क्रूर भाषी च धार्मिको मतिमान भवेत् The placement of 5th lord in 5th house proves instrumental in begetting several sons. This type of person loses her temper very quickly and likewise retrieves it back to the normal. Such a person is very religious and intelligent. • The above mentioned Yoga is getting formed in above mentioned horoscope completely. She gave birth to twins but after a long delay, the analysis of which is as follows- • In this horoscope the 5th lord Moon is in conjunction with 6th lord in very close degrees.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

This conjunction in 5th house is one reason of delay as the strength of Moon is nil. The significator of children Jupiter is debilitated. At the time of birth of the child Dasha and Antardasha in operation was that of Venus and 5th lord Moon. She gave birth to twins. During child birth Dasha was conducive as the dispositor of Dasha lord is in 5th house and the Antardasha lord placed in 5th house owns this house. The reason of delay is the affliction of 5th house, 5th lord and the significator of 5th house. Navamsa In Navamsa chart the dispositor of 5th lord of birth chart is Dasha lord. Here in the divisional chart of marriage the rising of 8th house sign in Lagna resulted into trouble in between the time spanning from the date of marriage till the birth of child. The impact of Rahu Ketu of Navamsa is the other cause of delay in marriage. In addition the significator Jupiter is placed in 8th house.

These Yogas are causing delay. Saptamsa In Saptamsa chart 5th lord of birth chart is in the Rashi of significator of children whereas the planet Sun is exalted. Transit The dispositor of significator of children is under the double transit impact of Saturn and Jupiter. In Lagna chart, Navamsa and Saptamsa chart the position of 5th house, 5th lord and the significator of 5th is not very good but inspite of that they were blessed with children as Moon of birth chart is in its own sign and aspected by Jupiter. The less strength of all involved planets caused delay in child birth. व्ययेशसंयुतांशेशत्र्यंशनाथसमन्विते। दृष्टे पुत्रेश्वर तेन पुत्रार्ति कथयन्ति हि।। भारतीय कुंडली विज्ञान/पंचमभाव विचार/425 If the lord of 5th house in the horoscope of a native is placed in 6th, 8th or 12th house then the native suffers from the agony of destruction of progeny. सुतेशे रिष्फभावस्थे पुत्रसौख्यविवजिंतः। जातकः क्रीततनयो ग्राहयपुत्रोअथवा भवेत।। बृहत्पाराशरहोराशास्त्रम/भावाधीशफलाध्यायः/131 If 5th lord is placed in 12th house the native is devoid of son or has an adopted son. Birth Chart Analysis In this horoscope of Leo ascendant Saturn and Rahu are placed in Lagna. Rahu forming Kalsarp Yoga is giving aspect to 5th house.

5th lord exalted Jupiter is placed in 12th. The placement of 5th lord in 12th house cannot be appreciated. Jupiter is also the Karaka of 5th house so the karaka and 5th lord both are in bad house thus causing delay. In addition to that Rahu's aspect on 5th is also causing delay. In above given horoscope apart from 5th lord and the significator the dispositor of 5th lord is also very weak and that is why she could not beget children in her 16 years of marriage specifically as Dasha in operation was not conducive. In Jupiter/Jupiter Dasha chances were not much however now with the complete activation of Jupiter Dasha there are chances of child birth as 5th to 5th house is strong and the Saturn of transit is about to move into the 5th house. ConclusionThe above mentioned analysis indicates that three factors i.e 5th house, 5th lord and significator of 5th house should be strong in the chart of a person to expect fortunate, healthy and capable children's birth at desired time.

Although dasha of 5th lord, dispositor of 5th lord, significator of 5th house, dispositor of significator, the planet occupying or aspecting 5th house or 5th lord and the planet conjunct with 5th lord, proves conducive for child birth but the less strength of above mentioned factors can delay the timing of child birth, whereas the complete affliction and zero strength of these planets can also result in the denial of progeny. In transit the activation of 5th house, 5th lord and significator of 5th with double transit impact speeds up this process especially if Dasha lord having direct relationship with 5th house is also under double transit impact.

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