Vedic Astrology and Law of Karma

Vedic Astrology and Law of Karma  

Sitaram singh
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Indian Astrology is derived from Vedas and is called 'Veda Chakshu', or 'the Eyes of Vedas'. It is a perfect divine science whose practitioners in Kaliyug (present era) are imperfect. This divine science has been passed down by our visionary Rishis for understanding the reason of human sufferings and how to minimise it to make it bearable through simple Shastrik Upayas (remedial measures). The origin of Astrology dates back to the creation of this world. Maharishi Garga tells us that this divine science was propounded by the Creator himself, and Lord Brahma handed it down to him at the time of creation of the universe. Other Rishis learnt it from Maharishi Garga. The Greeks, Babylonians and Egyptians had also devised their own system for deciphering unknown future, and incorporated the tenets of Indian Astrology taken back by foreign tourists from India. Thus, Astrology has been in vogue since ancient times both in the East and the West. The planets are constantly transiting the Brahmand (sky) and directly affect the human beings. (Yat Brahamande tat pinde). For knowing their exact location on the date, time and place of birth of an individual, and during transit in future, the 360° Zodiac has been divided into 12 sectors of 30° each called Rasis. These Rasis encompass 27 Nakshatras having a span of 13°20' each, and each Nakshatra is further divided into 4 padas of 3°20'. The prediction is based on the analysis of seven planets and two Chhayagrahas - Rahu and Ketu, though only mathematical points, who due to their notable effect on human lives have been accorded the status of planets by our Rishis. The 9 planets are assigned 3 Nakshatras each, located at fixed sectors in the Zodiac. Calculation of time is done through the most popular Vimshottari Dasa-bhukti system of the planets. Besides Lagna chart, subsidiary varga charts are also prepared for deeper analysis of specific aspects of human life, like D-2 for wealth, D-4 for comforts and prosperity, D-7 for children, D-9 for marriage, D-10 for service/profession, D-24 for education, etc., for which the exact moment of birth is absolutely necessary. The planets according to their inherent nature are divided into benefics - Jupiter, Venus, Pakshabali Moon and unafflicted Mercury and malefics Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu. Weak Moon and afflicted Mercury are also treated as malefics. Sun is the King of our solar system and is designated as 'cruel' planet. Rahu and Ketu are considered like Saturn and Mars respectively (Shanivat Rahu, Kujavat Ketu). As a fundamental rule of analysis, the association and aspect of malefics spoils the result of benefic planets, and the influence of many malefics further increases the evil effect. In certain situations Rahu and Ketu behave as Yogakaraka and give very good and favourable result to the individual. Maharishi Parashara tells us in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra (Ch.II) that "Janardan (God) himself sits in different houses of the horoscope in the form of planets to dispense the result of prarabdha (result of past karma) in the life. The planets are only indicators of what effect (good or bad) and when one would experience it in this life. These do not cause any event. Thus one of the meanings of 'Astrology' is "The Message of the Stars'. With the help of time tested principles of Astrology, the location of planets in the horoscope and their effect on the individual, an astrologer deciphers the result of actions in past life and on that basis forecasts the future for the guidance of the individual. For example, if an individual had maltreated his wife and children in previous birth, then in this bith the 7th house (spouse) and 5th house (children) in his horoscope are afflicted by the location or aspect of malefic planets on these houses, and he repays in this life by facing problems in that respect. A proficient astrologer through complete analysis of the horoscope helps to dispel the fears in the queriest's mind and prepares him to face the future with confidence. Astrology gives mental strength to feeble and weak minded individuals, solace to the depressed, peace to the anxious and worried, and steadiness to those who have wavering and vacillating mind. An astrologer helps individuals to get a glimpse of the unknown future, and the knowledge of their destiny, which stands in good stead in surmounting the difficulties and sufferings to be faced in life and make it easy. Astrology explains that success or failure in this birth is related to our karma in the previous life. Man or woman, rich or poor, every individual has to face problems in life. The present sufferings are the result of paap (evil deeds) committed in previous birth. Goswami Tulsidas ji has expressed this universal law in Sri Ramcharitmanas in the following way : कर्म प्रधान विश्व करि राखा जो जस करहि सो तस फल चाखा।। The word 'Karma' is derived from Sanskrit root 'Kri' which means 'action or deed'. Each and every mental or physical action comes under Karma. Under the scientific and impartial Law of Karma, there is nothing by chance or coincidence and nobody else has any role to increase or decrease the resultant effect. The gains and losses are the result of some definite cause of action in the previous life which we do not remember now. Good luck or misfortune is solely governed by the scientific law of causation or Karma. God is neither partial nor unjust, but a loving father of all. Everything is the result of one's own action in the previous birth. Karma and rebirth are like the seed growing into a tree, which again bears fruits yielding more seeds, and the cycle goes on. The seed is the karma and growth of tree is life. Astrology clearly explains what Karma the individual would have performed in his previous birth and what result he will experience in this birth and when. Thus man is the maker of his own destiny. Nobody else can interfere with it. In this connection, Maharishi Veda Vyas makes an emphatic statement through Prahlad in 'Shri Vishnu Purana' : कर्मणा जायते सर्व कर्मैव गति साधनम्। तस्मात् सर्वप्रयत्नेन साधुकर्म सभाचरेत।। (I.18.32) meaning, "one gets birth according to his karma in past life, and Shubh and Ashubh karma influence his present life. Hence, everybody should always do only good deeds." Explaining the evolution process and importance of righteous conduct, Lord Shri Krishna tells Nand Baba in Srimad Bhagvat : कर्मणा जायते जन्तु कर्मणैव विलयिते। सुखं दुखं भयं क्षेमं कर्मणैवाभिपद्यते।। (Xth Skand, Ch. 24, Sl. 13) meaning, "Every living being is born according to his past Karma. Different grades of material happiness, comforts, distress and fear in this life are the result of Karma in past lives." Acharya Varahmihir explains the relationship of Astrology and Karma as follows : कर्माजितं पूर्वभवे सदादि यन्तस्य पक्तिं समभिव्यनकित्। (Brihat Jatak, Ch. l. 3) meaning, "Astrology discloses the result of good and bad Karmas done in previous life." Acharya Kalidas tells us about the time when these results will be felt as under : पुण्यवाप्यथ पापरूपमपि व कर्मार्जितं प्रागभवे। तत्पाकोजत्र तु खेचरस्य हि दशाभुक्तयादिभिज्ञायते।। (Ch. VI. 2) meaning, "The result of good and bad deeds done by the individual in previous birth is experienced in this life during dasa - bhukti of different planets." Prarabdha is inevitable. What one sows so he reaps. Minor variations only can be achieved by surrendering to the creator and praying forgiveness for past sins. Lord Krishna has made this abundantly clear in Shrimad Bhagvad Gita: तेषामहं समुद्धर्ता मृत्युसंसार सागरात्। भवामि नचिरात्यार्थ मय्यावेशितचैतसाम्।। (Ch. XII.,Sl. 7) meaning, "O Arjuna, I certainly, before long, become the saviour out of this troublesome ocean of Samsara to those whose mind is set on me".
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