Horoscope Evaluation at First Glance

Horoscope Evaluation at First Glance  

Sitaram singh
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Every individual born in this world has his unique physical, mental and personality traits. Some children grow rapidly while others are relatively slow. Similarly, some youth mature and blossom early, while others do not until quite late. Sometimes child prodigies fail to fulfil their early promise, while ordinary students make their mark in life and become world famous like Sir Winston Churchill and Bill Gates. With the help of some fundamental rules of astrology we can broadly judge the personality traits of the native and his future prospects from the horoscope at first glance, leaving specific details for indepth examination. On knowing his potential and future prospects an individual can work upon his capabilities and try to achieve maximum success in life.

Lucky Birth Time The best time for birth is from 11A.M. to 12.30 afternoon as at that time the Sun, Mercury and Venus are near about the 10th house (Zenith) and disposed to give the best result. Children born in the early morning hour are generally more fortunate than those born in the evening. Sunrise is particularly favourable for male children, as it makes them ambitious and enterprising. Sunrise children are usually their own masters. They love to shoulder greater responsibility and detest remaining in an inferior position.

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Some fundamental Rules 1. When the Lagna Lord is in Lagna, Kendra, Trikona or 11th house and the Lagna and its lord are aspected by benefics and free from malefic influence the native even if born in an ordinary family makes his mark in life. 2. When Jupiter, Venus and Mercury are in Kendra or Trikona, the native becomes learned, wealthy and famous. 3. When two or more planets are in own sign, Mooltrikona, exaltation or Vargottama in benefic Bhavas (other than 6th, 8th or 12th), the native becomes successful and prosperous in life. 4. Benefics in adjacent houses to the Sun make the native self-reliant and attain prosperity in life by dint of his own merit. 5. Benefics in adjacent houses to the Moon with Paksha Bala make the individual mentally strong, successful, happy and prosperous in life. 6. When the 9th house (Bhagya) is occupied by its lord or benefics and aspected by them, the native is lucky and prospers in life. 7. The mutual aspect of Kendra and Trikona lords, or exchange of houses or conjunction between them, makes native successful and prosperous in life. 8. Benefics in Kendras and malefics in the 3rd, 6th and 11th house ensure a successful and prosperous life. 9. The vacant 6th, 8th and 12th house indicates a life free from troubles. 10. Malefics in Kendras, 2nd and 9th house make the native poor and he struggles in life. Strong Lagna The Rasi (sign) of Zodiac rising on the Eastern horizon at the time and place of birth is called Lagna.

It rules the personality, health, nature, status, wealth and success in life. If Lagna belongs to a benefic planet and is also associated with its lord or other benefics, the native gets comforts of life from early childhood. This is not so if the Lagna is associated with malefics (Sarvartha Chintamani II-94). This is amply demonstrated in the following horoscopes. 1. Male : 14.6.1967, 8.45 AM, Calcutta This is the horoscope of a leading industrialist of the country. The Lagna falls in benefic Cancer sign, which is in Shubhkartari Yoga. Exalted 9th lord Jupiter in Lagna forms Hansa Yoga and aspects 9th house. The conjunction of the 9th lord Jupiter and 4th lord Venus in Lagna shows lucky birth and prosperous life.

The Lagna lord Moon is in 2nd house, the 2nd lord Sun is in the 11th house, and the 11th lord Venus is in Lagna with 9th lord Jupiter and these form excellent Dhana Yogas. All the planets are placed from the 9th to the 4th house thereby forming Bhagya Malika Yoga. Yoga Karka Mars aspects the 9th and its own 10th house. Thus the horoscope shows not only a lucky birth but also an excellent prosperous life. 2. Male : DOB : 6.9.1924, 11.46 AM, Dera Ismail Khan (Pakistan) This is the horoscope of Editor of 'Babaji'. The Lagna falls in benefic sign Libra. It is in Shubhkartari Yoga and occupied by exalted Yogakarka Saturn. The Lagna lord Venus is in 10th house and aspected by Jupiter and exalted Saturn. 9th lord Mercury, exalted in 12th house confers deep religious inclination.

The 10th lord Moon forms Gajkesari Yoga in 2nd house. The 11th lord Sun is in 11th Rahu, away from Sun, in 11th house is fruitful. Herschel in 5th house (Aquarius) aspects 9th, 11th and Lagna conferring a research oriented mind. The strong Lagna and Lagna lord coupled with other planetary position has made him world famous astrologer. When the Lagna lord occupies a Kendra (angle) or Trikona (trine) with clear rays (not combust by the Sun), in exaltation or own house, the lord of 8th house is located elsewhere than a Kendra and the lagna ie occupied by a benefic, the native will be blessed with a long life and wealth. He will be respected, endowed with good qualities, recognised by the ruler, fortunate, possess handsome body and well built form, is pious, and a family man. (Phaladeepika, XVI. 2). These features are seen in the horoscope of gurudeva Rabindranath Tagore given below. 3. DOB : May 7, 1861, 02.51, Calcutta Benefic sign Pisces, rises in lagna owned by.

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Jupiter, which is exalted in 5th house, and the 5th lord Moon is in the lagna (exchange of house) which made Tagore noble, learned and talented. Exalted Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house forms a powerful Budha Aditya Yoga and Venus with these made him a world famous poet and artist. He also received the Nobel Prize. In contrast see the following horoscope. 4. Male : DOB : July 18, 1962, 10.30 AM, Delhi Virgo Lagna rises, whose lord Mercury in 10th house gave him birth in a well to do family, but Lagna lord being in Papkartari yoga restricted his progress. Jupiter is retrograde in 6th house. Lord of 2nd and 9th Venus is in the 12th in an inimical sign with Herschel and Pluto, and aspected by malefic Mars. The lord of 5th Saturn is retrograde in 5th with the Moon and Ketu and aspected by Rahu and the Sun from the 11th house.

Thus the Lagna lord Mercury, Jupiter, Moon, lords of Lagna, 2nd, 4th, 5th and 9th house are all afflicted. The native, son of a chief Engineer, could not pass his Secondary School examination even after vigorous coaching and many attempts. He is working as a salesman in a firm. Indications for early success Individuals born with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius Lagna have sharp intellect, good power of expression and appealing personality due to the influence of favourable Mercury. Gemini borns are particularly notable for their capacity to assimilate knowledge and ideas. Librans are notable for their artistry and pleasing manners, while Aquarians are known for their originality and creativity. These three signs tend to produce natives who get to an early start in life. 5. Male : DOB : August 8, 1912, 19.15 hrs., Bangalore This is the horoscope of late Shri B.V. Raman, famous astrologer.

Lagna lord Saturn is in a friendly sign in the 4th house, with exalted Moon, and aspects Lagna. Lagna is also aspected by Venus, Mars and Mercury and gets Kendra effect from another benefic Jupiter, Moon, Venus and Mercury are in Kendra which is rare and gives remarkable achievements in life. The exalted Moon in the 4th house makes one noble with excellent memory and foresight. It also forms Gajkesari yoga with Jupiter in Kendra from it, which ensures prosperity and fame in life. Jupiter in 10th house in a friendly sign, aspected by exalted Moon and lagna lord Saturn indicates pious and research oriented profession. He re-started the publication of the Astrological Magazine at the age of 24 years and later became world famous for predicting some important national and international events.

He had a long life of over ninety years. Normal Development Individuals born under Aries, Leo and Scorpio lagna follow the normal pattern and are most vigorous and fired with ambition for worldly achievements in their 20's and 30's due to the influence of the Sun and Mars. During this period they show tremendous drive, great force of personality and a marked talent for organisational and administrative matters. Most of the kids of modern commerce and industry are born under these signs. The 20's and 30's the high water mark years of their life and establish them well in life. 6. Male : December 3, 1965, 6.55 AM, Agra UP) The native after completing B.Com (Hons) and MBA, started with a job of Rs. 7,000/- per month, changed the company after a year, and then got an opening in a Hong Kong based garment export company. He served at Mainla, Jolombo, Dubai and Dhaka as Senior Vice - President of the company. He was drawing US $2,500/- per month with free residence and conveyance, but unfortunately died in a car accident at Dhaka on July 5,1993.

Due to his enterprise and initiative he was known as 'He Man' of the company. The Sun, lord of 10th, in a friendly sign in Lagna with the 11th lord Mercury forming Buddha-Aditya Yoga. Lagna lord Mars in 2nd, aspected by 2nd and 5th lord Jupiter gave him spectacular rise and popularity. Middle Age Blossoming The 40's are the settling down time for Taurus, Cancer and Sagittarius Lagna born persons. Prior to that they remain busy overcoming various hurdles and factors in life. After having established themselves in career / profession, and with reduction of other responsibilities, these native establish themselves for a comfortable and satisfying life. In this connection the horoscope of Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru is discussed below. 7. DOB : November 14, 1889, at 23.13 hrs., Allahabad. Benefic sign Cancer rises in Lagna. It is in Papkartari Yoga, without any other malefic aspect.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

The Lagna lord Moon is in Lagna with Paksha Bala and all the planets from 1st to 6th house from an excellent Graha Malika Yoga. Venus in own sign in Kendra forms Malavya Panchmahapurusha Yoga. The 9th lord Jupiter is aspected by Yogakarka and 10th lord Mars. Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury aspect the 10th house which indicate great achievements in life. Nehru ji remained away from home for studied and on return plunged into the Independence struggle and went to jail many times. He became President of Congress in 1929 at the Lahore session of Congress, and speeded up the demand of 'Poorna Swaraj' under the guidance of Mahatma Gandhi. he was chief negotiator of Indian National Congress, and Head of Interim Government. On India becoming independent on 15th August, 1947, he was unanimously elected as the first Prime Minister of India and held that prestigious post till his death.

Slow Starters, Good Finishers Natives born in Capricorn, the negative sign of Saturn, have a reserved nature, lack confidence and have difficulty in self-expression during early life. The same holds good in respect of those born in other Lagnas in whose horoscope Saturn is close to the Lagna. It is not until the age of 36 that their presonality begins to mature and blossom. Their physical and mental vitality increasees with age. Capricorn natives usually lead a vigorous and active life long after their contemporaries have opted for retirement. 8. Female : DOB : March 31, 1961, 3.10 AM, Agra The Lagna is Capricorn which is occupied by lagna lord Saturn and debilitated 3rd and 12th lord Jupiter. Lagna is aspected by 4th and 11th lord Mars. The native had to look after her ailing mother during school days which affected her studies, but with determination she completed M.A. (English) and B.Ed.

Again due to illness of her mother-in-law she had to leave her teaching job many times. The native still looks forward to make the best use of her education. Old age also brings contentment and tranquility to virgo and Pisces Lagna born. These natives are disposed towards a chequered career, with frequent ups and downs of fortune and face unhappy emotional experiences in love. They are gifted with creative and artistic ability, however, very often they lack practicability. They are too idealistic and theorists in their approach to life and people. It is not until they have been tempered and hardened by tough experience that their real potential becomes manifest. These natives tend to be episodic, that is, they can at any time flash into brilliance and achieve success, only to recede back into their shell.

It is in their later life that they tend to achieve lasting prestige and recognition, which was denied to them earlier due to their inability to be consistent. There is often a lack of worldliness in Virgo and Pisces natives, which is found in abundance in Aries, Leo and Scorpio born natives. Favourable Period of Life 1. If strong planets (in own or exaltation sign) are in the first half of the horoscope (from the 1st to 6th house) they boost up the native's luck in the first half of life. But if such planets are located in the 2nd half of the horoscope (from 7th to 12th house) they give good results in the second half of life. In case such planets are scattered in both halves, one enjoys luck evenly depending on the strength of planets. (Sarvartha Chintamani, IX-16). 2. If Venus is in the lagna, the native is happy in the first half of his life. In case there are malefics in the 4th and 5th house, he gets troubles in the latter half of life. (Sarvartha Chintamani, II-105). 3.

If Jupiter, the lagna lord and Moon Rasi lord occupy Kendra, the person will have happiness in the middle of life. (Brihat Jataka, XXII-5) 4. Another method given in Sarvartha Chintamani (IX, 17-19) is as follows. In this the total life span (say 75 years) is divided into three equal parts of 25 years each. 1. 1st part (Upto 25 years) covers 12th to 3rd house i.e, childhood to youth. 2. 2nd part (26-50 years) covers 4th to 7th house, i.e., middle portion of life. 3. 3rd part (after 50 years) covers 8th to 11th house, i.e., later life. When the 1st part (12th to 3rd house) is occupied by strong natural benefics, these give good results in early life. When the strong benefics are in the 2nd or 3rd part, good results are experienced in middle and old age respectively. The section of horoscope which contains malefics and debilitated or eclipsed planets, cause much sorrow and difficulties to the native in corresponding age period.

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