Fruitful Transit of Jupiter

Fruitful Transit of Jupiter  

Sitaram singh
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When each planet transits over other planets and its natal position in birth chart this also produces signifi cant effect in the life of the individual. But this transit has not been discussed in detail in astrological classics like transit of planets from the Moon sign. Phaladeepika (Ch. XXVI. 34), Jatak Parijat (Ch. XVII. 34-36), and Prasna Marga (Ch. X. 56-57) have briefl y stated in almost identical terms the malefi c effects of transit of planets from Moon sign (Rashi).

For instance, Phaladeepika (Ch. XXVI. 34) States :

चन्द्राष्टभे च धरणीतनयः कलत्रे
राहुः शुभे कविररौ च गुरुस्तृतीये।
अर्कः सुतेऽर्किरुदये च बुधश्चतुर्थे
मानार्थ हानि भरणानि वदेद्विशेषात।।

meaning, "The period when transit Moon is in 8th sign from her natal sign, Mars in the 7th sign, Rahu in the 9th sign, Venus in the 6th sign, Jupiter in the 3rd sign, the Sun in the 5th sign, Saturn in the 1st sign (Saturn over Moon) and Mercury in the 4th sign, these cause loss of honour and wealth. When majority of these transits occur simultaneously there is also danger to one's life."

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Learned scholars have shared their views about these transits in their articles in different magazines earlier, which has inspired the author to attempt this article on the transit of Deva Guru Jupiter, without whose blessings it is impossible to lead a happy, prosperous and contented life.

Jupiter is the most benefi c planet of our solar system. A strong and favourable Jupiter in the birth chart is an asset to that individual and indicates Divine Grace. Such a native gets providential help when his own efforts fail to solve his problems. Jupiter is signifi cator for wisdom, knowledge, wealth, children (son), prosperity, expansion, status, honour, devotion to God, and in a female horoscope shows the happiness of husband. From 19th June 2014 Jupiter is transitting through Cancer, his exaltation sign.

Jupiter's favourable transit augments the result of a house and its lord which for some reason was delayed or withheld. Jupiter transits a sign for nearly a year. It retrogrades for nearly 120 days in a year while transitting through the 6th to 9th sign from the Sun. It remains stationary for about four days before and after retrogression. During the fi rst few months of his transit in a house Jupiter fi rst acclimatises with that house and then releases his benefi c infl uence. Jupiter produces benefi c result when he reaches the middle portion (10°-20°) of that house. Jupiter produces unfavourable result when he is posited in the 6th, 8th or 12th house, or is conjoined with, or aspected by, the lords of these houses. If these signs happen to be his own, then the suffering is bearable. A weak or affl icted Jupiter becomes polluted and makes the individual irreligious, cruel and extravagant, and he suffers due to over-indulgence.

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Jupiter's transit from the Moon

According to astrological classics, Jupiter gives very favourable result while transitting through the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th house from the Moon sign, provided no other planet transits through 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 11th house respectively at that time, which is called Vedha (obstructive) position. However, there is no Vedha between the Sun and Saturn, and the Moon and Mercury, who in Hindu mythology are said to be father and son respectively. Benefi c transit of Jupiter and respective Vedha position are tabulated below for clarity and ready reference.

Benefic transit 2nd 5th 7th 9th 11th
V e d h a position 12th 4th 3rd 10th 10th

The specifi c result of Jupiter's transit from Moon sign are as follows :

Jupiter's transit through the Moon sign (Janma Rasi) causes the native to leave his established residence, incur heavy expenditure, suffer from fear and anxiety, develop ill-will and quarrel with others. During Jupiter's transit through the 2nd house, the individual earns more money, receives reward and appreciation, enjoys speculative gains and domestic happiness. Adversaries disappear and the native enjoys good company. Jupiter's transit through the 3rd house causes loss of status, separation from dear ones, impediments in business and indisposition. While transitting through the 4th house Jupiter causes disturbence in family life and loss. The individual develops a feeling of disenchantment with worldly affl uence and he takes no delight in anything around him. Jupiter's transit through the 5th house blesses the native with child birth, friendship with noble persons, favour from those in authority, unexpected honours, happiness and all round prosperity. In the 6th house the native faces impediments, increased enmity, grief and serious illness requiring hospitalisation.

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Jupiter's transit through 7th house from the Moon gives fruitful travels. The native gets good wealth, fortune, recognition and enjoys with his wife and children. Jupiter's transit through the 8th house from Moon causes fruitless journeys, fatigue, bad luck, loss of money and resultant frustration. In the 9th house from Moon, Jupiter gives success, wealth, honour and all round prosperity. His transit through 10th house causes loss of position, prosperity and children. In 11th house Jupiter blesses the native with child birth, higher income, position, honour and happiness. In the 12th house the native suffers from illness, loss of wealth, property and resultant grief.

According to Phaladeepika (Ch. XXVI. 33), "When Jupiter, Sun, Mars and Saturn transit through the 12th, 8th or the 1st house from Moon's position, there is fall from position, loss of money and danger to life."

Jupiter's Transit vis-s-vis other planets

When during transit Jupiter makes connection with a planet in the birth chart through conjunction, opposition or trine aspect, the karkatwa (signifi cations) of that planets gets a boost. The result corresponds to the strength of Jupiter and the aspected planet, their house location and dasa-bhukti in operation.

Through his growth inducing benefi c aspect Jupiter helps in unfolding the potential of the aspected planet, leading to happy events, provided there is no simultaneous evil infl uence of Saturn and / or Rahu on that planet which curbs Jupiter's favourable effect.

Jupiter transits identical position after every 12 years, but he may not produce similar favourable result every time, because Saturn, Rahu and Mars will not occupy the same sign as before. Hence the transit of other planets should always be kept in view while assessing the result of Jupiter's transit.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Sun

When Jupiter transits over natal Sun or any of his favourable position (especially 5th, 9th and 11th), the native becomes permanent in job, gets promotion or a good posting and recognition. The native wins over his adversaries and succeeds in litigation. He enjoys good health, success and prosperity.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

But when Jupiter transits through unfavourable places (aspecially 6th, 8th or 12th) from the natal Sun, during this period the individual should be careful in dealing with his superiors, otherwise he may suffer loss of position and reputation. He should be careful in his fi nancial matters and avoid speculation. He should also take care of his own and father's health.

Jupiter's Transit vis-a-vis Moon

As stated earlier Jupiter does not give good result while transitting through Moon sign. When Jupiter transits through any favourable place from Moon, the native is successful in dealing with ladies and general public. It is favourable time for marriage and business. The native develops good and helpful contacts which open new avenues for success. Female natives enjoy good health and prosperity.

But when Jupiter transits through Moon sign or any of the unfavourable places from Moon, the native remains mentally disturbed and faces diffi culty in dealing with ladies, public, in business and real estate. He should control his emotions, avoid speculation and misunderstanding with others. His fi nances and health suffer. If the Moon is located in the 6th house in birth chart, the native may suffer from blood related, stomach and liver diseases.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Mars

When Jupiter transits over natal Mars or any of his favourable places, it increases vigour and dynamism in the individual and he achieves success through self enterprise. He increases his business, but he should avoid haste and over enthusiasm, lest it proves counter - productive.

When Jupiter crosses any of Mars' unfavourable places then the individual should be careful about accidents and injuries during travel. This period causes loss and trouble in legal matters, loss due to hasty decision, over confi dence and miscalculation. The native should avoid carelessness and take care of his health.

क्या आपकी कुंडली में हैं प्रेम के योग ? यदि आप जानना चाहते हैं देश के जाने-माने ज्योतिषाचार्यों से, तो तुरंत लिंक पर क्लिक करें।

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Mercury

When Mercury is well placed in a wealth producing house (2nd, 5th, 8th, 9th, and 11th) in the birth charts and Jupiter crosses Mercury or any of its favourable position, then one is sure to experience pleasure and recognition in the field of literature, art, music, reporting or publishing. It is good time to undertake journeys and gain through contracts. If Venus and Mercury are conjoined in natal chart, then the gains are much more.

When Jupiter transits any unfavourable position from Mercury at that time one should be careful in signing documents, otherwise he may be a victim of fraud and suffer loss. He should avoid criticism which may prove harmful.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Jupiter

In a horoscope, strong Jupiter placed in an angle or trine acts as protector of the native. When transit Jupiter transits over natal Jupiter or aspects from a good house without any adverse transit, then the individual attains higher status and recognition. There is gain and success in all fi nancial matters, including speculation. It is good time for religious pursuits. Jupiter gives very good result when he transits the 5th sign from natal position.

But when Jupiter transits through unfavourable angles from his natal position, one should be careful about loss of wealth, honour, fame and position. There may be differences with those in higher position. There may be ill health, loss in litigation and speculation and diffi culty in religious pursuits. According to Phaladeepika (Ch. XXVI. 34) Jupiter gives very bad result about health, wealth and honour when transitting in 3rd sign from natal position.

करियर से जुड़ी किसी भी समस्या का ज्योतिषीय उपाय पाएं हमारे करियर एक्सपर्ट ज्योतिषी से।

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Venus

Jupiter activates Venus, the planet of luxury, love and sex, through his transit over natal Venus or aspects from favourable places to Venus. It is a favourable time for engagement, marriage, birth of child, happy events, gain through women and acquisition of luxury items. There is improvement in native's reputation, social standing and gain in business. The person undertakes successful voyages. The time is favourable for profession and legal matters.

When Jupiter transits through unfavourable positions to natal Venus, the native should avoid carelessness, over indulgence, as there may be loss of wealth or trouble through females.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Saturn

When Jupiter transits over natal Saturn or any of Saturn's favourable angles, then one receives much help and gain through elderly persons and gets long-term gainful contracts. It is a time to deal in real estate and property. It favours promotion and success time for all matters.

When Jupiter transits through unfavourable angles from natal Saturn, one should be very careful about loss of profession, reputation and personal matters. There is loss of property and wealth. Speculation should be avoided. Responsibilities increase and one suffers ill health.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Rahu

Jupiter is the life force and Rahu is the mouth of dragon. In a horoscope if Rahu is placed next to Jupiter with no other planet in between, then Jupiter in its fi rst transit would approach Rahu, i.e., the life force will enter dragon's mouth and loses his power. This transit lowers vitality and causes health problems during childhood. The condition becomes acute when Jupiter comes in close contact with natal Rahu. As Jupiter moves away from Rahu, there is gradual improvement and there is complete recovery when Jupiter reaches Ketu.

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When Jupiter transits any of the favourable angles from Rahu, it promotes new ideas, success in scientifi c and occult affairs. It is good time for scientifi c research and investigations and to demonstrate one's talent and knowledge. If one leads a pure life then he can advance in spiritual direction.

When Jupiter transits through unfavourable angles from natal Rahu, it will be a critical period and one should strictly watch his personal affairs. One may face fraud in business and trouble in religious matters. Use of alcohol will prove harmful.

Jupiter's transit vis-a-vis Ketu

Jupiter depicts knowledge and Ketu shows keen intellect and methodical approach. When Ketu is placed next to Jupiter in the birth chart, during fi rst 12 years' transit of Jupiter, it is a period of active intellect, an inquisitive mind and quick grasp and the child has success in educational career initially.

When Jupiter transits through any of Ketu's favourable angles, one gets opportunities of unusual nature. There is development of intellectual and higher sense and gain in money matters. The period favours success in research studies. There is expansion of business and religious matters. It favours success in educational and social work.

When Jupiter transits through Ketu's unfavourable angles, one should avoid starting any new business, as it may end in loss and disappointment. There is problem in law-suits and fi nancial matters. There is unexpected break up in family, change of residence, loss of parents or relatives. One should be careful about possible scandal.

In lucky births the planets are so arranged in the horoscope that Jupiter's transit infl uences and activates benefi c planets in the horoscope one after another, and the individual enjoys success, name, fame and status for a long time.

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