Eclipses and Zodiacal sign

Eclipses and Zodiacal sign  

Raghvendra Khare
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We should not take the planets' housewise placement but also the star involved in this event should also be considered. It provides bad result at an evil star for a country, mixed infl uence provides mixed result. Judge the nature of star according to rules given below. A. Basic scheme- 1. Scheme of Tara Phal- The stars of Vipat, Pratyari and Vadh Tara are bad to transit by any planet. While stars of natal Tara are bad when transited by malefi c planets. The stars involving in good Tara are benefi c for every planet. 2. Mark the star falling in the 8th and 2nd house according to equal house division method from natal sign. These and trine star from them are bad to transit by any planet. This is a very strong tool. B. According to lordship of planets- These must be adjusted according to scheme- A. 1. The star of sign and Navamsa lord are almost good. 2. The star owned by planets, who rules evil houses from the natal sign of country as 3rd, 6th, 8th, 12th and Badhak house, are bad. Generally UPACHAYA houses are good to be ruled by a planet, but if at the same time its other sign falls in bad house; these can’t provide absolutely good result even in a good Tara. 3. If the other sign owned by 7th lord do not fall in the evil houses then the star owned by 7th lord are also good. Similarly stars owned by lords of Kendras and Konas work. 4. In the matter related to game, war and partnership or negotiation, the 5th house works in favour of an opposite party. Now let us observe the infl uence of eclipses falling in the October 2014 over various countries. 1. A total lunar eclipse will take place on 8 October 2014. When the eclipse happens worldwide Lunar eclipses look approximately the same all over the world and happen at the same time. To obtain local time, add time zone of desired place in UTC time. The times displayed might be a minute or two off actual times. Event UTC Time Penumbral Eclipse begins 8 Oct, 08:17 Partial Eclipse begins 8 Oct, 09:18 Full Eclipse begins 8 Oct, 10:27 Maximum Eclipse 8 Oct, 10:55 Full Eclipse ends 8 Oct, 11:22 Partial Eclipse ends 8 Oct, 12:32 Penumbral Eclipse ends 8 Oct, 13:32 This total eclipse is visible in the USA, Japan, Indonesia, Cuba, Philippines and Australia etc. in its full form but India, Brazil and Bangladesh etc. can see only partial state of it. It will take place at Revati star within sign Pisces. Hence it will affect the places of fi ery sign and Pisces mostly and trine sign from Pisces, the Cancer and Scorpio will also get affl iction. It will harm the signifi cance of the house where it falls from the zodiacal sign of other countries. Now let us see its affect over some important countries. India (New Delhi 28N39 & 77E13) - is ruled by sign Capricorn of Shravana star. The eclipse will take place in the 3rd house but at a benefi c Tara. So it can harm the signifi cance of 3rd house to some extent. Dispute with neighbour countries and Press is indicated. Means of communications and traffi c may suffer on this account. The Jammu and Kashmir is ruled by sign Pisces, so particularly this area may suffer with odd circumstances. USA (White house 38/53/52N & 77/02/11W is ruled by sign Aquarius of Purvabhadra star. The eclipse is falling in the 2nd house at an evil Tara. Hence it will harm the economy of this country. The 2nd house is trine from 10th house and 7th from 8th house. So the ruler of the country may suffer criticism of severe nature. This eclipse is not good to this country. USSR (Moscow 55N45 & 37E37) is ruled by sign Virgo of Hasta star. The eclipse will take place in the 7th house but at a good Tara. It will harm all the matters relating to dealing with other countries and threat of warfare is indicated. This is not good but not too bad for this country. Pakistan (Islamabad 33N42 & 77E10) is ruled by sign Aries of Ashwini star. The eclipse will take place in the 12th house. The star of Mercury are in the group of 9th Tara but being an odd Tara it has killing nature and also Mercury is most malefi c planet for sign Aries. Hence this eclipse is not good to this country. It will harm in many ways. Sri Lanka (Colombo 06N54 & 79E53) is ruled by sign Gemini of Mrigshira star. The event of eclipse will take place over 10th house and also at evil Tara. Hence this will be much harmful to the signifi cance of 10th house of the country. It will harm the party in power, top authority of country and ill health and severe criticism towards ruler is also indicated. We can see the result of it over any country by applying the rules given above. In general way it will harm the countries ruled by sign Pisces and Virgo, such as Lebanon, Gaza, Mexico, Germany, Syria ruled by sign Pisces and Ukraine and Libya are ruled by sign Virgo. But now the sign Pisces is getting a benefi c aspect of its lord Jupiter, so the ill affect will minimize to some extent. Sign Pisces falls in the 8th house, trine from fi ery signs, so the countries ruled by fi ery signs such as Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, Philippines, Japan etc. will also suffer on account of this eclipse. 2. A partial Solar eclipse will occur on October 23, 2014. A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between Earth and the Sun. It is visible in USA, Canada and not visible in India.
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