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Effect of Jupiter's Transit in Cancer Rashi on India  

Marisha Sharma
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As per the various classics of Mundane Astrology, the transit of Jupiter from Cancer rashi is considered inauspicious for the incumbent government or ruler. Interestingly Jupiter gets exalted in the sign Cancer. And the sign Cancer is the seventh house from the zodiacal sign of India which is ‘Makar’ i.e. Capricorn. The Sanskrit stanzas given in the classics like ‘Sheeghra Bodha’ ‘Bhavishya Phala Bhaskara’, ‘Varsha Prabodh’ and ‘Mayur Chitram’ states that the planet Jupiter transitting from Cancer rashi gives poor rainfall , famine and war among the kings. See these given below ‘Slokas from these book with their English translation. कर्के गुरौमहावृष्टिर्देशभंगोमर्घता।। अर्थात- जब र्कक राशि में गुरु आवे तो वर्षा बहुत होवे तथा देश भंग होवे और अन्न महंगा होवे।। Translation: When Jupiter transits from the Cancer rashi it gives more rain, destruction of state/government and the prices of food grains rises. ( Sheeghra Bodha, Page 109, Stanza number 18, Publisher Shri Venkateshwara Press Mumbai) बृहस्पतिर्यदा कर्के स्वल्पं मेघ प्रवर्षति राजभिविग्रहश्चैव दुर्भिक्षं तत्र जायते Translation: When Jupiter transits through Cancer sign there is poor rain, fi ght between kings and famine. (Bhavishaya Phala Bhaskara, Page number 64, Publisher Shri Venkateshwara Press Mumbai) कर्कराशिगतोजीवोयदावक्रीभवेतदा। दुर्भिक्षंजायतेघोरंराजायुद्धतत्पराः।। Translation: When Jupiter goes retrograde in the Cancer sign it brings famine and the kings will fi ght among themselves. (Varsha Prabodh , Page number 126, Publisher Shri Venkateshwara Press Mumbai) We attempt to understand the application of these classical maxims of mundane astrology in the modern context. Before we proceed further, we shall glance through Table 1, which gives the periods whenever Jupiter has transitted in Cancer rashi after independence along with the events that have occurred. We should always remember that transits give result according to the promise in the dasha. Transit of 1954-56 It is documented that since the early 1950’s Naga insurgency had started. National Socialist Council of NagalandIsak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) demanded an independent Nagaland and had carried out several attacks on Indian military installations in the region. The Naga movement strengthened and was on its peak in Saturn/Venus (02/07/1953- 31/08/1956), when the sixth house is active. This movement gained such momentum that it could be quelled only in the early 1980s through a mixture of repression and co-optation. It took 30 years. Transit of 1966 & 1967 The next transit of Jupiter in Cancer rashi, after 12 years, came about in Mercury/ Mercury in the year 1967. It was also the time of elections in February-March 1967. Congress, which till now had never won less than 73 per cent of the seats in Parliament, it lost nearly 60 seats in the Lower House, managing to win 297 seats. It also suffered a major setback as nonCongress ministries were established in Bihar, Kerala, Orissa, Madras, the Punjab and West Bengal. Indira Gandhi was sworn in as the Prime Minister on March 13. Morarji Desai was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister of India and Finance Minister of India. So the second transit of Jupiter, though sees the continuation of the previous prime minister, albeit reelected, it sees a new deputy prime minster. 13 May 1967 also saw a change of President Varahagiri Venkata Giri. The transit of 1967 brought another insurgency into the annals of Indian history. 27 May 1967 marked the beginning of the Naxalite Guerrilla War with a peasant uprising in the town of Naxalbari, this Marxist/Maoist rebellion sputters on in the Indian countryside till date. Transit of 1978-79 Jupiter visits Cancer again between 20 August 1978 and 29 June 1979. The Congress lost the elections for the fi rst time in independent India and Janata Party leader Morarji Desai won 298 seats. However, as the ruling party now, Janata Dal, suffered the consequences of the transit. It split in 1979. Desai lost a trust vote in Parliament and resigned. Charan Singh, who had retained some partners of the Janata alliance, was sworn in as Prime Minister in June 1979. Before, Jupiter moves out of Cancer it saw Indira being jailed for a week for breach of privilege and contempt of parliament on 19th December 1978. Transit of 1990 & 1991 In 1988, a coalition government of the National Front formed the government. V. P. Singh became the 10th prime minister of India holding offi ce from December 2, 1989 to November 10, 1990. He had to resign on losing the vote of trust. He was succeeded by Chandra Shekhar, who in turn too had to resign on March 6, 1991. The 10th Lok Sabha Elections (1991) were a mid-term one as the previous Lok Sabha had been dissolved just 16 months after government formation. A day after the fi rst round of polling took place on May 20, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated by the LTTE. The results threw a Hung Parliament with the Congress emerging as the largest party with 232 seats. On June 21, PV Narasimha Rao of the Congress was sworn in as the Prime Minister, who completed his entire term. He was later been embroiled in controversy regarding his tenure. Transit of 2002 & 2003 The fi fth transit of Jupiter in Cancer was in 2002 and 2003 during the periods 20 July 2002 to 22 September 2002 and again between 22nd February 2003 to 15th May 2003, when the BJP led NDA government was in power. Here, the obvious changes were that on 27 July 2002 Vice President Krishan Kant died of a heart attack. On 12th August, Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was elected vice president. On 25th July 2002, APJ Kalam was installed as President. This was a relatively peaceful transit of Jupiter in Cancer but marked with some historical events such as the announcement of India’s nuclear capability on 1st March 2003, historic announcement of a peace initiative with Pakistan by Vajpayee on 18th April 2003 and on 22nd June 2003 when Vajpayee was in China, India concedes that Tibet is an integral part of China while China agreed to recognize Sikkim's accession to India. Conclusion: 1.There is change in prime minister, deputy prime minister, president or vice president. 2.Negative circumstances can also be there for former prime minister, deputy prime minister, president or vice president. 3.Insurgency movements originating in such transit tend to reign for long, leading to political instability of the affl icted region. 4.The resignations of prime ministers usually come in when Jupiter entered Ashlesha due to the events. 5.Elections held during the transit have a tendency to give rough sail to elected government. 6.Droughts or famines are not occurring in every transit even though the classics repeatedly mention less rain, except for one which mentions more rain. Three out of fi ve transits have experienced drought. This aspect, therefore requires further research and identifi cation of other interlinked factors precipitating these events. 7.Fights, skirmishes, discord with neighbours is India’s birthday gift. Hence, attributing the same to Jupiter’s transit in Cancer would be stretching it beyond reasonable limits. Study of dates of major wars, signifi cant skirmishes, military mobilisation, diplomatic discord events with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Burma, Bangladesh, Bhutan & Afghanistan, countries with whom India shares common boundaries, shows that major events are typically absent during Jupiter’s transit in Cancer. Major events tend to either end 3-4 months before the transit or start 2-3 months after the completion of transit. Although the current year shows the maximum ingress by Chinese into Indian territory & breaking of ceasefi re by Pakistan as well as break down of talks with them, India is still in a peaceful coexistence with all neighbours and in fact, Modi’s policies are promoting development of better ties with all of them. Transit of 2014 & 15 and anticipated events Based on the conclusions above, the following can be expected during the current transit of Jupiter in Cancer (19th June 2014 to 14th July 2015): 1.Change in prime minister does not seem likely unless unforeseen fatality occurs and neither the strongheaded and determined Mr. Narendra Modi is likely to resign as per the trend established by Morarji, V.P. Singh or Chandrashekhar during Jupiter’s transit. But the strong focus of all events during Jupiters' transit in Cancer, on the PM’s post does make one wonder what unforeseen can happen? The safety of muslim-minority issue is still very much a hot topic of debate on TV under PM Modi’s rule while BJP Ministers & VHP leaders are constantly making controversial statements based on religion. Will one of them cost the PM his chair? Will these undercurrents provoke religious violence that it leads to a post-Godhara situation magnifi ed to national scale, which would be beyond PM's control? 2.An appointment of deputy prime minister can occur in this period, although it is not a constitutional post. The president is at a chronological age of 78 years while the vice president Mohammad Hamid Ansari is 76 years old. Although technology has advances tremendously to extend life spans and the average lifespan of past presidents has been 81.7 years, anything can happen due to old age. 3.Negative circumstances have already developed for former controller of the prime minister i.e. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi by her & her family’s implication in court cases. Fingers have also started pointing towards Mr Manmohan Singh and more dirt is likely to come up on the Congress government as a whole. Congress Party is at its lowest point ever due to its performance in the General elections of 2014. It has not been able to even secure the ‘leader of opposition post’ for itself as they couldn’t win the minimum 10% i.e. 54 seats from the 543 members parliament. There couldn’t be more negative a circumstance for all members of Congress including ex-PM. 4.ISIS or ISIL or Islamic State, a Jihadi militant organisation considered even more dangerous & fanatical than Al Qaeda has announced in fi rst week of September 2014 that it will start recruitment & operation in India and it is already alleged that young muslims are entering militancy instigated by ISIS. This movement is entering India in Jupiter’s transit and like the Naga’s & Naxal’s, it can reign for long, leading to troubles in targeted regions in future. The transit still has several months to complete, hence, other radical islamist group(s) can also spring up 5.The States going into election in this period will be Maharashtra (15.10.2014), Haryana (15.10.2014), Jammu & Kashmir (Nov/ Dec 2014), Jharkhand (Nov/Dec 2014) and Bihar. Irrespective, who will get elected in these states, the ruling elected will have a rough sail. In all likelihood, as per the trend of elections in this kind of a transit, the incumbents will be usurped by unprecedented winners & margins of wins. For example- J&K elections in Sep/ Oct 2002, INC voted out after two decades in power. The same fate awaits INC in 2014 election results. 6.During the period 1947-2013, there were 11 drought years. All India Drought Year is when the rainfall defi ciency is more than 10% and when 20 to 40% of the country is under drought conditions, then the year is termed as All India Drought Year. An All India Severe Drought Year is when the rainfall defi ciency is more than 10% and when the spatial coverage of drought is more than 40% it is called as All India Severe Drought Year. 7.The current PM seems to have a better grasp of how India lost its neighbours confi dence during the UPA regime and understands the stealth of our giant neighbour China in consolidating their own position in South East Asia and simultaneously weakening India’s position. This year ought to see several confi dence building activities with various neighbours although the border turmoils in POK as well as Aksai Chin are expected to continue or even escalate. The upcoming transit of Mars in Capricorn (which will occur during Jupiter’s transit in Cancer) will see more military related news, related to skirmishes and perhaps lay the base for a more signifi cant event after the end of transit. The Vimshottari dasha running in the foundation chart of India is of Sun-Ketu till 09 September 2014. Sun is the fourth lord in the third house also shows border disputes with neighboring countries . Chinese army’s incursion in the Laddakh area and the violation of ceasefi re by Pakistan army in the Jammu & Kashmir along with the LOC (Line of actual control) is also creating a diplomatic crisis for the Modi government. Ketu the sub period lord is placed in the seventh house of foreign relations. The delayed monsoon and hoardings by corrupt traders has increased the prices of vegetables and other food grains during the months of June-July this year resulting in higher infl ation. Now Jupiter will remain in Cancer till July 2015 and in the foundation chart of India the Vimshottari dasha of Sun-Venus will be in operation from 09 September 2014 to 10 September 2015. Venus is the lord of sixth house denoting territorial attacks, strikes and labour clashes. In Navamsha Venus is the lord of 8th house in the eleventh house with eleventh lord. In Dashamsha the Venus is in the 8th house in mutual aspect with fi fth lord Moon. So with the improved government policies the infl ation will come down and new jobs will be created but at the same time there will be threat from the neighbouring countries, like China and Pakistan, with respect to border clashes. The monster of terrorism and naxalite violence will also pose a threat during this Sun-Venus period and corresponding transit of Jupiter from Cancer rashi. The honeymoon period of Modi government has already been spoiled and some unforeseen intricacies are in store for them in future.
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