Old and New Horoscopes of Iraq: A Nightmare of Affl iction

Old and New Horoscopes of Iraq: A Nightmare of Affl iction  

Anil Aggarwala
Views : 2538 | October 2014
In the new Chart of Iraq of 28 June 2004 10:26 hrs., Baghdad , there is little respite in the new chart with Leo Lagna and Libra navamsha , since the Dasha of a benefi c Jupiter the 5th and 8th Lord with Antar dasha of Saturn the 6th and the 7th lord started on 9th May 2014 and shall be over by 20-11-2015, since then the country is in the tight grip of the insurgents of Syria, ISIS, funded by Saudi Arabia and other countries. Basically it is a fi ght between the countries supporting Shia and Sunni countries. Placement of Mars Deblitated in the 12th house as lord of 9th and 4th (12th house Terrorist Camps) and as mentioned Mars' placement in the 12th house aspecting the 3rd, 6th and 7th makes the country prone to war like situations. 12th lord Moon placed in the 3rd house in Rahu-Ketu axis and aspected by debilitated Mars is making absolutely clear what is happening in the country. Terrorist plots by foreign elements: Saturn aspecting the Lagna and 8th lord Jupiter are also a crucial factor in the chart. Mars' placement in transit over the 8th lord/navamsha sign of 8th lord aspecting the 8th house of the foundation chart brings untoward happenings. Mars in transit ingressed in Virgo on the 25th March for 111 days and is over the navamsha sign of the 8th Lord Jupiter of the foundation chart and aspecting the 8th house is most vulnerable, when Mars was retrograde, it was aspecting the 8th lord Jupiter by retrograde aspect as well. Mars will also be in Virgo navamsha in transit, the Navamsha sign of the 8th lord Jupiter on the 6th July 2014. It is a matter of chance that 8th Lord in the Old and New Chart of Iraq is Jupiter and in both cases the Navamsha sign is Virgo. Hence between 6th July to 12th July will be most critical when Mars in transit will be Vargottam in Virgo sign and will be over natal navamsha sign of the 8th lord Jupiter. 8th Lord Jupiter in transit will be in Virgo navamsha sign on the 19th July 2014 with Rahu is another crucial date for untoward happenings. The present dasha of Jupiter connected to the 7th house and Saturn the lord of the 7th house will not let the country come out of adversity and the trouble makers till the antardasha of Saturn is over. In the new chart of Iraq Saturn is also aspecting the 8th lord Jupiter from the 11th house and after 18th June transitting Saturn will also aspect transit Jupiter who will be over the natal debilitated Mars. As per this New chart, the country is also running Sadhesati and Saturn is over the natal Moon and Ketu in the 3rd house. Rahu and Ketu are also transitting over Rahu-Ketu. In transit 8th lord Jupiter will also be over natal debilitated Mars. Natal Saturn aspecting 8th lord and then transitting Saturn will also be aspecting transit Jupiter after 18th June. The most crucial factor will be on the 20th June 2014 when both Mars and Saturn will become debilitated in transit in navamsha. In the chart of Iraq under discussion, Saturn is also debilitated in the Navamsha and aspecting the Lagna of the Navamsha and Lagna of the basic chart and Sadhesati, aspecting natal 8th lord Jupiter and transitting Jupiter could be most crucial and instrumental in creating terror to highest dimension. The War like situations will continue long, since even after Saturn's transit in Scorpio on the 2nd Nov. 2014 it will still aspect the Lagna and 8th lord Jupiter. After 14th July, Mars will be over the 12th lord and in the 3rd house over natal Moon, natal Mars will aspect transit Mars, hence till 5th Sept. 2014 aftermath will continue. From the above, it is clear that the crisis is “lifethreatening for Iraq” the very existence is at stake. The ISIS have already captured 5 cities and the oil refi nery and only 60 odd kilometers from Baghdad, hundreds of thousands of Iraqis have been displaced in the nine days of fi ghting and an unknown number killed, while dozens of Indians and Turks have been kidnapped. Baghdad has formally requested Washington to launch air strikes on the advancing militants, but there were no signs of US military action. In Jaimini Char dasha the country is running the dasha of Libra-Cancer till 28-9-2014 and then Libra-Leo till 29-4- 2014. From libra the Dara Karaka Mars debilitated is placed in the 10th house and Cancer sign has debilitated Dara Karak, both Atma Karak and Amatya Karak are placed in the 12th from Rashi dasha Cancer and debilitated DK “The chances of US intervening cannot be ruled out since US is also running the dasha of Mars-Saturn. Now looking at the Chart of the President Barack Obama with Capricorn Lagna and Leo navamsha Saturn is connected to the 7th house and he is running the dasha of Saturn aspecting the 7th and 10th house of karma cannot hold himself but to support Iraq by Air Attacks. US may enter into War like situations in the dasha MarsSaturn starting from 6th March 2014 to 15th April 2015. The fi ght for survival will be long and mass happenings will be there in Iraq.
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