Some Heart Throbbing Predictions

Some Heart Throbbing Predictions  

Anil Aggarwala
Views : 2213 | October 2016
Normally by Mook Prashna an Astrologer can foresee the query in the mind of the querist using Prashna Jyotish. Also a good astrologer is also supposed to know the Planetary positions specially of the slow moving planets, namely Saturn, Jupiter and the nodes. It is also expected from a good astrologer to see the Panchang and the Planetary positions of the day, specially the ones who changed signs or about to change signs, nakshatra or navamsha. Using the above parameters one could even predict the colour of the clothes worn by the querist and the approx. age of the querist. Experience showed that in the present scenario that the queries were mainly from those who were born in the multiple of 9 years of course above 27 years to 30 years approx. and those who had afflicted Jupiter in the chart and queries were for the financial stagnation or marriage from females The reasons of the same are as below: 1. Rahu is Up-Karaka for marriage and after every 9 years approx. Rahu-Ketu come over the same axis in the natal chart, hence those native would put queries who have Ketu in Leo and Rahu in Aquarius in the natal chart and are roughly born between 3rd Feb 1988 to 18th Oct. 1989 and more towards the transit degrees of Saturn or Rahu in transit. It was found this happening in most of the cases related to marriage. Rahu-Ketu complete one Paraya in 18 years 6 months and 9 days and if the query was for marriage they were born in 1988-1989 in most cases and till the periods mentioned above when Rahu and Ketu were in the Aquarius–Leo Axis in the natal chart. The moment the querist said he wanted to consult for his daughter, it could be presumed that the query was for a case of late marriage combinations and the native could also be born in 1985 also since in 1985 Saturn was in Scorpio also and approx. the age of the person for whom the query has been raised is about 30 years. In 1985 also Saturn was in Scorpio with Ketu in such cases influencing the marriage parameters and houses of marriage and in transit Saturn aspecting Rahu in Leo, If native was born between 1988-1989 the RahuKetu axis was connected to the marriage house parameters and specially in the 1/7 axis of the natal chart or with Karaka for marriage Venus. Hence the age of the querist for whom the query is raised could be told roughly as above 1985 or 1988-1989 born, As a good astrologer, if one remembers the transit of Rahu-Ketu and Saturn degrees and the same degrees approx. in the year 1985 and in 1988 approx. then the native's month of birth could also be found, since then the transit Rahu-Ketu degrees will be almost on the natal Rahu-Ketu degrees. As far as Saturn was concerned, it was more so with the navamsha sign also apart from the natal Saturn in Scorpio. Amazingly then one could reach almost the month and the year of the querist. 2. Jupiter is Karaka for spouse and finances. In transit Jupiter was afflicted in stationary position on the 9th Jan. 2016 by Rahu and aspects of Saturn forming a worst Guru Chandal Yoga in transit. 3. When Mars and Saturn were in conjunction in Scorpio after 20th Feb. 2016 in transit and again when Mars re-entered Scorpio on the the 12th July 2016 and if the query was of career, the native was wearing red shirt and dark blue jeans and the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in the 10th or the 11th house of the Prashna chart. In number of cases, it was observed and could also predict the colour of the clothes worn by the querist. Some examples to explain the above findings : Case 1. One query on the 18th August 2016 at 19-10 hrs. New Delhi indicated a disease Prashna and Moon was in the Lagna at 4.13 degrees and the querist was wearing white shirt with blue lines prominent and dark blue pants, White is significator of Moon and Blue Venus and Saturn Dark Blue. Moon is the 6th Lord of the Chart in the Lagna aspecting 7th house along with Saturn from the 10th house, Venus aspecting the Lagna from where the 7th house of disease sprouting. Moon is in the 1st Dreshkan and hence the disease is in the head to neck. Since the native is wearing white shirt, in the Upper Portion, the disease is in the Upper portion of the body has blue lines indicated by Venus and since upper portion Venus commands Taurus sign, the disease is on the face, Lagna is in the 2nd navamsha, from head to neck we have 3 navamsha and since 4.13 degrees the disease is on the Forehead and Face and since the expired portion of the lagna is very little out of the house of 30 degrees, the disease has just sprouted and since the portion which has to be transitted by Moon in the Lagna is very little the disease is on the right hand side of the querist's face and forehead. Querist was also told that since Moon and Ketu are placed in the Lagna, the disease is a complicated one and the diagnosis of the doctor will not be correct in the first visit. The querist confirmed the same that the doctor was unable to clearly pinpoint the disease. The ailing person had blisters on the right hand side of the forehead and around the right eye. Astrologically speaking, any planet which has just ingressed in the 7th house from the 6th house could be responsible for the disease and so long it continues to be in the 7th house the native suffers for that period, if such Planet when ingresses in the 8th house and also becomes debilitated then it is worse. Sun ingressed in Leo, the 7th house on the 16th August 2016 evening hours therefore indicated heat and since the 6th house was aspected by Dhoom aprakashit planet by 8th aspect, the disease could be Odema a disease of the nerves. Aprakashit Graha plays a vital role in the query regarding disease, hence the disease was Odema with Itching and heat. Amazingly the doctor concluded on the third visit that it was Odema with itches and Heat (Herpes -1) 18th August 2016, 19:10 hrs, New Delhi Case 2. When a number of clients approached for predictions, one could give them vital information about them before they could give their queries just by remembering the Panchang of the day and the Planets acquiring a special dimension at the the time of the call. The querist was amazed that the colour of the clothes, approx. age and the query could be told to the prospective querist in just 2 minutes. In this case as per predictions the girl was wearing pink blouse and black Jeans and she was 1988 born and Mars and Saturn were in the Lagna with Scorpio sign asking about her Marriage. Case 3. Querist informed that he was wearing red shirt facing West and was 1965 born and his query was for career, latter upon opening the Prashna chart it was found that Mars and Saturn were in the 8th house and Aries Lagna rising in the Prashna and the native had lost his job which was told to him. The querist was amazed and confirmed all what was told to him. Case 4 Native called and as per the planetary positions the querist was informed that he is born in 1982 and was wearing red shirt and dark blue Jeans and query was for Financial stagnation in buisness, since Mars and Saturn in the 11th house of the chart, the querist was amazed at the facts told to him. Later it was found that he also had Mars and Saturn Connection in his chart in trik Bhavas Hence from the above it is clear that the state of the querist is utmost important and if we take the vital parameters in Prashna then we could conclude much better. Case 5. query from a Girl 1st April 2015, 15:04 hrs, New Delhi After having a look at the Prashna chart one could give the Following Predictions : • The querist has come with a half mind to the astrologer since Moon is in Lagna and the Mother has lots of influence on the querist. • Lagna Lord Sun in the 8th house, hence the native is going through 8 type of deaths in life, but since in a Friendly sign, it will not be bad for her personally but the immediate query is for Father and Mother. The Native approached 3 days before the Eclipse on the 4th April 2015 and since Sun was also totally eclipsed by Ketu in the 8th house, the querist was asked what happened to your Father on the 5th Oct. 2014. ? Since the previous eclipse had taken place on the 8th Oct 2014 and substracting the 3 days as above the 5th Oct. 2014. The querist was amazed and confirmed the date and informed that it was a fatal day for her Father who expired on that day. As per the Planetary positions it was told to her that the reason for the death of father was her elder brother since the 11th lord Mercury and Mars were in the 8th house. After having a look at the birth chart of the girl, Sun the Karaka for father was in Virgo in the 2nd House at 18.52 degrees and in the prashna chart in Pieces at 17.16 degrees in Rahu-Ketu axis. The querist was amazed at the predictions and reaching the exact day of the fatal happenings. From the above we can conclude that vital information can be found out by an Astrologer if we look for the following parameters before we give predictions to the prospective querists: • Analysis by the direction faced by the querist at the time of query to find the Arudha Lagna. • Analysis by Naisargik and Tatkalika chakra for the results by the Direction. • By the first letter of the word using the Tatwa Theory. • By the colour of the clothes. • By the body parts touched by the querist at the time of query. • By the planets acquiring a special dimension in transit on the specific day. • Keeping in mind the placement and degrees of the slow moving planets Jupiter, nodes and Saturn and looking back when such similar combinations were there before. • By Shakuns and Omens. • By the 6 Rashis-Uday, Lagna, Arudha Lagna, Chaitra Rashi, Spristanga Rashi and the Janma Rashi. Astrology is Most amazing and if applied, it opens all the secrets of life of the querist or any event for that purpose.
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