Kua Number & Its Significance

Kua Number & Its Significance  

Manoj Kumar
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I f you look at the Kua Number carefully, you will notice that there are meanings attached to each of the favourable and unfavourable direction. For a Kua Number 7 person, NW is his prosperity direction, SW is health and so on. If you are aspiring for more money, for a promotion or better business, then you should try to face the Sheng Chi (Living Chi) or Prosperity direction. If your health is not so great, then try the Tian Yi (Heavenly Doctor) or Health direction. If your social life is in a doldrum or you lack good people interaction skills, you should try to face your Nian Yen or Relationship direction. Finally if you have everything that you need and just want a peaceful, uneventful life, then try the Fu Wei or Stability direction. In the Eight Mansions system, the house also has a Kua Number which is determined by the sitting direction of the house. There are favourable and unfavourable sectors. For maximum effect with the Eight Mansions system, you should not just face your favourable directions but also locate yourself in a favourable sector. In Flying Star Feng Shui, energy groups split into two main directions, East and West. Your Kua Number determines which directions are the most auspicious for you. Once you determine your Kua Number, you can discover the best directions in which to face when sleeping, for your career, your relationships, b u s i n e s s dealings and practically any other situation that arises in your life. Methods to Calculate Kua Number Depending on the method of calculation you use, your number may vary a bit. Here are two methods on how to calculate a Kua Number: 1. Add the last two digits of your birth year together - For example, if you were born in 1974, you would add 7+4=11. 2. If the above number has two digits, add those together - Using the above example: 7+4=11 then, 1+1=2. 3. If you are female, add five to the number in step two. 4. If you are male, subtract the number in step two from 10. · For females, using the above example, the math looks like this: - 7+4=11 - 1+1=2 - 2+5=7 - The Number 7 is the Kua Number. · For males, using the above example, the math looks like this: - 7+4 =11 - 1+1 =2 - 10-2 =8 - Number 8 is the Kua Number because you don’t have to deal with negatives. Alternative Method : 1. Add the numbers of your birth year together - So if you were born in 1974 then you would add 1+9+7+4=21 2. Add the two digits from step one together - If it’s just one digit, skip this step. 3. For females, divide the number in step one by 9 - So, the math would be 21/9=2 remainder 3. 4. Add four to the remainder - So, 3+4=7. Number 7 is the Kua Number. 5. For males, divide by 9, then take the remainder and subtract it from the number 11 - Using the example above: 21/9=2 remainder 3. 11- 3=8. Number 8 is the Kua Number. Eight Sectors You can use your best directions in specific areas of your life. For example, if your Kua Number is 9 and you’re studying for an exam, look for the direction that coincides with your Fu Wei. In this case, you will need to try to face South. Sheng Chi: This is for overall success. Tian Yi: This is for the health of the mind and body. Nien Yan: This is for success in relationships, especially of the romantic variety. Fu Wei: This energy promotes personal growth and intelligence. Jueh Ming: Energy that brings tragic hardships-it influences jobs, relationships, health and more. Wu Gui: This one tends to bring on quarrels and false hope. Liu Shar: This wreaks havoc on relationships of all kinds. Huo Hai: This energy is one of complete failure across the board. Auspicious Directions According to Kua Here is a quick breakdown of the auspicious directions according to your Kua: East Groups (Number 1, 3, 4 & 9) The following numbers fall into the East groups: K’an—Number 1 Auspiicous Directions : ® Sheng Chi: Southeast ® Tian Yi: East ® Nien Yan: South ® Fu Wei: North Inauspicious Directions : ®Jueh Ming: Southwest ®Wu Gui: Northeast ®Liu Shar: Northwest ®Huo Hai: West Best Colours - Black and Dark Blue. Chen-Number 3 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: South ®Tian Yi: North ®Nien Yan: Southeast ®Fu Wei: East Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: West ®Wu Gui: Northwest ®Liu Shar: Northeast ®Huo Hai: Southwest Best Colour - Green Xun-Number 4 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: North ®Tian Yi: South ®Nien Yan: East ®Fu Wei: Southeast Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: Northeast ®Wu Gui: Southwest ®Liu Shar: West ®Huo Hai: Northwest Best Colour - Dark Green Li-Number 9 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: East ®Tian Yi: Southeast ®Nien Yan: North ®Fu Wei: South Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: Northwest ®Wu Gui: West ®Liu Shar: Southwest ®Huo Hai: Northeast Best Colours - Red and Purple. West Groups (Number 2, 5, 6, 7, 8) The following Kua Numbers fall into the West group: K’un-Number 2 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: Northeast ®Tian Yi: West ®Nien Yan: Northwest ®Fu Wei: Southwest Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: North ®Wu Gui: Southeast ®Liu Shar: South ®Huo Hai: East Best Colours : Brown, Yellow and Tan. Centre-Number 5 Fives often find the most success in life, love, and work while facing Northeast, West, Northwest, and Southwest (for males) and Southwest, Northwest, West, and Northeast for females. Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: Northeast (male)/Southwest (female) ®Tian Yi: West (male)/Northwest (female) ®Nien Yan: Northwest (male)/West (female) ®Fu Wei: Southwest (male)/Northeast (female) Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: North (male)/Southeast (female) ®Wu Gui: Southeast (male)/North (female) ®Liu Shar: South (male)/East (female) ®Huo Hai: East (male)/Southwest (female) Best Colours : Beige and Yellow. Qian-Number 6 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: West ®Tian Yi: Northeast ®Nien Yan: Southwest ®Fu Wei: Northwest Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: South ®Wu Gui: East ®Liu Shar: North ®Huo Hai: Southeast Best Colours : Gold, Silver, White and Bronze. Tui-Number 7 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: Northwest ®Tian Yi: Southwest ®Nien Yan: Northeast ®Fu Wei: West Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: East ®Wu Gui: South ®Liu Shar: Southeast ®Huo Hai: North Best Colours : Gold, Silver, White and Bronze. Gen-Number 8 Auspicious Directions ®Sheng Chi: Southwest ®Tian Yi: Northwest ®Nien Yan: West ®Fu Wei: Northeast Inauspicious Directions ®Jueh Ming: Southeast ®Wu Gui: North ®Liu Shar: East ®Huo Hai: South Best Colours : Brown, Yellow or Tan. Lucky Numbers Picking lucky numbers isn’t something you do at random when using Feng Shui principles. There are certain numbers in Feng Shui that are considered to be auspicious or bringers of good luck and fortune. By the same token there are inauspicious numbers that are avoided whenever possible or at the least the influence and power they have is minimized or circumvented. It’s one thing to know your Kua Number but quite another to know how to use it. This number will attract certain energies to you. You can optimize these energies or forces by enhancing your Kua Number. To do this, you need to understand the powerful force of your Kua Number. If your Kua Number is 7, then you should use this number whenever possible. For example, if you’re in the market for a new home, consider only those homes that have seven in the address. An address of 700 or 707 is good, but a 777 would be ideal. If you’re purchasing a lottery ticket, instead of buying just one ticket purchase seven at one time. When selecting a phone number, go with one that has several sevens. If you’re purchasing a computer, look at the serial number and select the one that has the most sevens. These are just a few of the ways you can use your Kua Number to your advantage. Lucky Auspicious Numbers There are certain numbers that are considered auspicious. Two of the most auspicious numbers are eight and nine. Two is also considered very lucky. You can use these numbers to your benefit especially if you use them with your Kua Number. For example, you may decide to purchase a home with the numbers 787 or 987 in the address. In Feng Shui, two is very lucky, especially when it comes to personal relationships and wealth. Whenever the Chinese give gifts, they do so in multiples. Two is the least multiple used. Always double whatever gift you give. If you normally give a child three gifts for a birthday, then give her six to increase luck. How to Maximize Auspicious Numbers There are other ways you can maximize auspicious numbers. You can combine numbers with other lucky symbols. The double happiness symbol can be combined with an infinity symbol, known as the mystic knot. This knot is always created by using a series of six infinity knots tied together. If you use these two symbols together along with your Kua Number, then you create a very powerful symbol that is embodied by lucky numbers. Inauspicious Numbers: The Cure You’ve gone house hunting and found your dream home, but the house number is 444. Don’t panic. It may seem that you are doomed to miss out on the perfect home for you and your family. There is an easyFeng Shui cure for this malady. All you need to do is change out your house number sign. It sounds too simple, but it should be with all things Feng Shui. All you need to do in order to neutralize the negative effects of the dreaded number four is to encircle the number. That’s all. Once the 444 has a nice circle around it, enclosing all of the numbers, you can move into your home confident that the negative energies usually drawn and associated with the number four is stopped dead in their tracks, to add a pun.
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