A Tale of Karmic Numbers

A Tale of Karmic Numbers  

Manoj Kumar
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The numbers that indicate a Karmic Debt are 11/2, 19/1, 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 & 22/4 and are called Karmic Numbers. These numbers take on great significance when they are found in the Core Numbers i.e. the most important numbers like Talent Number, Destiny Number, Heart Number, Personality Number, or in the Challenges, Pinnacles, Event Numbers, Personal Years or Birth Force Periods during the course of our life time. Each has its own unique characteristics and its own particular difficulties.

A Karmic Number can be found in different places in the chart, as a result of totals based on date of birth or calculations based on the letters of name. Karmic numbers are those numbers which manifest in our present life due to the negative Karmas accumulated in our past existences. The role of numbers are quite evident from cradle to grave. Numbers are very significant in our lives. In numerology some numbers have very positive vibrations while the others are not so harmonious to an individual.

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Some group of numbers play quite significant role in one's success and prosperity in life while the other group of numbers always pose obstacles and hindrance throughout the life and make every endeavour result in failure whenever they manifest. It has been observed that whenever Karmic Numbers appear as Talent Number, Destiny Number, Heart Number, Event Number and Pinnacle or as any other number, the native has to undergo immense mental agony, torture, physical ailment, divorce, childlessness, failure etc. In any sense the native has to suffer somehow or the other.

There is no continuity and regular peace in life. Controversy and disputes or unnecessary allegations become order of the day. In this present article we are taking into account some high profile and burning cases and analyzing them from the perspective of numerology. In the recent past we have come across several heinous acts of crime or accidents like Sheena Bora, Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, Aarushi Talwar, Manisha Makhija and Princess Diana etc.

These are all very controversial and world famous incidents which took place in India and abroad. We are hereby specially presenting the high profile case of Sheena Bora in which a media tycoon Indrani Mukherjea who is said to be Sheena's mother is involved in the murder of her own daughter along with her ex-husband Sanjeev Khanna. Sheena was murdered by her own mother Indrani Mukherjea on the fateful day of April 24, 2012.

Let us examine & analyse why such an incident took place from the perspective of numerology. 11/2 7 = 9 Heart Number 55 1 6 1 Sheena Bora = (7+9) - 9 = 7 Personality 185551 2691 25/7 18/9 = 16/7 Destiny Frequency 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 3 1 0 0 3 1 0 1 1 Special Frequency - 5 (3 times) Planes Pinnacles Challenges P - 4 I - 4 (0-32) I – 0 M - 3 II - 9 (32-41) II – 5 E - 2 III - 13/4 (41-50) III – 5 I - 1 IV - 9 (50 —) IV – 5 Pinnacles 9 13/4 4 9 Feb. 11, 1987 2 11/2 25/7 = 11/2 Talent 0 5 Challenges 5 5 Outstanding Challenges = 5 I Pinnacle = 36 - Talent Number = 36-2 = 34 Years Personal Year in 2008 = Feb. 11, 2008 =2+11/2+10/1 =5 Age in 2008 = 2008 – 1987 = 21 Years Current Year in 2008 = 2 + 0 + 0 + 8 = 10/1 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Age 21 22 23 24 25 26 I Name N N N N A S II Name O O O O O O E.No. 11 2 11 2 11 2 11 2 7 7 P.Y. 5 6 7 8 9 1 C.Y. 1 2 3 4 5 6 B.F.P. 2 2 2 2 2 11/2 Pinnacle 4 4 4 4 4 4 Ultimate Number = 9 Birth Number = 11/2 Name Number = 7 Habit Number = 10/1 First Letter of the Name (S) = 1 First Vowel of the Name (E) = 5 Sometimes, relation becomes so complex that it is quite difficult to explain. Indrani's relationship with her kids Sheena and Michael as well as many of her husbands are unique in human history.

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It is never imagined that under any circumstances any mother can take the life of own kids. But this case is quite amazing because, for the sheer enjoyment of material pleasure and worldly comforts Indrani since her early childhood took drastic steps and ultimately reached at the zenith of success and began to be recognized and respected as a media tycoon in page 3 society. Sheena, her own daughter was a thorn in her crown of success as the story is gaining momentum that she was blackmailing her mother that she would disclose all the secrets before Peter and the world as she was not actually her sister but her daughter and many other things. Indrani, in order to keep her image intact before the world and maintain her supremacy as a media tycoon she committed the heinous crime and eliminated Sheena from her way.

The crime was committed so intelligently that no one could know about it for three years. Even the police closed the file and assumed something else. But it is also said that law takes its own course but some day or the other the culprit is caught. Besides that it is also said that destiny manifests itself. Unless and until your destiny is with you and luck favours you, all your acts are praiseworthy and even if you commit crimes you remain unnoticed and innocent in the eyes of law. But no sooner did your bad karmas begin to manifest you are held responsible for even those acts which you have not committed.

It appears that the bad time of Indrani has begun and as a result she confessed that she has committed the murder of her own daughter Sheena. Let us now analyse the chart of Sheena and try to find out why she met with such a tragic end. It has been explained earliar that the Karmic Numbers if appear at important places in the numerological chart, it gives perennial problems from cradle to grave. In Sheena's chart unfortunately all the important numbers are Karmic Numbers. Her Talent Number is 11/2 which is a Karmic Number, her Destiny Number is 16/7 which is again a highly Karmic Number, besides that her Birth Number and Event Number from 2008 to 2011/12 were 11/2 again. 11/2 is considered to be a Master as well as Karmic Number. It is a number when not focussed on some goal beyond itself, can be turned inward to create fears and phobias. Number 11 walks the edge between greatness and self destruction. It gives a warning of hidden dangers, trial and treachery by others. This number appeared time and again in Sheena's chart and beyond any iota of doubt it played its role as per its qualification and Sheena ultimately fell prey to it.

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Her Destiny Number 16/7 is again a Karmic Number and it also played its role in a unique way. It has been experienced that whenever this number appears as a Talent Number or Destiny Number or Event Number it paves the way for illicit relationship beyond social recognition. Sheena was no exception to this rule. She also developed a relationship with her own step brother and had been in live-in relationship for a long time. This was also haunting her mother Indrani and she was very much disturbed with this relationship. Whatever may be the reason but the truth is that she is no more and she is murdered by her own mother. Such are the importance of numbers in our lives. If they are in harmony, nothing is unfathomable in the world but if they are contradictory or opposite then you are forced to end in failure in every sphere of life.

Let us illustrate the same phenomenon with some other similer examples:

1- Aarushi Talwar Murder Case

2- Princess Diana 3- Sunanda Pushkar Case

4- Manisha Makhija Case of the brutal murder of Aarushi Talwar is also a unique one.

In this case also the needle of suspicion is towards her parents Rajesh Talwar and Nupur Talwar and both are behind the bars for the same. But there is no conclusive result of the investigation.

Let us Examine the chart of Aarushi : Aarushi's Talent Number is 16/7, Heart Number is 16/7, She was murdered on May 16, 2008, the day is again 16/7 and the total is 22/4. All these numbers are highly Karmic Numbers. Not only this but she was under the influence of Pinnacle 11/2 at the time of murder which was running since her birth. Number 16/7 is the manifestation of negative 1 i.e.

selfishness and egotism and negative 6 i.e. illicit love affair in the form of negative 7 in present life. Indifferent attitude and introvert nature alienate the people from the mass. When 16/7 is one of the Core numbers the process of distraction and rebirth is a continual cycle. Aarushi was murdered under mysterious circumstances with her servant Hemraj. The mystery of her death is still unresolved. Her Talent Number is a highly Karmic Number 16/7. Her Pinnacle was 11/2 since birth, again a highly Karmic Number endowed with very high sensitivity and emotions coupled with the support of Birth Force Period 5.

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No doubt these numbers played their part and paved the way for her untimely and sad demise. The Talent Number of Princess Diana is 7+1+17/8 = 16/7, a highly Karmic Number. The entire world knows about her controversial love affairs and her recurring disputes and infighting with her husband Prince Charles which ultimately resulted in separation and divorce. Later on she developed love relationship with Dodi Fayed and met an accident while travelling with him at pont de I'Alma in Paris, France in which both of them died. As a result of her Karmic Talent Number 16/7, she always invited rumours about her illicit relationships throughout her life whether it be her stableman or someone else. Such are the devastating effects of the Karmic Numbers. It has been observed that whenever the Karmic Numbers appear as a Core Number at any point in life it causes great hurdles, obstacles and disturbances in life. It is another high profile case where Sunanda Pushkar Tharoor, wife of Shashi Tharoor lost her life under mysterious circumstances.

Sunanda was considered as the life of page 3 parties. It was her 3rd marriage with Shashi Tharoor in 2011. Sunanda got 11/2 as Talent Number as well as Destiny Number. Her Heart Number was 13/4. It is very rightly said that if anyone gets one Karmic Number in the form of Talent Number or Destiny Number, it is enough to destroy the life but in Sunanda's case all the Core Numbers are Karmic Numbers. Due to the manifestation of these numbers she did not settle in married life and her relationship keep on changing.

After the two broken marriages she entered into matrimonial allince for the third time with Shashi Tharoor. Her third marriage was also not the bed of roses but the couple had frequent fights on trivial matters. Even on the day of her death the Karmic Number did not leave her and January 17, 2014 also totals 16/7. This case is subjudiced under the purview of judiciary but it is alleged that she fell prey to the love triangle of Shashi Tharoor, Mehar Tarar and herself. Whatever may be the reason but it is certain that the Karmic Numbers played their part in her life and as a result she has to undergo immense agony throughout her life and ultimately died under mysterious circumstances. Entire globe remained awestruck after hearing the brutal murder of Jyoti, wife of a business tycoon of Kanpur.

Jyoti was murdered brutally on the behest of her husband Piyush in which his girlfriend Manisha Makhija, the daughter of other business tycoon of Kanpur was also involved. This was the outcome of illicit love affair between Manisha and Piyush in which innocent Jyoti lost her life. It would have been better if we had the birth details of these three. But, we could only get the correct birth details of Manisha, so analysis is just confined to her. If we glance at the chart of Manisha Makhija, we find that at every prime position, the numbers are either Karmic or contradictory/revolutionary.

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Her Talent Number is 13/4 which is a highly Karmic Number. The people having 13/4 as Talent Number have to work very hard to accomplish any task but with poor results. Obstacles stand in their way and they often feel burdened and frustrated by seeming futility of their efforts. These people adopt short cuts for quick success and result which generally end in transcendent failure. Manisha also tried very hard to succeed in her love affair with Piyush and did not even hesitate to take resort to short cut methods to eliminate Jyoti with the help of Piyush. Her Destiny Number is 19/1 which is also a Karmic Number.

Number 19 is the combination of selfishness and proud of 1 and misuse of ability and much ambition. Her running pinnacle is 16/7 till 2018 which is again a highly Karmic Number. Number 16/7 is the manifestation of negative 1 and 6 compounding in 7 to propel illicit love affair leading sometimes to adultery and humiliation in society. Her Heart Number is 22/4 made up of 11+11=22. Both 11 and 22 are highly emotional, sensitive, vulnerable and extreme Karmic Numbers. Their manifestation as Heart Number most often result in failure of love affairs and in the process some wrong doing resulting in humiliation in family and society on one hand and if channelized properly to work for others, society and downtrodden to ameliorate the living condition of different strata of society, they give honour and recognition.

It means that if a person strives to take up selfless service of mankind then these numbers are rewarding otherwise these numbers are meant to punish the individuals in the worst possible manner. Besides, her Name Number 11/2, Ultimate Number, Birth Number 5, Birth force period 5, Habit Number 14/5 all are negative numbers which poisoned Manisha's mind and she did not even hesitate to stoop to commit even such a heinous act like getting herself involved in brutal murder of an innocent girl.

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