Astrological Combination for Brother/sister

Astrological Combination for Brother/sister  

C.L. Asthana
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For instilling confidence of public in general in astrology and astrologers, certain principles described in the classics and ancient texts of astrology should be aptly kept in mind while describing any aspect of human life; specially about siblings. The prediction attains accuracy when dictums of classical text and learned scholar's analysis are taken cognisance of after a thorough research. This enhances the respect and goodwill of the people for astrology and astrologers. 

Thumb Rules for Siblings 

1.Third house is considered for younger siblings whereas eleventh house is explored for the elder siblings. Third house lord in eleventh house or vice-versa indicates that the native is either the youngest in the family or the eldest. 

2.In most of the cases if Rahu is posited in third house then the native is eldest in his sex. However, Rahu in eleventh makes him eldest in the family. 

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3.Elder sibling is denoted by Jupiter whereas the younger sibling is devoted by Mars. 
4.Rahu or Jupiter, if posited in the eleventh house, the native may be either the youngest or the eldest. 
5.If relationship of either Jupiter or Mars by position, conjunction or aspect is there in the horoscope with the third house, Native enjoys siblings. 
6.If in the same manner, if benefic planets are related with third house in any manner, probability of siblings will be very high. 
7.If either Mars or 3rd lord makes a relationship with the third house, it promises siblings. Mars denotes younger siblings while Jupiter denotes elder siblings. 
8.If male planets (Sun, Jupiter, Mars) are posited in the third house or there is aspect of these planets on the third house, there may be siblings to the Native in all probability. 
9.If the third house lord is in the lagna (Ascendant) being exalted whereas Venus is in 3rd aspected by Mars; Mars in turn aspected by Jupiter; give siblings to the native. 
10.Ketu in the eleventh aspected by Mars and Saturn makes the native the eldest one. 
11.Ketu and Mars in eleventh aspected by Saturn give the native two elder sisters. 
12.Ketu's association with Saturn in the eleventh house by position or aspect makes the native the eldest. 13.Association of Jupiter and Ketu in eleventh house aspected by Saturn or Venus, Mercury in the third being the lord of eleventh aspected by either Moon or Sun, indicate that the eldest of the siblings will be a sister. 14.Mars being the natural Karaka (significator) of the third house, if relates itself to the concerned house by conjunction or aspect, there is a sibling in the family. 

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15.If the Dasa lord, Antardasa lord or Pratantyar Dasa lord makes a relationship with the third lord, this period gives siblings to the native. 
16.If in any manner Jupiter and Saturn are related by conjunction or aspect, this promises siblings also. 
17.If in the D-3 chart (Dreshkan), either the third house or its lord are influenced by Sun, Mars, Rahu, Mercury and Jupiter then a brother will be born and the influence of Moon, Venus and Ketu gives a sister. 
18.Elder sibling's Mahadasa of male planet promises a brother, however elder sibling's mahadasa of a female planet gives. 
19.If Saturn as third house lord sister is related to lagna by aspect or conjunction and aspects 5th lord Mars/Jupiter, it signifies the birth of a sibling. 
20.If exalted Jupiter and Mars are in the angles and related to each other, then a sibling might be born. 21.The native has five siblings if the third lord is related with Jupiter and third house is aspected by exalted Saturn. 
22.If the third lord Jupiter is posited in the Kendras being exalted, then two issues are promised after the native. However, debilitated Jupiter would give only one issue. Exalted Mars in angle here makes the native the youngest. 
23.Ketu in the third indicates first sibling to be a female one. The second house tenanted by lagna lord, third lord and eleventh lord makes the native the eldest one. 
24.The eleventh lord in the sixth is not good for the elder sibling. 
25.If the lagna lord being debilitated, tenants the eleventh house whose dispositor is retrograde and aspected by Mars, then the sibling dies. 
26.If the Jupiter is posited in eleventh house and in horoscope there is conjunction of eleventh lord and lagna lord, then the native is the eldest one. 

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27.If the eleventh lord is in the sixth house in the rasi chart as well as Dreskana chart, it indicates the native to be the eldest. 
28.If the Mars aspects either the eleventh house or its lord, the native is the eldest one. 
29.Rahu in the tenth house provides a brother and in the fourth gives a sister. 
30.If in the transit Saturn/Jupiter or Mars make a relationship with third house or its lord, this period may facilitate the birth of a sibling. 
31.If Ketu aspects eleventh house or its lord, the native might be the youngest one. 
32.Jupiter aspects the third house from the eleventh, third lord is in third, fifth or seventh house, Mars in eighth with nodes, show that only one sibling remains alive.

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