Myths about Tarot Cards

Myths about Tarot Cards  

Himani Jolly
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Now you will ask how it is related to tarot cards, so answer is; The nature knows it all, tarot just simply comprehends it infuses person's energy and reads it to a perfect delicacy and whenever we open cards for any question, we think that tarot cards are answering but the fact is our answer comes from the “Nature” and from that particular energy which we are carrying with us, Tarot cards are enriched, straight and clear without wobbles. When it is talked about the nature and energy few of friends think that this subject is based on intuitions and on so called spiritual powers.

Here it is essential to explain that without education there is nothing which can give us always correct answers, if anyone claims that he has some supernatural powers then they are blessed with the divine God and we are sure about a limit of it or rest of them are busy in throwing “Flukes”, some flukes goes bounce and some on targets. If you compute wisdom with supernatural powers and promises you are getting duped. Tarot reading is pure edification, its extrusive calculations through analysis and no intuitions or supernatural syndrome can make it dross.

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Supernatural powers are deceptive and often charter denounces such delusions. For all education lover friends, it would be wise to explain that we have a methodology that encompasses calculation of exact time calculation from tarot cards. We can takeout proper dates and years for the every event. There is a very accurate formula for time calculation and it is always very helpful. Another very articulate myth about tarot is that it’s based on intuition and is non remedial.

However, it’s completely preposterous and absurd. Each tarot card has a definitive planetary relationship and there is a certain formula to ascertain the fragmented planets and its restoration operands. Astrology is a very advance science to detect planetary combinations and its postulating impact on our lives. Horoscope is a reflection of auspicious and inauspicious swings gravitating around us. Now, can tarot also foresee such planetary swings!! Yes is the answer, like.

It was said earlier each card of the tarot deck has a planetary bond so we can scoop out whether a person is under planetary conspiracies of kalsarp/mangal/petrak/matrak/grahan doshas to name a few. The most amazing part you don't even need to recollect your date, place and time of birth which becomes cumbersome if you have gashed your medical records as in case of astrology. While a tarot reading session your name is pretty enough. Lot of people often says tarot has its own satanic repercussions. You might choke your own happy life , your health goes for a ride, marriage problems, finances crash but believe nothing of it envisages .

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The benign grace of the almighty is far ahead of such doltish metaphors. Ultimately if anything parasitic is beckoned it would happen with or without these phenomenal 78 cards Midas touch.

Have you ever hired a mortar in a completely alien land, have you ever meandered on empty streets with some tourist guide's help? Well then this is it!! Welcome to the world of tarot where you can not only hop about those streets but also channelize a completely different atlas a place that you wish to dock in. Miracles happen but to virtue them each time is hoping against hope. Things can go despicably wrong sitting and thinking the world would turn around one day. So let’s evangelize ourselves because we can nurture you achieve your goals and without struggles, eventually you are your greatest counselor.

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