Mundane Astrology

Mundane Astrology  

S.R. Swamy
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After discussing the position of planets in 9th and 10th house in our previous issue we shall look forward to 11th and 12th house and the position of planets and their effects. Eleventh House The eleventh house has a special reference to parliament, the house of commons, parliamentary debates, legislation and to members of the house. When a malefic is placed, troubles can be seen in the parliament or illness or death may occur to leading parliamentarians. Planets in the Eleventh house   Sun : Sun placed in eleventh house shows a dignified attitude, beneficial legislation, mostly affecting imperial interests and success in the work of parliament. If afflicted it will bring indisposition and the deaths of members and troubles in parliament.  Moon : Moon in eleventh house will not carry any importance in regular course, but if afflicted may show changes in the cabinet, disagreement among members, also sickness may cause to some of the leading lady parliamentarians.  MARS : Mars in the eleventh house will bring much trouble and irritation in parliamentary circles. Also it may cause illness or death to the members. Disputes and party splits may take place on account of matters concerning military, arms and ammunitions, war etc. if mars is well aspected by the Sun it shows beneficial alterations in regard to the army and Navy and improvement in the national services.  MERCURY : Mercury in eleventh house if well aspected shows an active and busy time in parliament. Legislation affecting trade commerce and education. But if badly aspected it shows embittered discussions, personal recriminations, arguments and disputes.  Jupiter : Jupiter in eleventh house is always favourable it may influence on good democratic legislation, and improvement in trade, commerce and financial affairs. If afflicted if will bring religious and financial disputes, depreciation of Government securities and the Government may come under acute financial crisis.   VENUS : Venus in the eleventh house is favourable for legislation, but it may affect lady parliamentarians on account of their personal affairs. Some of the affairs may become public leading to marriage of public personalities, if afflicted it will show bereavements to members, unpleasant episodes and debates, also may create scandals in parliamentary circles.  SATURN : Saturn in the eleventh house is not a favourable placement unless it is well aspected by benefics. It brings many difficulties in the affairs of the country illness and death among members. Party splits or change in ministry can also be anticipated. If badly afflicted, adverse conditions can be seen in the Government, which may even lead to the fall of ministry. Twelfth House The twelfth house has a special signification concerning prisons, hospitals, asylums, reformatories, charitable institutions, crime, criminals, spies, secret agents and foes. If malefics are occupying this house or if the house is very much afflicted than there will be increase in crime, burglaries and murders. The amount of trouble is directly related to the amount of affliction. If the benefics are occupying this house, or the house is Unaffected and fully under the influence of benefic planets, then there will be benefits to the hospitals and institutions and decrease of crime generally. Planets in the Twelfth house Sun : Sun occupying the 12th house and if badly afflicted will cause trouble in work houses and similar institutions and disgrace to prominent officials and personalities of the country. If well aspected it shows an improved state of affairs in the management of public institutions also chief officials or important personalities may gain honor from the public. Moon : Moon in the 12th house normally will not give any effect, but if the moon is very much afflicted, may bring scandals in public institutions, hospitals, charitable trusts. Illness and crime against women and children may increase. MARS : Mars in 12th house is a very evil position denoting a great increase of crime, murders, violence and may also produce fires in public institutions, unruly behavior from chief officials etc are seen. If badly afflicted the evil effects will also increase considerably. MERCURY : Mercury in 12th house, if well aspected by benefics changes in constitution, legislative changes, alterations to commercial laws, etc can be seen. If badly afflicted public scandals may increase, press and Media may attack the Government policies openly, also crime against children may increase. Jupiter : Jupiter in the 12th house is a favourable position for public institutions, and will bring many benefits, increased subscriptions, donations etc. to the institutions. If afflicted it points to heavy expenses, losses, and troubles to chief officials of public institutions. VENUS : Venus in the 12th house shows many benefits to public institutions, increase in donations and benefits. Their financial position will have a good appreciation from the public. If afflicted it may produce scandals waste of public money, also crime against women and children may increase. SATURN : Saturn in the 12th house is a unfavourable position. Because normally it denotes crime and scandals in public institutions involving top Government officials and parliamentarians, loss to public property etc. even with affliction of benefic planets the situation will not Improve.  We are concluding herewith the effects of planets in 11th and 12th houses. We shall discuss certain vital points on Judging a mundane map in our next issue.
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