Rudraksha Kavach

Rudraksha Kavach  

S.R. Swamy
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Rudraksha Kavach in itself is a complete remedial measure to eradicate the problems that are there in the life of a person. Because of its effectiveness it is becoming a very popular remedial measure especially in modern context. It proves beneficial to everybody and it is easy to use it. “Kavach” means shield. Therefore, it is believed that 'Rudraksha Kavach' works as a shield to protect you from adversities, difficulties, problems, obstacles, hindrances, set backs and diseases because of its protective powers. It brings good luck, fortune and prosperity. It not only amputates the ill effects of planets but also harmonizes the relationship of the individuals with those around them. These are designed as per specific purpose and are energized by reciting the Vedic/Shabar Mantra of the particular Goddess or God along with the “Homa” done.

Vidya Pradayak Rudraksha Kavach Introduction:

This Rudraksha Kavach blesses the wearer with good education and learning. It is prepared with the combination of Four Faced, Six Faced and Ten Faced Rudrakshas. The Four Faced Rudrakshas signify 4Vedas which were created from the faces of Lord Brahma. Six Faced Rudraksha symbolizes Shadanan and removes all hurdles that come in the path of learning. The Ten Faced Rudraksha stands for Lord Vishnu and blesses the wearer with profound knowledge. How to wear it : Wash the Kavach with Gangajal and raw milk on Friday morning. Put Roli on it and worship with Dhoop – Deep, and fix the Kavach in a chain of gold, silver or in a yellow thread. Wear the Kavach by reciting the following Mantra: ओं ऐं नमः शिवाय। Om Aim Namah Shivay Vyapar Vriddhi Rudraksha Kavach Introduction: This Rudraksha Kavach is ideal for rapid growth and advancement of trade. It is prepared with the combination of one faced Rudraksha (Cashewnut Shape), Fourteen Faced Rudraksha and Ganesh Rudraksha. One Faced Rudraksha is equivalent to Lord Shiva. It opens the doors for Goddess of wealth, Laxmiji./p>

The 14 Faced Rudraksha is a symbol of totality; therefore its use accelerates the completion of jobs and wishes. Ganesh Rudraksha is a symbol of gains and good luck. This Rudraksha Kavach is ideal for speedy success in business. How to wear it : Wash the Kavach by Gangajal and Ghee(butter) on Wednesday morning. Put sandal(chandan) or Roli on it and worship with Dhoop – Deep and fix the Kavach in a chain of gold, silver or in a yellow thread and wear the Kavach by reciting following Mantra 108 times: ओं ह्रीं श्रीं ईश्वराय लक्ष्म्यै नमः। Om Hreem Shreem Ishvaray Lakshmye Namah Cupid pendant : (Double Power) Introduction : For improving love life, Attraction, Beauty and pleasure. This is made with the combined use of 13 Faced Rudraksha and two 6 faced Rudrakshas. 13 Faced Rudraksha should be kept in the middle of two Six Faced Rudrakshas. Deity of 13 Faced Rudraksha is Lord Indra, the Lord of Gods. Effects of 13 Faced Rudraksha is similar to that of 6 faced. The wearer is able to enjoy all the worldly pleasures and comforts. This Rudraksha increases attractiveness and hypnotic influences on those who are smitten with your charm. It also helps to attain sound mind and body./p>

It fulfils all the desires of the wearer and brings good luck to him and helps him enjoy the various luxuries of life. Only lucky persons are able to get it. All worldly desires and wishes can be fulfilled by merely possessing it. This is considered the symbol of Kamdeva (Cupid Lord of desires). When this 13 faced Rudraksha is surrounded by Two Six faced Rudrakshas double power Cupid pendant is formed which can remove all sexual diseases. Six faced Rudraksha governs genital organs, throat, valour, sexual pleasure, love, music etc. It helps you fulfill all your dreams to enjoy love and to lead a very successful life. It is recommended for every couple. How to wear : Wear it on any Friday after energizing it with following mantra: ओं क्लीं कामदेवाय नमः। “Om Kleeng Kamdevay Namah” How To Energize : Wash these pendants with clean water and wipe with a clean piece of cloth. Sprinkle Holy water of Ganga on it. Light a lamp and offer incense. Recite one rosary of Shiva Panchakshari(Om Namah Shivay) and after that recite one mala of the Mantra recommended for each pendent.

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