Numerology and Vastu

Numerology and Vastu  

Priyanka Jain
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Numerology a method of linking the microcosm with macrocosm. It is a predictive science which is much simpler than astrology and does not require complicated calculations.

There are three things a numerologist needs to know for making prediction.

  • The Date in date of birth a person is born on (basic number).
  • Numerological value of his/her Name or name number.
  • Total of the date of birth (date, month and year) or the Destiny number.

For a numerologist there are only nine numbers with which calculations of the material world are done. All numbers beyond 9 are repetitions.

All objects of the material world are related to the nine planets. Let's see with the help of numerology, how we can find suitable direction for the owner of the land. Suppose date of birth of a person is 5 March 1980 Steps to find suitable direction

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(i) Find out the basic number of the person. In this case it is '5'.

(ii) Refer to the grid given above in Fig. (i)

(iii) The direction in which this number is written is the suitable direction. In this case it is North direction. In case the date of birth is not known then the first alphabet of the name of the person should be matched with first alphabets category in the grid given in fig(ii) and the suitable direction is found. Suppose name of the person is Kavita. It starts with 'd', so South East direction is suitable. The grid in Fig. (ii) is taken from Narada Purana'.

In this the starting alphabet of all the 'oxZ'are given. All alphabets which fall in that category are considered when finding the direction suitable for the person. For example if name is Geeta. The first alphabet is 'x' which falls under the 'doxZ' i.e. 'd] [k] x] ?k] ³' Therefore suitable direction is South East. The table given below will be helpful. Shalya Shodhan / Treatment of Land The grid given in Fig.(ii) is very helpful for finding faulty area in the land. There is no need for using instruments which a lot of Vastu experts are using now-a-days for detecting fault in land, when there are a few systems given in the 'granthas'. Method

  • Ask the name of any flower /river/ mountain/ God from the owner of the land.
  • If the first alphabet of the word is in the grid of Fig (ii) then that direction is faulty.

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For example the owner of land said the name of God-Shivji, then fault is in North East direction as Shiv starts with ^'k*. Inauspicious material will be found on digging North East direction of the house.

In case the owner says a word whose first alphabet does not fall in the grid then there is nothing inauspicious underground in that land. The table given below tells us direction of fault, type of material, how deep in the earth it is and consequences of this fault.

Remedy 1. Dig a 2' x 2' pit 6 feet deep. Refill the pit with soil of Brahmin Bhoomi. If Brahmin Bhoomi can't be arranged then use the following.

2. Put 1 gm gold, 10 gm silver One Piece copper One Piece brass One Piece pearl in the pit and refill it.

3. Planet yantra of that direction in the pit and refill it. Our ancient granthas, vedas and puranas that are a vast bank of knowledge given to us thousands of years ago. With awareness, we can make our life more comfortable, stressfree and live a healthy, wealthy and harmonious life and prosper.

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