Delineation of Horoscope

Delineation of Horoscope  

Amar Agrawal
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Our sages and Rishis propounded various rules for delineation of horoscope. These rules and combinations will never fail to guide one to its proper goal if applied systematically. If any astrologer goes for a shortcut due to knowledge/ patience, he is likely to fail thus bringing disgrace to this great science.

In this article we shall deal with a very interesting horoscope but before proceeding with the astrological part it is very essential to know few facts about consultant. This horoscope, details of which are provided later, belongs to a female native who after her marriage could not conceive for about two years and during these two years she along with her husband consulted eminent gynecologists and the lady under went so many tests including biopsy etc. but to her dismay every thing went wrong, which further led to mental agony. Whatever problem was with this native the medical profession could not find any answer. Astrology, the wonderful science, could locate the problem and it was declared that she will never be able to conceive hence she should go for adoption.

ASTRO-ANALYSIS: Foremost requisitions are the correct birth details so as to erect the heavenly chart i.e. horoscope. Exact birth details are as under:

Female, D.O.B.21/07/1952, T.O.B.22hrs.08mnts. IST, P.O.B, Delhi (India) Longitude: 77E13', Latitude: 28N40'

POINTS TO BE NOTED: Tithi : 15th Krishan Paksha(Amavasya),Yoga:Vajra, Nakshatra: Punarvasu, Dagdha Rashis: None, Yogi Planet:Moon, Avayogi:Mercury, Duplicate Yogi: Saturn, Lagna Nakshtra Lord:Poorvbhadrapad.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

METHOD OF DELINEATION: In any horoscope Natal chart is most important to be studied independently. Next comes the Moon chart/Chander kundali. After studying these two charts one has to probe the most important divisional chart viz. Navamansa chart and lastly the relevant divisional chart. Since this case is being studied for the progeny purpose hence Saptamsha chart will have to be studied.

Ashtakvarga: Some of the astrologers give top priority to Ashtakvarga in prediction but experience shows its limitations. In Ashtakvarga SAV is reckoned to gauge the strength of requisite house while BAV tells about strength of house lord and the significator.

OBSERVATIONS: Lagna Pisces at 01deg.14mnts and lagna lord is Jupiter, who happens to be the significator also. Lagna lord is placed in second house in sign Aries at 23deg.56mnts. in the star Bharni ruled by Venus who happens to be most malefic planet due its lordship over 3rd and 8th house. This is inimical planet to Jupiter thus some of the beneficence of Jupiter reduces.

This Jupiter is under the aspect of Mars from 8th house. Mars, being first-rate malefic planet, when aspects any planet, a friend or foe, it swindles the good qualities of that very planet. Here this Mars has totally spoiled the best benefic planet Jupiter who happens to be lagna lord. At the same time it is significator too.

Next comes the 5th house, which is termed as the house of children (it is a debatable issue which requires total research to differentiate house of child birth and house of conception.)

To arrive at final conclusion one should study the 5th house from natal ascendant, from the Moon, from Jupiter and as per theory of Bhavat Bhavam 5th to 5th, which is 9th from lagana. Here position of house and house lord should be studied.

5th house has sign Cancer and the ruler of this house the Moon is placed in the 5th house itself which is the only positive point as far as 5th house and its lord is concerned, otherwise this Moon is totally powerless

(a) Due to its being very near to the Sun, it does not have Pakashbal (b)Moon is associated with its bitter enemy Ketu (c) Its association with 8th lord Venus (d) Though classics have spared both the luminaries from their ownership over trik houses but experience shows that luminaries by being lords of trik bhavas do carry some of the venom, here the Sun rules over a trik bhava less ie.6th.

Note: The aspect of Rahu has been knowingly ignored since every body is aware that when ever a planet is in conjunction with Ketu/Rahu it is always under the aspect of other node. But one thing worth mentioning here is that the aspect of Rahu has spoiled the Sun also.

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Thus it can be concluded that 5th house from lagna is totally spoiled due to heavy affliction.

Next comes the 9th house, which is 5th from 5th. This house contains sign Scorpio and ruler of this sign i.e. Mars is posited in 8th house, a trik bhava. As per classical rules of astrology whenever the lord of good bhava is posited in a trik bhava its looses its power to do good and whenever a lord of trik bhava is posited in good bhava that bhava stands spoiled. This 9th house has further been spoiled by the aspect of Saturn and Ketu.

After studying 5th house from the Moon it is turn of 5th house from Jupiter, the significator. The 5th house from Jupiter has sign Leo whose lord the Sun is posited in 12th from it. This house is occupied by Mercury, 7th lord from janma lagana. This Mercury is a Badhak planet under the aspect of Gulika from 12th house and this house as well as Mercury are in Papakartari yog.

CONCLUSION: All the houses under consideration and their lords suffer heavily so is the case of Jupiter. Hence first study of the chart has cleared the picture that the native will never be able to conceive.

NAVAMANSA: In Navamansa chart sign Cancer rising in lagna with lord of lagna the Moon posited in lagna. The Moon is Vargottam rendering strength to Navamansa lagna and the Moon. Lord of 5th house is Mars while the lord of 9th is Jupiter. Both the lords of 5th and 9th houses of Navamansa have exchanged their houses. All these factors show a rosy picture at a glance. Jupiter though lord of 9th is positive but due to its Mooltrikona sign falling in 6th it has turned out to be neutral or a bit malefic. Jupiter and the Moon suffers at the hands of 7th and 8th lord Saturn, most malefic planet for this lagna. Jupiter is conjunct with Gulika and it is further under the aspect of vitiated Ketu (Ketu has been vitiated by Mars and as per golden rules of astrology a planet associated with any other planet carries the aspect of that very planet). Mars, the 5th lord of Navamansa is conjunct with Ketu and aspected by Rahu. The Moon too suffers at the hands of vitiated Ketu) Thus all the houses, Planets and significator are spoiled due to heavy affliction.

Saptamsha: In case of divisional charts barring Navamansa chart, importance should be given to the lagna of respective divisional chart. In Saptamsha chart sign Virgo rises in lagna and its lord Mercury is in 12th house, the house of negation. Secondly in case if the karka be posited in the lagna of respective divisional chart one is deprived of significances of that very karka. Here the Karka Jupiter is posited in the lagna of Saptamsha Chart which again indicates denial.

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Our sages have suggested some methods by the permutation and combination of relevant planets. In case of females the longitudes of the Moon, Mars and Jupiter are added together and the sum obtained by the addition of said planets is known as” Kshetra Saphut”. When this Kshetra Saphut falls in an odd sign in Natal chart and in Navamansa chart it indicates towards denial of progeny.

In examples case the longitude of the Moon is 3 signs 02 deg.30 mnts, longitude of Jupiter is 12 signs 23 deg. and that of Mars is 6 signs 17deg.38 mnts. The sum of all the three longitude is 22 signs 16 deg. 04mnts, now subtract the multiple of 12 from this final longitude we get 10 signs.16 deg. 04 mnts which is Aquarius 16 deg. 04 mnts in natal chart and this obtains Aquarius Navamansa. On both counts it is in odd signs. In the natal chart Kshetra sphuta falls in 12th house a trik house and associated with Gulika and in Navamansa chart it falls in 8th house, another trik house and it is under the aspect of worst malefic planet Saturn.

Last but not the least this is a very important dictum discussed in the classics that “When the lords of 5th and 8th are conjoined either in 5th or 8th house and at the same time 7th house is under the influence of Saturn and Rahu, by placement or aspect, the native concerned will never attain progeny”. This is a very authentic yog for the denial of progeny; this yog applies to the horoscope discussed here. In this horoscope 5th lord the Moon and 8th lord Venus have conjoined in 5th house while Saturn occupies 7th house and this Saturn as well as 7th house are under the aspect of Rahu from 11th house, thus this yog applies verbatim in denying progeny.

CONCLUSION: All the above findings are evident in the birth chart. Once birth chart denies an event the use of Divisional charts, shadbala and Ashtakvarga is irrelevant. These are supplementary tools to be used along with the natal chart just to confirm the authenticity of the out come of natal chart.

NOTE: What a wonderful science this Astrology is! If an astrologer is well equipped with rules laid down by great sages, and has the knowledge about the conditions of applying these rules and yog etc., one is quite competent to guide the native for a right path to adopt.

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