Panch Pakshi

Panch Pakshi  

Amar Agrawal
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NOTE:  An article on this topic was published in an earlier issue of Hindi magazine “Future Samachar” written by Acharya Avinash.

Theory of “Panch Pakshi” was exhaustively used by learned astrologers of Tamilnadu, but unfortunately it is lesser known in this part of India hence the astrologers belonging to this region are not aware of its utility. Acharya Avinash has created a curiosity amongst the astrologers who are not aware of it but even then he has done a great job by making the astrologers conversant with this theory. This paper has been specially compiled for the teachers and students associated with “All India Federation of Astrologer’s Societies”.

Introduction: This system was propounded by ancient Tamil Sidha Saints . The system is unfailing as it is based on natural laws of five elements (Pancha Mahabhutas), combined with ASTRO STELLAR force of each individual. The Elemental Vibrations are personified as birds and all individuals are born under the influence of a particular bird.

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The five birds are named as follows: Vulture, Owl, Crow, Cock and Peacock Hence, all human being are categorized under Pancha Pakshi means five birds. This is fixed and is based on janma nakkshatra means one’s birth star or from the phonetic sounds of first letter of the name. These elements vibrate on five gradations, which are called the five activities of the bird.

These five activities are:

1. Ruling,

2. Eating,

3. Walking,

4. Sleeping and

5. Dying

These five activities or gradations act for a stipulated time interval called (YAMA) consisting of 2 hours and 24 minutes (6 Ghatikas) each over the 5 YAMAS in the day and 5 YAMAS in the night, thus spread over evenly in 24 hours.

These functional patterns vary, during waxing and waning Moon cycles, and also during the week days. These elemental vibrations of 5 gradations function in such a way that when one elemental vibration is at the highest ebb known as ‘Ruling’, the other four function proportionately in diminishing order, thus the last vibration is a dormant or is called ‘Dying’.

The meaning of each of these five activities of the birds is as below:

1. EATING: This activity is nothing but renewal of body cells, and thereby renewal of functional energy is affected.

2. WALKING: Every body has to earn his bread. For earning, movement is necessary. This movement is the Walking activity.

3. RULING: The process of earning itself is the activity of Ruling.

4. SLEEPING: After eating, walking and ruling, the system is exhausted due to prolonged exertions resulting in the need to relax. This relaxing process is the sleeping activity.

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5. DYING: By repeated process of these four activities frequently, the body in which the soul resides, completely degenerates and reaches an extreme point when functioning of these four activities is no more possible. At this stage, the soul departs from the old body to take and enter into another new suitable body by way of reincarnation.

This is known as the activity of dying and the cycle begins again. Characteristics of Birds: Strength of Different Birds During the bright half/dark half period of the Moon, the strength of five birds in decreasing order is as follows:- Strength in Bright half Dark half percentage period of moon period of Moon 100 % Crow Crow 75 % Vulture Vulture 50 % Owl Cock 25 % Cock Owl 12.5 % Peacock Peacock Strength of Activities The gradation of five activities in the descending order of strength is as follows: Strength in percentage Activity 100 % Ruling 75 % Eating 50 % Walking 25 % Sleeping 12.5 % Dying A bird performing a higher activity wins over a bird of lower activity instantly.

A stronger bird generally wins over a weaker bird. However, at certain point of time during a day(s), a weaker bird can win over the stronger bird when the stronger bird is performing a lower activity than the weaker. Friends or Enemy Each bird has certain friends and certain enemies.

The status of the same is as below:- Bird Friend Enemy Vulture Peacock and Owl Crow and cock Owl Vulture and Crow Cock and Peacock Crow Cock and Owl Vulture and Peacock Cock Owl and Peacock Vulture and Owl Peacock Vulture and Cock Owl and Crow Directions Directions are allocated for the birds where their strength is full.

1.Vulture is strongest in the East.

2.Owl is strongest in the South.

3.Crow is strongest in the West and the North West.

4.Cock is strongest in the North and North East.

5.Peacock is strongest in the middle.

Ruling Days of Birds Out of the five activities which a bird performs daily, one is the strongest viz., the Ruling activity. Similarly, one or two weekdays are strongest for the entire period i.e. day or night for each bird. These days vary with the phases of the Moon, which are called Ruling Day(s). During this period, the bird remains completely powerful over all other birds and rules over them. So to say, for such people for whom the birds are ruling for the entire day, such days will be fully favorable. More so, their Ruling activity is in the Ruling main period.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Immune Days of Birds Similarly, each of the bird remains immune or in the state of lifeless death condition for the entire day, during any one or two days of the week differently during both the cycles of the Moon. These are called immune days for the birds. For the people for whom the birds are in such condition, the entire day of 24 hours will be unfavorable for any activity or Endeavour. If they have to indulge in any important venture due to compulsion or due to circumstances, not under their control, they have to cleverly adopt the other way of occupying the favorable direction of a Ruling bird or start the same in a direction on which a bird is doing the activity of Ruling during that day.

Identification of Birds From Birth Details: To know one’s stellar bird, the longitude of Moon corresponding to one’s birth time should be taken and the value of the precision of equinoxes or Ayanamsa as per Lahiri (corresponding to the birth details) should be deducted from it. The resultant value and the corresponding bird may be checked from the following table. It is also necessary to know whether the birth is during the bright half or Dark Half of the Moon Cycle:-

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