Future Analysis : Rahul Gandhi

Future Analysis : Rahul Gandhi  

Sanjay Gupta
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When we think of young and emerging political leaders in India Sh. Rahul Gandhi straightaway comes to our mind. Following is an attempt of his, fortune analysis, based upon Four Pillars of Destiny and Chinese astrology. His Kua No. is 3. His animal sign is DOG and he belongs to the East group. As such the favourable directions for him are East, North, South and South-east. Below his Four Pillars of Destiny chart is provided, along with the 10 year luck pillar chart which shows the age around which it starts and the 5 elements showing the various areas in his life.  Element Areas of Life metal Friends, Foe, Colleagues, Competition earth Resource, Support, Authority wood Wealth, Financial Success fire Recognition, Power, Rank water Intelligence, Creativity His chart is very balanced. His Self element is  Yang Metal which is weak. 

All the five elements namely wood, fire, earth, metal and water are present in his natal chart. His self element YANG METAL ( Chinese name: Geng) represents unbending energy. It  connotes weapons of destruction such as tanks, swords etc. Such persons are hard rather than tough and unbending rather than stubborn. They are often ruled by the belief system and the principles which have been ingrained into them either since their childhood or systematically schooled into them. They are usually leaders with strong characters. It makes Mr. Gandhi a person who can tolerate hardship and endure sufferings.  Of the 5 elements the favourable element for him are: Metal and earth and the unfavourable elements are wood, fire and water.  

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The colours which are favourable to you are white, yellow, gold, silver, earthen tones and metallic colours.  Success for him depends on perseverance, especially in hard times. He is a talented planner, organizer and leader and is capable of taking on responsibilities and rising to high positions from which he can be of help to others.  His self element makes him positive about your decisions and he prefer to act independently.  Partnerships are difficult for you. He is generally straight forward and honest even to the point of being blunt. Intelligent and quick tempered. It is difficult for him to tolerate the shortcomings and weaknesses of others. Listening is not one of his strong points. His basic chart shows feeling of SADNESS and the taste is PUNGENT. He is prone to excessive worry. It is always advisable that he should live in a very yang atmosphere. Bright lights and music can change your feelings.  

His key to good health is to stay in good spirits. Overwork, worry and joylessness can lead to problems of the lungs and intestines.  At present he is passing through the luck pillar 36 years to 45 years. This pillar has fire element  which is his opportunity chi ( energy) for you . It suggests that at the age of 36 he met his opportunity chi which tells him to transform. He should not hesitate to change when chances come to him and go forward. This chance should have been first offered in 2006 and in the whole luck period he will be offered  such chances of transformation and  it is advisable to avail such chances despite him being a tough ( Yang Metal) person. All the characters of an excellent leader and people’s person are present in his chart.  Fortune analysis for 2008 the year of earth  RAT( Feb,7,2008) 

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• Energies of 2007 depleted the power of Metal (your self element) . After facing a very challenging  year ended on Feb,6 ,2008 you have some respite since the element earth of 2008 is favourable to you as compared with 2007. However stars are foretelling legal issues. Think thrice before proceeding and signing any contract, vet thorough and handle documents properly to avoid legal issues set up by vile persons. 
• Beware of accidents and sickness. Watch out for illness. Proper care of health is required with timely checkups. Avoid driving yourself. 
• Be practical, you are in a period when overexpansion and over optimism could spell big disappointments. Be careful when communicating with others. Pay attention to details to avoid misunderstanding. Contracts and partnerships could fall through at the last minute unless everything is clearly spelled out and understood. 
• You need to communicate more and be thoughtful and understanding. 
• There is external clash in the year 2008 of Rat and horse which is affecting his day and month pillar i.e. the spouse and parents palace. He should wear a pendant of OX  to nullify the effects of this clash. 

The Path ahead Mr. Rahul Gandhi has all the attributes of  becoming an excellent leader. At present he is passing through a very favourable luck pillars starting since 36 years of his age . He has to watch out the period between Feb,14, 2010 to Feb, 2, 2011 . In this Chinese year the unfavourable combination of Horse, dog and Tiger is building in his chart. This creates fire structure which is unfavourable to his reputation. When this combination occurs in chart it affects one’s relationship with its superiors and also  legal issues which are complicated, dramatic and  frequently last longer arised. Further there is an unfavorable Rabbit and Dog combination in 36 year luck pillar which is transforming in fire i.e. influence element is produced which again is harmful for reputation. 

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

It suggests that starting from the age 36 to 45 years, Mr. Rahul Gandhi has to face loss of reputation frequently and  with more intensity during the period Feb,14, 2010 to Feb,2 , 2011. Further he has to watch out for health in the Chinese year 2012 and in this year he is coming in direct conflict with TaiSui (Grand duke Jupiter). It appears that it is only when the luck pillar 46 years starts he will gain more recognition and acceptability as a leader of the country and he will be shouldering big responsibilities.  Small advices • Here is a very small piece of advice to Mr. Gandhi that Wednesday is his vitality day. 

It is an excellent day for him to undertake interviews, make publicity, embark on journey and to participate in any kind of celebrations as per Chinese astrology. Out of the four good directions for Mr. Gandhi , during the Chinese year starting from Feb,7, 2007 , two directions namely South and North are afflicted. He should utilize the wonderful energies of East and South East this year. While as per feng shui East is the most  auspicious direction, south east is the success direction. He should face either of these two directions and should occupy these sectors only to harness the divine luck in this year of Rat, 2008.

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