Rationale of Rudraksha in Astro Therapy

Rationale of Rudraksha in Astro Therapy  

G. Sumathi
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Rudra is the familiar name of Lord Shiva. Aksha means Tear. Thus it is believed that the herbal plant of Rudraksha is originated from the tear drops of God Shiva. According to the ancient sages Rudraksha are having astral potentialities as in the cases of different Gems, Herbs, etc. There is strong and implicit belief to the effect that Rudrakshas never cause adverse results. But in the case of gems if the right gem is not selected the gems may cause inauspicious and adverse results .

Such complications are not indicated in using Rudrakshas. Thus rosary of Rudraksha (Rudraksha mala) can be used by anybody and everybody without any fear or doubt as per shastras which confer no adverse results in using the same. Coming down to understand the various kinds of Rudrakshas it should be first be known that there are 1- 38 mukhis, or faces or Clefts or the surface. However 1-14 mukhis are generally in usage to reap the benefits through astro therapy in which the celestial phenomena is mainly considered. The botanical name of Rudraksha plant is ELAEOCARPUS GRANITRUS.

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This is available in different parts of the Universe. The seed of Rudraksha is assigned with a glorious medicinal value and special place in mystical and divine existence . Though there are various beliefs about the Rudraksha , it is strongly believed that those who wear Rudraksha on their bodies they will not be affected by sins. Now let us know the Rudrakshas of different Mukhis and their ruling planet and respective Beeja mantras Apart from this a special Rudraksha “Gowri shankar” is in special usage in which 2 joined Rudrakhas can be seen naturally. This is believed to be the unified form of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

This showers the couples all round prosperity . Beeja mantra is “Shri Gowri Shankaraya Namaha- Om Namaha”. Combined use of different Mukhis of Rudrakhshas also brings good results to the users in the system of clinical astrology. In brief let us know the appropriate Mukhis of Rudrakhshas assigned to the 27 stars from Aswini as follows. Janma nakshtra Type of Rudrakhsha Aswini 9 Bharani 6 Krithika 1,11,12 Rohini 2 Mrigasira 3 Ardra 8 Punarvasu 5 Pushya 7 Aslesha 4 Makha 9 Pubba 6 Uttara 1,11,12 Hastha 2 Chitta 3 Swathi 8 Vishaka 5 Anuradha 7 Jyeshta 4 Moola 9 Poorvashada 6 Uttarashada 1,11,12 Sravana 2 Dhanishta 3 Satabisha 8 Poorvabadra 6 Uttarabadra 7 Revathy 4 Thumb rules and tips on Rudraksha wearing:

Rudraksha can be worn in silver, gold or copper or panchaloka used the electrical and magnetic properties are increased if any method is used with Rudraksha.

All Rudraksha beads have the same power without any inferiority or superiority classification.

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54 beads or 108 beads of Rudraksha mala can be used.

The wearer will get prosperity gradually after 40 days of wearing

No one should interchange the Rudraksha Mala with any other person. This is strongly believed .

Students can wear for increasement of concentration or memory power.

As the Rudraksha itself representing Lord Rudra in general who is also known as Viswanatha (Universal Lord), there is no bar of caste, creed , religion or sex for using this Rudraksha. This single multipowered Rudraksha serves as a talisman in every walk of life, guarding the wearer from black magic, evil spirits etc.

Our ancient Rishis have used this in the medical field as it controls the hypertension or High Blood Pressure.

First select two number of 5 mukhi Rudrakshas, clean them with pure water then soak them in a glass of water over night. The next day morning by drinking the water of Rudraksha Beads in empty stomach one can gradually reduce the High Blood Pressure. Other than copper, any metal vessel can be used for this therapy. This procedure of Astro therapy holds good for Cardiac patients also.

After finding out as to which planet is the reason for a particular person for his/her ill health , the learned Astrologer can very well administer or advise the particular kind of Rudraksha to be worn by the native. This gives good results in improving good health. 11. By applying all these points one can prescribe the right Rudraksha to a person according to his/her Birth Star, Lagna lord etc.

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