Kala Shatru Dasas, Maraka Dasas, etc. in a Horoscope

Kala Shatru Dasas, Maraka Dasas, etc. in a Horoscope  

G. Sumathi
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Kala Shatru Dasa means enmical planet obstructing a particular dasa running only in certain age group. Maraka Dasas and Bodhaka, Vedhaka, Pachaka and Karaka planets for each dasa are same for the techniques in the determination of Dasa-Bhukthi results as per the classical works in Astrology. Kala Shatru Dasas : In this method, a particular planet will become an enemical planet to a particular Dasa Lord whose Dasa is running only at a particular age group and not for all persons running the same dasa. If the shatru or enemical planet is placed in good position, then there is no evil by that planet. But if it is placed in bad position, then bad results will predominate even though the dasa lord is well placed.

The kala shatru dasa lords are noted as below : Age Group Running Kala Shatru Dasa of a Person Dasa or Enemical Dasa Lord. from birth Saturn Mars to 24 months 2-11 yrs. Rahu Mercury 11-18 " Sun Venus 18-34 " Moon Jupiter 34-52 " Venus Sun 52-68 " Ketu Saturn 68-100 " Mercury Rahu Maraka Dasa (Death or Serious Danger Inflicting Dasas) At first the sl. no. of dasa operating has to be noted. As we cannot expect good results in the dasas of Janma, Vipat, Prathyak and Vadha (i.e. 1st, 3rd, 5th and 7th dasas) of nature, therefore if a dasa happens to be of a particular sl. no. in order, our ancient sages have assigned it as a maraka or death inflicting dasa.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

As such the following are the maraka dasas for the native born in a particular group of birth stars. Maraka dasa For whom Applicable (Natives born in the stars of) 1. Saturn dasa Mrigasira, Chitra, as fourth dasa Dhanishta 2. Mars dasa Aswini- Magha-Moola as fifth dasa 3. Jupiter dasa Bharani -P.Bhadrapada as 6th dasa Poorvashada 4. Rahu dasa Aslesha - Jyeshta as Seventh dasa Revathi The maraka dasa may kill the native or may give death like dangers according to the strength in the chart. For example if the native is born in Mrigshira nakshatra, it is seen that he faces death like suffering but if the same native is blessed to take birth in maraka or kumbha lagna there he is not supposed to face such situation as Saturn becomes the lagna lord. Similarly for Rishabha and Thula lagna people Saturn becomes the yogakaraka.

Badhaka, Vedhaka, Pachaka & Karaka for each dasa In any dasa the bhukthi or sub period of planet designated as Bodhaka will give good results, the sub period of vedhaka planet will change good results into very bad. The sub period of karaka planet will give special benefits and profits. The relationship of the sub lord with the dasa lord, his position in the chart, his malefic and benefic influence to the particular lagna and other factors are also to be carefully analysed and taken into consideration before interpreting Dasa and Bhukthi results. Table of Bodhaka, Vedhaka, Pachaka & Karakas for each dasa S. Dasas Bodhaka Vedhaka Pachaka Karaka 1. Sun Mars Venus Saturn Jupiter 2. Moon Mars Mercury Venus Saturn 3. Mars Moon Mercury Sun Saturn 4. Mercury Jupiter Mars Moon Venus 5. Jupiter Mars Sun Saturn Moon 6. Venus Jupiter Saturn Mercury Sun 7. Saturn Moon Mars Venus Jupiter Sl. no. 7& 3 hold good for Rahu & Ketu respectively as the astrological rule says that Sani vat Rahu & Kuja vat Ketu.

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