Dwar Vastu Chakra

Dwar Vastu Chakra  

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Vastu Shashtra is Vedic Science. Already we know about the 32 ruling deities around the house. Particularly they rule over main door. We get the result of the door as per the character of deities. Many ancient books give the chart (9 x 9) grid about ruling deities but while researching on Vastu, I find it very difficult or I can say that it is impossible to find the deities of Main Doors of different shapes of Flats; Bungalows, Buildings etc. I have discovered a new method. This is a radical method to find the main door deities for any type of irregular shape of Flats, Bungalows, Buildings etc.

Please see the figure and table. From Vastu Dwar Chakra you can easily find the ruling door deity. Sometimes two deities rule one door and two deities of one door they give combined effect as per their characters. If one deity is very auspicious and another is in a specious then the result is combination of two. How to use this Vastu Dwar Chakra First find the facing Main Door direction, then calculate the door degrees in which you can see door deities.

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