Money and Share Market

Money and Share Market  January 2016

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The present issue of Research Journal is dedicated to the astrological conclave on money and share market held in mumbai on 24-Jan-2016. The subject of this issue is astrological phenomena in the bullion, commodity and share trade. There are many important articles on this topic written by the prominent astrologers who have vast experiences in astrology dealing with these subjects. Since the Research Journal is bilingual so the articles are also in english as well as in hindi. The most prominent articles are Astrology & Share Market Predictions, Planets and Sectors in Stock Market, Are You Bull or Bear, Impact of Eclipses in Speculative Trade, Timing the Market Moves for Money Risks, Transit of Saturn and Equity Markets, Economy and Share Indices, Bullion and Commodities whether react to Planetary Movements?, Finance and Planets etc.