Are you Bull or Bear?

Are you Bull or Bear?  

Ajay Bhambi
Views : 1725 | January 2016
Right from the inception of stock market it is oscillating between two major trends either bullish or bearish. Bullish are those who want to take the market to the scaling heights by the strength of their financial power. Bearish are no less because they believe that money power can do wonders and use this financial energy to bring it down to the core. Both succeed in their mission and both succumb to great losses due to following a particular trend. The symbol of stock market is a volatile bull. Those pictures can be seen right from New York’s Wall Street to Mumbai’s Dalal Street. The symbol of bull is quite magical and denotes that the undercurrent of market will remain bullish throughout. The world has seen a great financial depression in the 1930s when the market of the world had perished like ash. The world leaders of that time which was lead by USA decided that we will create a financial prosperity throughout the world and to achieve that whatsoever is needed will be done in times to come. To bring up their morale and confidence they could not find a better symbol than a volatile bull which has the capacity to tear off all difficulties once it is taken off from its leash. Since then onward money has taken a centre stage and with money power one can achieve that which is almost unthinkable. We have observed in the last 40 years that players of stock market can be divided into two groups i.e. one is Jupiterian and second is Saturnine. Jupiterian group comprises of planets – Mars, Sun, Moon. Saturnine group consists of Mercury, Venus. The shadowy planets Rahu, Ketu are primarily catalyst and can influence either group with a tremendous intensity. Traditionally Mercury is considered eunuch who can intermingle with Jupiterian group also because he remains very close to Sun all the time. Jupiterian group is considered the bullish and Saturnine group is the bearish. It is noted that all the nine planets of planetary hierarchy influences the entire market. Planetary influence is maximum on the nature and its products. Perhaps that is why it has been practiced throughout the world to predict weather forecast based on planets. A man can resist the influence of planets to an extent due to his will power and consciousness. The nature and its products don’t have the same ability. Thus it becomes easier to predict the trend of market based on the permutation and combination of different planets. We have collected the data bank of hundreds of thousands of market players and most of them have lost badly in the stock market despite having a good knowledge of the market. This paradoxical situation arises because knowing the trend of the market could be an intellectual exercise but the basic nature of a player creates hindrance achieving the success. For an instance a bullish knows that market trend is on the down side still he cannot resist himself and act accordingly. The influence of your horoscope plays a major role. If there is a loss written in your chart due to bad period then how can one make profit in a market which fluctuates at the drop of a hat. Therefore it is very important to know your horoscope before you understand the knowledge of market grossly. How market is going to behave in the next 6 to 8 months we would like to have a glance of it. The major planet Saturn is crossing over Scorpio throughout this year. The sign Scorpio belongs to Mars and Saturn is very uncomfortable in this sign. Mars is going to join Saturn in transit on 20th February and shall stay there till 17th of June. The conjunction of Saturn and Mars in Scorpio is not good therefore market will go through many fluctuations which will create panic among the players. These planets indicate that overall trend of market will be on the low side. However there will be occasions when sudden upsurge in the market could also be seen for few days but the pattern of market will remain sliding. Chinese economy is playing a big role in the shaping of the economy of the world. The planetary configuration of next nine months indicates China’s market will keep on tumbling on many occasions and giving flutters to the world market. We also believe that China’s economy will not crash in 2016 but it will come to the point of doing so on more than three occasions. World economy will not have a sigh of relief throughout this year. We expect a great China wall’s (economy) fall in early 2017. The impact of this wall’s fall will be felt throughout Europe and West and India will also not remain untouched. Jupiter is transiting over Leo where Rahu has joined him from 9th January and both will remain together till August. We expect gold and silver will be on rise and peaking can be seen sometime in March. The crude oil will remain its tumbling best and may touch lower 20s. Dollar will gain and it may have the tendency to cross 73 against rupee by October. This year market will remain volatile and it is always better to watch it closely and then act judiciously.
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