Remedies for Begetting Children

Remedies for Begetting Children  

Yashkaran Sharma
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If you are facing problems in begetting children or a woman faces the problem of miscarriage or else children are not performing well or they face health or other issues or are not obedient then we are giving following remedies which shall certainly help you overcome your trouble. We are recommending remedies to get blessed with a child. You are advised to do following Remedies religiously to enhance luck for issue comfort-

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    • Offer food to dogs daily.
    • Observe fast on Thursday.
    • Do your prayers on regular basis.
    • Keep Tara Yantra at place of worship and chant following Mantra 108 times daily-

"Om Tarinyai Namah"

  • Chant Durgakawacham in front of idol of Goddess Tara daily.
  • Get up before sun rise and offer water to Sun daily.
  • Perform Santangopal Yagya at home.
  • Perform Durgasaptashatichandi Yagya and the Samput of Santanprapti Mantra should be used in it.
  • Wear yellow sapphire studded in gold in the index finger of right hand on Thursday.
  • In your house there should not be any Vastu related fault in the north east portion of the house.
  • Stay away from non-vegetarianism and alcoholism.
  • Wear Santan prapti Kawach comprised of Gauri Ganesh Rudraksha, Five faced Rudraksha & 9 faced Rudraksha.
  • Woman should wear cat's eye after conceiving.

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