You & Decoration of House

You & Decoration of House  

Tanvi Bansal
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Generally the credit of decoration of any house goes to the woman of the house. Interior of any house tells about the mindset, qualities and choice of a woman. Some women are fond of using bright colors in the interior of the house whereas the others prefer to use soft colors. It is easy to make out the likes and dislikes of a woman by roaming around in her house. Some women welcome the guests with scents, flowers and lamps and others use good quality table cloth & crockery.

Aries: The women of Aries ascendant/Rashi do not like to think much rather they believe in taking any decision/action in a hurry and because of that do not like to spend their whole day in house cleaning expeditions. You prefer to decorate house with such lightweight items which demand zero maintenance. Whether it is kitchenware or some bedroom item you fix a specific place for a specific object in an organized way so that much time doesn't get wasted in finding it. You keep the house fully fragrant and bright with various incense sticks, scents &candles on auspicious occasions of festivals etc. Articles of decoration are also not difficult to be searched in house as all these have also been assigned fixed places.

Taurus: Taurean women love their unique collection of articles. You always like to decorate house with beautiful, expensive and quality products. Each item including crockery, show pieces or any other article in house is a long term investment and a status symbol. Being Venusian you have natural hobby of interior designing and decoration. Your high class choice gets exhibited with the use of best curtains, sofa covers and carpets bought in proportion to your budget.

Gemini: The main hallmark of your personality is socializing because of which you love to invite people on every other day. It is your fertile imagination which tempts you to make quick changes. At home you keep making bigger changes in furniture arrangement and decoration for maintaining a new look always. You like colorful, modern and contemporary design prints & keep the house neat and clean and appreciate your settings and collected articles.

Cancer: It is your emotional and family oriented nature because of which you prefer to decorate house with such articles which give an ambience of affinity. You decorate house in a personalized way so that it looks diverse from the outer world. For instance fixing family photographs and paintings on walls and enhancing the beauty of the house with candles, handcrafted material or items gifted or created by family member or friend. You love your old items and do not throw them away early and in interiors too do not like to make big changes.

Leo: You like to fix gorgeous and excellent class objects at home. Your sofa covers and curtains give royal look. You are very fond of velvet. Golden and white color themes attract you more. You are fond of collecting items but because of your royal nature do not use all items. You are highly hospitable to guests and for that reason uphold good quality crockery for the purpose of serving variety of dishes. You do not keep things in a very organized way.

Virgo: You are also a lover of interior designing and architecture and pay due attention to every minute detail of beautification. Generally you like colorful clothes and designs. You are competent enough to manage even a very small house in an excellent manner. You place articles wisely by making various types of almirahs, cupboards, dressers and drawers at appropriate places. Generally you like spacious and empty houses and do not fill the whole place with decoration items. At times you get enthusiastic about decoration of your house.

Libra: The Venusian quality of yours attracts you to purchase those articles which are irresistibly pretty and it becomes very difficult for you to resist yourself from buying. You will like the luxurious and comfortable sofa bought from some expensive and quality item shop. You like to decorate your whole house in a designer theme. You are fond of various types of chandeliers and love to decorate table with exotic flower arrangement and special lights on the arrival of a special guest. Being spendthrift you spend lot of money on decoration and interiors and sparkling bright things attract you a lot.

Scorpio: You have got scientific temper and research oriented mind and probably because of that you like modern and abstract prints. You like straight line furniture only and abstain from the over use of various designs and themes rather prefer plain and solid warm color curtains and upholstery. The other quality is observing the way of working of others especially in terms of interior decoration minutely thereby giving the due appreciation for the same. You bring some changes in design/beautification idea before its application.

Sagittarius: Sagittarian women appreciate interior with golden color having royal touch. Therefore, you like to decorate house with branded curtains, sofa and carpet & show pieces. You are very fond of reading and before making any change in house you borrow the idea from magazine or internet. Ultra-modern glass work and wall interiors do not attract you much rather open, spacious and relaxed ambience is your first love. The old styled furniture with carvings having royal touch suits your choice.

Capricorn: The influence of Saturn is clearly visible because of which instead of beauty you believe in the utility of anything. The necessary items are clearly visible at home which indicates that you prefer to work with a practical approach. Only the traditional combinations of black, grey and brown can attract you. You like clay utensils, sculpture, stone and wood work. Because of very busy daily schedule you do not get sufficient time to keep the house organized. You are not inclined towards the latest trends in curtains and sofa cover as you do not pay much attention to such things.

Aquarius: For you empty and clean home only is the primary beauty. You are simple and clear hearted person and probably don't like to keep several articles at home. You create well defined areas by dividing the house with separators and curtains and keep everything in an organized way and instead of articles of decoration prefer to purchase necessary items. More than beauty you believe in durability. Although you don't mind latest colors but even then use the fabrics and furniture of regular colors and designs only.

Pisces: You love to use the latest fashion trends instantly. In beauty products, curtains, sofa covers and dressing tables etc you have everything ready and well decorated with various options of best brands. Your dressing table is always huge in which all beauty products are kept in a well-planned order and this gives correct idea about the excellent aesthetic sense you have. It is your fertile imagination which gives you new ideas in design and style while making furniture arrangement and decoration.

To know about yourself from above article read as per your Lagna. If you do not know your Lagna then read as per Rashi and in case that too is not known then know the same from Surya Rashi. Lagna is calculated on the basis of date, time & place of birth and that is why it gives 100 % accurate description of personality whereas Rashi which comes from date of birth limits the accuracy level to 50 %. Finally in the description of personality the Surya Rashi coming from month of birth is only 25% correct.

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