Ratna Vichar

Ratna Vichar  

Dr. Arun Bansal
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औषधि मणि मंत्राणां, ग्रह-नक्षत्र तारिका।

भाग्यकाले भवेत्सिद्धिः अभाग्यं निष्फलं भवेत।।

Medicine, Gems and Mantras are effective in overcoming the diseases caused by planets and stars. If the time is favorable the expected results are obtained otherwise all these remedial measures turn useless. A Gem enhances the physical charm of the wearer and increases the power and reduces the malefic influence of planet with its mysterious powers. The flow of radiations emitted by planets in our body gets enhanced with the power of gems. Therefore, those planets which are auspicious in horoscope but lack strength can be strengthened by wearing gems. But contrary to this the gems of inauspicious planets multiply the malefic effects of such inauspicious planets. This is the reason because of which astrologers advise complete relinquishing of the gems of inauspicious planets in horoscope.

A planet is considered favorable when posited in Lagna, Trikona or Kendra or has the lordship of these houses. This is inauspicious if connected to Trik Bhava. The conjunction and aspect of friendly planets also enhances its auspiciousness. The lordship of a Badhak Bhava reduces its beneficence. In movable Lagnas 11th, in stationary Lagnas 9th and in dual Lagnas the 7th house is termed as Badhak Bhava. The placement of planets in their enemy sign or sign of debilitation also decreases their auspiciousness.

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For any horoscope the gem of Lagna lord is known as life stone by wearing which the wearer gets good results like attainment of good health, development of personality and enhancement of reputation. The gem of 9th house lord is termed as lucky stone by wearing which the development of destiny can be expected along with enhancement of status. Similarly the gem of Yoga Karaka planet is Karaka gem and has enough potential to give financial gains and progress in the task undertaken along with all round development.

A clear gem with clear cutting can absorb more radiations therefore the gems of good quality only are capable of giving completely beneficial result. The weight of the gem should be in proportion to the weakness of the planet and body weight. If the planet is very weak then the weight of gem should be heavier. Except diamond all the gems should be touching the skin. Gems worn in fingers in specific metal prove most beneficial.

If because of some reason one needs to remove the gem then it should be placed in a safe place after washing it with Gangajal on the day of it. If gem gets misplaced or stolen away then it is an indication of the removal of the malefic influence of the planet. Similarly if the gem loses its charm then again it also indicates the same. If the gem cracks then it means that the planet for which it is worn is very effective and in this situation this specific planet should be propitiated and the gem should be replaced by a new one.

For attaining the auspiciousness of inauspicious planets in the horoscope the remedial measures like wearing of Rudraksha, Mantra chanting, donation of its Karaka article, Jal Visarjan and fasting etc. can be recommended. If because of some reason you are incapable to wear the required gem then wear the Rudrakshas or semiprecious stones as substitute for this gem or else increase the strength of the planet by Mantra chanting, donation or fasting. The desired benefits are obtained by wearing the gem of auspicious planet and by Jal Visarjan and donation of the article or grain of inauspicious planets.

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For the gratification of various desires one might need to wear more than one gem. Future Point has recently launched astrology software for the recommendation of gems in the name of LeoStar Ratna Vichar which not only gives the detailed information about which gem would yield what type of results in your horoscope rather also tells that how much would be the auspiciousness of gem in percentage. Calculation of its auspiciousness is a tiresome task in which the accurate and comprehensive mathematics is used which is the result of extensive research in gem recommendation. All the gems acquiring more than 75 % marks should be worn for getting better results and enhancing good luck. Similarly if any gem attaining more marks in Dasha of a specific planet appears more beneficial then it should also be considered. Those gems which acquire more than 50 % and less than 75 % can also be worn but its auspiciousness shall be less than that having 75 % marks. The planet acquiring less than 50 % marks should not be worn at all. In this software the method of wearing has also been given along with the names of the other gems that can be worn with it. You can attain maximum success in life with right selection of gems.

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