Economy and share indices, Bullion and Commodities whether react to planetary movements?

Economy and share indices, Bullion and Commodities whether react to planetary movements?  

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Planetary positions do keep the Share prices, Gold, currency, commodity and infrastructure movement in accordance with fluctuations, they are being visited, expected or connected with. We are here to explain their consequences in accordance with the native's horoscope and to explain that year 2016 is going to be available one having its share of ups and down as major planets change their Rashis in the year. The major planets influencing the economy and in turn the Share, commodity, bullion markets are Mercury, Rahu & Saturn. The planets Venus and Mars radiate or react in accordance with major planets occupying the rashis for a longer time also. Indians having faith in vedic astrology believe the way planets react to the situations. We all know well that Shakuni won the chaupar because of Moon in 11th house and Pandvas' in 8th house with debilitated position on that day. Dropadi's Mars was in 6th house and Moon in 12th house. But her saving grace was ninth house Jupiter, in spite of Shakuni's placement of dice according to his wishes. James Bond's flick "Casino Royale" when James could win due to pure influence of guilt due to the opponent's weak Moon and Mercury. The calculated move was because of exalted Sun and Mercury and Moon in 3rd house placed so in both cases it was not gamble. It is a matter of speculation with favourable mood of planets. Our subject is combination of 2nd, 6th, 8th, 10th & 11th house, which play a dominant role in deciding the movement of share prices, bullion and commodity. The Moon plays a major role when it is 3rd, 6th, 10 & 11th of male chart. In the female chart it is 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th which determine the days regarding activity to be conducted for gains. In the beginning of 2016 Leo Rashi will have Guru Chandal yog and 10th aspect of Saturn. This Chandal yog begins down fall and controversies will start erupting. This yoga is not good for natives to believe in the market for gains. Share prices will fall, rupee will go down incompanison to dollar and the worst scenario will be the budget which will not encourage any economy. The deficit financing by the budget will create inflation and the demand and supply will be affected. People will hoard to increase prices whether shares, bullion or commodity. Planetary position in 2016 : Mercury will be combust and retrograde for seven months, Saturn will combust for one month in NovemberèDecember and retrograde from 25th March to 13th August. Venus will be combust from 28th April to 9th July. These all good friend planets and their conjunction will lead to benefits. On 11th August 2016 where Jupiter will move to Virgo, the precious metals and new projects will attract investors to earn profits. People will seek opportunity to invest in Banking, Insurances, Mutual Funds and other related less risky ventures. Big projects will be sanctioned and the general scenario will be to give a look of booming economy. Venus will play a role to encourage domestic consumption and cosmetics, fashion and liquor etc. to be at higher prices. Share of these companies will yield profits. Infrastructure will gain momentum after 11th of August. Come October Diwali, the Market will start showing a positive trend for the investors and it will be short lived one. Pharmaceuticals will show positive results to be worthy of investments in shares. The role of Neptune who will be in Aquarius, will be retrograde from 13th June to 20th November. Uranus will be retrograde from 29th July to 29th December and will be in Aries from 27th June to 30th December. It will move from Pisces to Aries having remained there till 27th June. Pluto will be retrograde from 18th April to 26th September and the whole year will be in Sagittarius. This will slow down activity in March, April, July, September, October and November also. The Countries having their location in the Southern hemisphere and the movements of planets according to mundane theory, therefore attain a degree between 18 degrees to 27 degrees for their precious metals, oil and currency which respectively represent Rahu, Saturn, Mars and Venus. The role of Sun in Uttarain cannot be overlooked i.e in Countries where Oil, Gold, Diamond and Dates are available and the country's position will be effected due to position above the equator whereas the Goldè Diamond excavation is based in the countries where degree of these planets will be between 13 to 21. The Government would love to abide by the promises made by them to incorporate the GST bill which will grease the wheels of the economy. Anyway the influences of planets do play on the share market, bullion and commodities in order to give healthy environment to the economy which we all should abide. However, as the jyotish is purely planets placement's prediction, one should not have calculated risk relying on these alone. The possibility of hitting the nail on the head will be purely a conjecture. The natives who have malefic planets in 6th, 8th & 12th and their dasha, and those who have 5th - beneficial planets in 1st, 5 & 9th with their respective dasha will get good results in 2016. The suggestion of making betting legal in cricket clearly indicates that Mercury as executor and caretaker Venus would see to it that people spend on luxuries and such incomes as in the share market are bound to show result in Samvat 2073. This is why books are solemnized on SOOP KAAL (two hours before sunrise on Diwali morning for good luck) The overall scenario of all this discussion would be diagnosed as follows- Aries will take interest , may not be benefited .Taurus will get opportunities. Gemini will gain. Virgo will invest but may not be beneficial to result in a squeeze. Scorpions should avoid incurring unnecessary responses. Capricorn may get wind falls. Aquarius may gain a partner. Pisces may try its luck. Cancer, Leo and Libra avoid speculation.
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