Finance and Planets

Finance and Planets  

S.C. Kursija
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Through ages we have belief that everything in the universe is influenced by the movements of planets through nakshatra (stars). We can divide the astrology into - 1. Jatak Astrology - which predicts for an individua, 2. Mundane – in which we try to understand and predict the event concerned with the masses such as weather , earthquake, disasters, terrorist attacks or accidents in which masses are killed and property is destroyed. 3. Medical Astrology - in which we try to know whether the disease is curable or chronic or the native will survive or not, and 4. Financial astrology - The financial astrology is the recent branch of astrology. The scripture of our sages and eminent astrologers have carried out work on the old and traditional items such as metal –gold, silver or iron and grocery such as oil, ghee or pulsesand items in daily use, while there is world of change in the present commercial activities. The much work is to be done in the field of sign, house, planets and nakshatra before one can reach on firm ground and say something with an element of certainty. The finance astrology, therefore is the most useful branch of astrology. The in-depth knowledge of natal astrology is essential to predict financial astrology. The supply and demand is the basic economic phenomenon which brings the price of a commodity up or down. The abundance of an item cause the price of the item down and shortage bring the price of the item up. The political scenario, domestic and international, have direct bearing on the prices of the market. It is called psychology of the market. At times, even though there is plenty of the items, but the prices sore high due to artificial scarcity created by speculators or monopolistic conditions. But in effect such conditions are created due to planetary configurations or influence put forth by combinations of (Yogas) though the commodity is available in abundance, In general there are three trends in the market: • Bullish • Bearish • Fluctuation: upward and downward within certain parameters. It is the difficult period in which it is difficult to make any decision and earn profit. • It would be sufficient to say that the investor should not go beyond the available resources of finance, One should avoid the temptation for quick gains. The loss and gain is the part of the game. The following rules should be kept in mind: • Do not buy in haste; If everyone is buying, give yourself a break and watch the trend carefully. Only those who enter in the fray in haste have lost their money. • When market is showing steady bullish trend, buy when the market reacts. This is to buy on the declines. Whenever there is correction, afte quick rise, buy at the lowest level. • Do not follow the rumours. • Buy only those stocks which has established good trends in the past. One should keep profit and loss under check as per his capacity of financial resources and should avoid mental tensions.. There is no substitute for hard work and experience. If the whole play is seen from the angle of Astrology, one should examine his own horoscope for promising sudden gain or loss in spite of making best efforts. If in the natal horoscope, there is Dhana yoga in the chart one should enter in the field of stock market, particularly in the field of forward trading. For example see the chart of Harshad Mehta. He was born on July 29, 1954, 10:00 IST, Bombay, Maharastra. In the birth chart lagna is not aspected by any planet. The lagna lord is posited in 10th house in own sign, in navamsha in sign of Mars with Ketu, Mars, Jupiter in the sign of mars in 3rs house. In Trinshamsha, cyclic, chart in 2nd in the sign of Saturn Aquarius. In the nakshatra of Jupiter. It indicates that the native would have sudden gain (5th speculation and wisdom, lord Saturn, 8th –sudden gain, lord Mars are involved). He was broker in stock exchange. But combination of Mercury, Jupiter with Ketu in 10th house indicates that and involvement of Sun and Moon with Uranus , lord of 12th and 11th with Uranus, sudden change in gain. The 9th lord in 12th also indicate that he will run out of luck suddenly. It happened. Therefore all the events and activities are the result of heavenly planet configurations. Dhana yoga • There is exchange of 2nd and 5th lord, or 2nd lord is located in 11th house, 11th lord in 2nd house, exchange of 5th and 9th lord, the native gains wealth during the dasha and antar dasha. (there is common signification) • 2nd lord or 11th lord has relation with any lord except 5th or 9th lord, there will not be gain of wealth. • If 2nd or 11th lord has relation with 12th lord, there will no gain of wealth. (Even with 6th or 8th lord) • If Jupiter, karaka for wealth, has relation with 2nd lord or Mercury, there will be gain of wealth. (common signification) (Mercury will give the result of conjoined planet, not independent) • If 2nd lord and 11th lord is posited in lagna, the native will gain wealth. • If lagna lord, 2nd lord and 11th lord are posited in own house, produces dhana yoga. • 11th lord and 2nd lord posited in lagna produces dhana yoga. • If karaka of the bhava is posited in the bhava of which he is karaka, will reduce significations of the house. (9, shloka) Bhava and karaka signify the common signification. If the bhava is conjoined or aspected by a malefic planet, will affect the bhava and karaka. Therefore the common signification will be affected. For example Jupiter, karaka for son, children, posited in 5th in enemy sign or afflicted or in female sign, there will be no male issue. But Jupiter is retrograde, strong, and has relation with 9th lord, can give male issue. Similarly Mars, karaka for younger sibling, is posited in 3rd, of which he is karaka, and afflicted, there will be no younger sibling. Dhanu sign, Venus in 7th, create obstacles in marriage, Sun in 9th in enemy sign will affect the longevity of father, In Vrishchika lagna, Saturn in sign of Sun, enemy will reduce longevity. In reverse situation, karaka will increase the significations. • If Moon as 7th lord is posited in 2nd house, no conjunction or aspect, the native will gain lost property. (6th is thief, and 7th is wealth of thief. 2nd is the wealth of the native. Moon is posited in 2nd, will give wealth of thief. 8th lord Moon is posited in 8th from 7th, indicates the destruction of wealth of thief, but the Moon should be strong.) It is wise to examine the effect of planets and constellations of the time. If the native as Dhana yoga for sudden gain, and time favours he should enter in the field of stock market. ThePanchang of the day includes: • Tithi-Lunar day, • Vara week day, • Nakshatra- constellations-stars- Moon minions;. • Lunar Solar day • Karana Lunar half day. . This will give the auspicious or in-auspicious day for the entry in the market. It is called Muhurat to start business. If we start the work on an auspicious day, one is sure to have auspicious results. It is called Muhurat. Classical principles; one should erect the chart of: • The chart for New Moon’s day • The chart for Full moon day; • The chart for Samkranti, Sun’s ingression in the sign. • Examine the combination in a sign and aspect. • The entry of planet in different nakshatras. Basic principles: • Each constellation is responsible for certain commodity and metal’s bullish or bearish trend. • Each planet, sign, house is responsible for bullish and bearish trend of certain commodity and metal; Let us examine the planet: Sun: Sun rulesover the persons in authority, government, influential leaders, places of entertainment, cinema, gambling, sudden gain or loss; Bankers, bank and banking activities. Stock market, stock brokers, stock exchanges. Commodity: rice, honey, aromatic herbs, almond, currency, Ruby, gold, (the price of gold become bullish when Sun enter in Leo, pearl,) Silk, Arms, leather, grain, Tree, medicinal plants, sour things, weapon, poison, seeds, red coloured things, juicy articles etc. Moon: Moon rules over all thing which fluctuate like water; all matters related to common public particularly women; distribution system of public; Business pertaining to essential commodities retail outlets; department stores, industry and commercial undertakings, catering services such as hotels, restaurants; public places. All kind of liquids and dealer in liquids, petroleum and petroleum products, and stock share of petroleum industry, Crops, crops growers; dairy, and milk, milk products, navigation, fishery, and other marine products; Glass and glass industry; Silver, pearls, and raw cotton; exhibition and photography Real estate agents; honey, fruits, flowers, things which grow in water such as rice, pearls, fish, sugarcane, white clothes, salt, liguid, things coming out of eggs; Mars: Mars rules over red colour, fruits and flowers; jaggery, wine,strong tasting food, pulses, copper, arms, weapon, He goat; etc; Mercury: Mercury rules over Moong pulse, barley, the grain divisible into two, vegetable, green things, oily seed; scent, birds, emerald, green colour precious stones, almond; etc. Jupiter: Jupiter rules over yellow precious stones, yellow sapphire, wax, rock salt, fruits and vegetables, thing which grow on creepers; mustard oil, wheat, barley, sugarcane, cow, horses, camphor; etc, Venus: Venus rules over diamond, shining white precious stones, silk, clothes, fancy items, decorative items, perfumes, jewellery, thing of grocery; rices, dry fruits, cotton; Saturn: Saturn rules over blue coloured precious stones; Blue sapphire; bad taste things such as wine, alcohol; buffalo, donkey, labour class; til, urad, wool, wind, skin, leather, black salt, oil, iron, petrol, goods made of iron, Rahu: Rahu rules over radio, telephone and aerial navigation, It governs heavy industry, inflammable gases, pumps, goldsmith,stones, reptiles, scientists, researchers, inventors, lecturers, psychologists, travelers; Rahu rules over wireless and electrical goods; It brings bullish trend in the market; specialy when aspected by maleic planets. Gomed, precious stone coloured as urine of cow; Ketu: Ketu rules over fiery and windy products; salvation, philosophy, stupidity, corruption; non-observation of traditional rituals; trouble to the enemy or from enemy; science and medical service; foreign language; symbol or royalty, blockade; co-ruler of Rahu, electrical goods and equipments; it indicates multicoloured goods, cat’s eye, blankets; Uranus: rules over rebellious, revolutions, sudden change, not satisfies with the presentgood or bad; explosions, disasters, mass killing when aspected by a malefic planet. It indicates automobile industry, wireless, rail, road, public transport; all type of medical treatment; Uranus governs over the imagination of the native and native wants change. It rules over surgical goods, aluminium goods; Aerated water; filter industry. Neptune: It rules over tea, raw cotton, medicines, anaesthetics, chemicals, perfume; bogus companies, illegal undertakings; It has mysterious and destructive qualities. In the same manner we can elaborate the role of signs and nakshatras. The transit of planets in different signs and houses change the indication of the commodity and metal. The Sun’s ingression in various signs and nakshatras, aspect or association of planets and strength of the planets give indications of bullish, bearish or fluctuation market. Every investor wants to take minimum risk and minimum loss and more and more gain. The astrology is good science to guide the investor.
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