A Case of Open Heart Surgery

A Case of Open Heart Surgery  

S.C. Kursija
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On August 17, 2007 a case of open heart surgery of a child was reported in Times of India. On ultra sound before delivery it was found that the heart beat of the fetus is slow only 45 when it should be 120. So the doctor advised the family that either terminate the pregnancy or get ready for surgery immediately after birth. The family decided for surgery as there is a child coming after 12 years of birth of a daughter.

The child took birth on August 13, 2007 at 16:13 IST, Mumbai (Maharashtra) (The time of birth reported in the paper as around 16:00 and rectified as 16:13) The chart of birth is The dasha in which the child is born Ketu/ Venus/ Jupiter/ Mars According to my observation of the charts of heart diseases, when ever the Sun, Moon and Mars and lagna are afflicted along with 4th and 4th lord, Leo and Aquarius signs, in dasha and Bhukti or transit the native suffers from heart troubles.

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In birth chart, there are four planets in combustion, Moon, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. The lagna is aspected by Ketu from 9th and Mars from 6th house. The lagna lord is posited in 12th and aspected by Mars and aspecting the 4th house. Jupiter is 4th lord also. Sun is posited in 8th conjuncted with Mercury, the 7th lord Maraka. The Moon is in 9th with Ketu, Saturn and retrograde Venus, the 6th lord. The sign Leo and Aquarius are also afflicted.

So all the factors of heart trouble are present. Mars is 12th lord. In navamsha chart Jupiter is posited in 5th as 6th lord and aspected by Mars; Moon is with Mars in the sign of Mars. The navamsha lagna is in Rahu Ketu axis. Sun is in 8th in enemy sign with 12th lord Mercury. Venus, the 4th lord is with Saturn. So all the factors are again afflicted. If we examine the chart Dreshkon in cyclic manner (Iyer) we will find that the dreshkon is second and indicating heart region.

The lagna is occupied by Ketu and 4th house by Mars. Moon is posited in 12th, with Saturn and Venus. Sun the 4th lord with Mercury, the Maraka. The Jupiter 4th and lagna lord of birth chart is aspecting 4th house of Dreshkon. The all factors for heart trouble are afflicted. If we examine Iyer trimshamsha chart the picture will be crystal clear.

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Sun, Moon and Jupiter, Leo and Aquarius, 4th and 4th lord all are afflicted. It becomes the clear case of heart surgery as Mars is involved with 4th house. Now examine the dasha and bhukti etc. The dasha lord is Ketu. The Ketu represents Lagna, Moon, Venus and Saturn as all are in nakshtra of Ketu. Mars is in the nakshtra of Moon, Jupiter is in the nakshtra of Saturn.

So dasha running at the time of birth also indicates congenital heart trouble. Though the lagna lord Jupiter is posited in 12th, but in the sign of friend and aspected by Mars, the 12th lord. It indicates that the child will be saved after operation and will be confined in hospital. The Karaka Sun is also aspected by Jupiter. So 4th, 4th lord Jupiter and Karaka Sun are Strong and operation will save the child.

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