Jyotish & HIV

Jyotish & HIV  

G.B. Rawat
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AIDS or HIV is one of the most dreaded diseases in this world and till date there is no vaccine for the same. There is no actual treatment for AIDS/HIV, which can guarantee its cure. As per latest data available there are 33.2 million or 3.32 crore adult & children infected from HIV/AIDs. In the year 2007, 25 lacs/ or 2.5 million people have been found suffering from this disease. No. of adults and children died till 2007 is 2.1 million. In India approximately 2.5 million people are suffering from this incurable diseases.

There are no certain norms available for diagnosing the dreaded disease of AIDS/HIV. But as per the symptoms available an attempt has been made for further modification to finalise the yogas/ combinations for AIDS/HIV. AIDS is a disease, which have its roots in

  • Semen
  • Blood
  • Immune System getting weak
  • Lagna
  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mothers tattoos
  • Vaginal secretions etc.

Semen – It is indicated by Venus and 5th house we will have to see the position of Venus and 5th house, their weakness, affliction etc. Blood : Mars represents blood and the weakness of Mars is to be seen along with its affliction. The three pillars on which Native’s health is dependent they are lagna Moon & Sun. The affliction of the three vital points in the horoscope is to be carefully studied. Immune System : Sun represents the vitality the affliction of Sun its weakness has also to be carefully seen. AIDS/HIV is infectious disease, which can get transmitted either from blood or from semen. Even medical practitioner due to their professional hazards can be victim of it due to infected blood.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

Ordinarily the people getting HIV infected blood can be people, which are one of the reasons. But the main reasons are due to virus passed from one person to another infected bodily fluids such as blood, semen breast milk, vaginal secretions usually exchanged during unprotected sex relation, using infected blood, during medical treatment, using in cleaned surgeons surgical instruments, using contaminated IV or tattoo needles or from mother to child. The number of patients is increasing every year across the globe. To see the astrological effects on the human beings we have to analyse few charts.

Moon also represents fluid in the body and sign cancer represents it. Sign Scorpio represents stagnated water. Pisces is also a watery sign. The affliction of concerned planets is to be studied minutely, i.e Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars, 22nd Drekkana lord, Gulika lord of 64th Navamsa, 6th lord, 8th lord etc. Further it is to be seen that what is the position of krusa sastyamsha which gives long lasting incurable diseases. Ketu’s affliction gives microbial infection Ketu/Rahu’s affliction gives hard to diagnose and secret diseases. Mars indicates diseases through blood, Saturn indicates long lasting sufferings and all sorts of dissatisfaction from health point of view. 6th house is generally informer about diseases, 8th house indicates diseases transmitted by the sex partner. 12th house represents the diseases due to sex pleasures. Venus's affliction by both Saturn and Mars indicates bisexual/ homosexual tendencies, and multiple partners. 2nd house in D-9 chart when having influence of Mars & Venus also represent multiple sex relations due to strong desires.

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Last but not the least 4th house and Moon indicates the character of a person. 8th house : It is to be seen properly as it represents source of infection being the sex organ of the sex partner i.e vaginal secretion or semen in addition to 5th house in males. It also indicates long lasting incurable diseases when related to 5th house. 5th and 8th houses : Diseases arising out of relation of 5th and 8th houses are incurable diseases. As 5th house represents poorva punya and it is 12th house to 6th house which cures the diseases and 8th house indicates long incurable diseases. If 5th house lord is afflicted and debilitated in mrityuamsha etc and related to 8th house and 6th house is related to 5th house it means diseases are deep rooted and incurable and are due misdeeds of past karmas.

Planet Saturn also represents long lasting incurable diseases and its role is also significant in such cases, and gives lot of sorrows and diss-satisfaction from health point of view. 6th and 9th house : It represents diseases due to misdeeds or karmas of the present life. We are going to analyse following few horoscopes in this connection. Example Horoscope 1 Female, DOB. 2.10.1955, TOB. 17.00 Hrs, POB : Long 77°-13’ Lat. 28°-39’ Readers are advised to note the positions of D-1, D-3 & D-9 charts i.e. Natal chart, Drekkana chart & Navamsa chart. See the degrees of lagna & Mars, lagna is with in approximately 1° of fatal degree & Mars is in fatal degree. Her Husband is HIV positive and her Husband died from HIV/AIDS. She has been administered blood transmission as well as may the husband has transmitting this Virus to her. Points to be noted. 1. 6th lord degree wise opposite to Venus in debilitation in 2-8 Axis and Mars in 7th house whose dispositor in 8th house with Venus, Ketu is depositor of Venus and fully aspecting Venus.

Thus it is fully indicated that chances of transmission of disease is from the husband as venus is also dispositor of Jupiter 0°11’. See the position of Venus which is in papa kartari of Mars & Saturn combust with Sun. Again Venus is lord of 22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsa. Mars : Significator for blood is in Mrityuamsha fatal degrees on Rasi sandhi. Mars is getting Venus argala from Sun, Venus, Rahu and Ketu. Lagna lord though exalted in 9th house but again its dispositor is in 8th house in debilitation in papakartari yoga. Lagna lord is also in papa kartari yoga. Lagna getting malefic angular influence of Rahu, ketu and Mars and Jupiter is 22° apart from lagna degrees. Moon is lord of 6th house and aspected by markesh Sun, Rahu, lord of 22nd Drekkana and 64th Navamsa Venus in debilitation. Again Moon is debilitated in D-3 chart. Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Moon, Mars and Jupiter are in krura D-60 (Divisional part) Hence the long lasting dreadful diseases.

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The role of 5th and 8th house is clearly indicated. It is indicating incurable diseases(due to misdeeds from previous karma’s and from the life partner). Example Horoscope 2 Male, DOB. 1st November 1947, TOB. 00.10 AM., POB. Lahore Native was husband of the above female and died in March 2007 and was a HIV +ive patient. Mars : Debilitated in lagna with lord of 8th house markesh Saturn, in fatal degrees aspected by 6th lord Jupiter and Ketu fully aspecting Venus in Rasi sandhi. Venus : Malefic for cancer sign aspected by debilitated Mars and conjoined with debilitated Sun. It is dispositor of Rahu and getting malefic argala from Mars & Saturn and Ketu & Rahu with lord of 22nd Drekkana Merury. Moon with Rahu in badhak house indicates that morbid imagination again. Except Jupiter all planets are on one side of Rahu–Ketu – axis. Sun in debilitation in 4th house, very bad position for Sun with 22nd lord and 64th Navamsa lord Mercury and Malefic Venus for cancer sign. 5th house with 6th lord Jupiter and Ketu and its lord is debilitated and afflicted by bitter enemy Saturn. Again Mercury, Moon Jupiter and Saturn are in krura D-60 indicating long lasting incurable diseases. 5th lord Mars, 8th lord Saturn and afflicted Jupiter by Ketu clearly indicating the incurable diseases from the sex partner due to misdeeds of previous life.

The native died on 11th March 2007 at 15.00 hrs (Delhi) and was suffering from the incurable diseases on 8th tithi of Krishna paksha as Jupiter is present in the fifth house. Example Horoscope No. 3 D.O.B : 5.3.1950, T.O.B. 00.00 hrs, P.O.B : 87W47, 41N53 Mars is afflicted degree wise by ketu and between papa kartari yoga of Gulia and Saturn who is also lagna lord and 6th lord and its dispositor Mercury is most malefic for this lagna. Venus indicator of semen is with debilitated Jupiter in 3rd house also lord of 22nd drekkana hence both Jupiter and Venus are not placed properly, also aspected by Ketu, Rahu is afflicting 5th house indicating semen, Venus is dispositor of Gulika. The degrees of Venus are fatal. Again :

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Lagna, Venus, Mercury, Sun lagna lord Mars and gulika are in krura D-60. Hence long lasting incurable diseases. 5th lord Jupiter in the constellation of 6th lord and lagna lord Mars and their dispositor Mercury and Saturn are aspecting each other along with 10th lord clearly indicating the role of previous karmas as well as karmas of this birth and role of 8th lord and Saturn which is making the diseases incurable.

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